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Submission + - Raspberry PI outperforms Tegra 2 & doubles Iph->

Azmodan writes: Anticipation for the launch of the Raspberry Pi $25 PC continues to grow as its launch window gets ever closer. Over the past few months it has been surprising to see what the tiny machine is capable of. It features an advanced graphics core that outperforms the GPU in iPhone 4S by a factor of two to one "across a range of content", according to claims made by the manufacturer ".

Complete article needs user registration : http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/digitalfoundry-inside-raspberry-pi

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Submission + - Newspaper run by Facebook director slams Google's -> 2 2

McGruber writes: The Washington Post has the front-page news that "Google announces privacy changes across products; users can't opt out". (http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/google-tracks-consumers-across-products-users-cant-opt-out/2012/01/24/gIQArgJHOQ_story.html)

Donald E. Graham, the Washington Post's chairman and CEO, joined Facebook's Board of Directors in January 2009 (http://www.facebook.com/press/releases.php?p=70550). Curiously, the Washington Post article neglects to disclose that.

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Submission + - Google's Android App Inventor Goes Open Source->

hypnosec writes: Google, along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has decided to open source the Android App Inventor code. The developers at MIT stated that for the time being the App Inventor will not accept any contribution made to the code, however, it will definitely do so in the near future. Also, there will be periodic updates to the system to keep it at par with what's running on experimental MIT Systems. Android developer community will definitely welcome this move as Google had left the App Inventor in a Limbo after it decided to pull the plug from the project.
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Submission + - Pulse-Eight USB CEC Adapter Review->

An anonymous reader writes: XBMC continues to get new gadgets designed specifically for it, despite being a free and Open Source platform, it is widely considered to be the reference Home Theatre Media Center platform. Has XBMC hit the big time with the hardware vendors?
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Submission + - Next Xbox to be powered by Radeon 6000-series?-> 1 1

RogueyWon writes: "IGN is quoting "sources close to the project" as reporting that Microsoft's next video games console will be use a graphics card equivalent to an AMD Radeon 6670. While substantially more powerful than current console graphics hardware and somewhat more powerful than the forthcoming Wii-U, Eurogamer notes that, if true, this news would suggest that Microsoft intends to prioritise price over performance."
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Submission + - XBMC Running On Raspberry Pi->

jones_supa writes: Raspberry Pi Foundation is informing about the capability of Raspberry Pi running XBMC smoothly, turning the board into a media centre the size of deck of cards. Looking at Pi's low price, small size and hardware 1080p support, this could make an interesting HTPC project. Included is a video demonstration of the setup. For this to be possible, XBMC guys have created a customized version that targets the beefier Raspberry Pi model.
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Submission + - Firefox javascript engine becomes single threaded->

An anonymous reader writes: From Mozilla engineer Luke Wagner's Blog:
With web workers in separate runtimes, there were no significant multi-threaded runtime uses remaining. Furthermore, to achieve single-threaded compartments, the platform features that allowed JS to easily ship a closure off to another thread had been removed since closures fundamentally carry with them a reference to their original enclosing scope. Even non-Mozilla SpiderMonkey embeddings had reportedly experienced problems that pushed them toward a similar shared-nothing design. Thus, there was little reason to maintain the non-trivial complexity caused by multi-threading support.

There are a lot of things that “would be nice” but what pushed us over the edge is that a single-threaded runtime allows us to hoist a lot data currently stored per-compartment into the runtime. This provides immediate memory savings.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - Jailbreaking Could Soon Become Illegal Again->

Diggester writes: "Back in July 2010, the United Stated government approved few exemptions in a federal law which made jailbreaking/rooting of electronic devices(iPhones and Android devices) legal. The court ruling stated that every three years, the exemptions have to be renewed considering they don't infringe any copyrighted material.

The three year period is due to expire and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is looking to get the exemptions renewed. In order to do so, they have filed a petition which aims at government to declare jailbreaking legal once again. In addition to that, EFF is also asking for a change in the original ruling to include tablet devices."

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United Kingdom

Submission + - O2 (UK) send your phone number to every site you v

JanusDC writes: It seems that the UK mobile company O2 sends your phone number to every website you visit using their network. It's hidden in the header, so you can easily be identified and tracked. The twitter user http://twitter.com/lewispeckover had made a website where you can check all the header sent by your device: http://lew.io/headers.php

Submission + - Oficina de Cestas->

patriciahbl writes: "Voce quer presentear alguem em Recife/Pernambuco/Brasil? Entao, entre em contato conosco. Temos as mais lindas cestas de cafe da manha, aniversario, romantica... todas com caneca personalizada com foto. As cestas sao decoradas em tecido e levam o nome bordado. Dificil e nao se apaixonar!

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Submission + - XBMC Bridges the communications gap with the TV->

Malard writes: "Home theatre systems have forever suffered from the bain of multiple remote controls. One for the HTPC and at least one other for the TV. Pulse-Eight working with XBMC have built a USB — CEC Adapter allowing users to consolidate their remotes and even throw out HTPC specific remotes in favour of their TV or Blu-Ray remote control."
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