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Submission + - Nokia to Sell Here Maps to German Carmaker Consortium->

jones_supa writes: Nokia is to sell its Here electronic mapping service to a consortium of German car makers, in a sale that will generate net proceeds of €2.8 billion. The deal will see the world's three largest luxury car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Audi each take an equal share of the service, which will provide great navigation data for self-driving cars. The sale is due to be completed in the first quarter next year, subject to approval by competition authorities. The Here service is based in large part on technology Nokia acquired when it bought the mapping company Navteq in 2007. The sale will leave Nokia with two operating divisions – its wireless network services arm Nokia Networks, and Nokia Technologies, its technological development and licencing division.
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Submission + - Modding Community Putting HD Textures Into Resident Evil 4

jones_supa writes: The Ultimate HD Edition of Resident Evil 4 does not fully adhere to its name, as terrain textures are actually not in high definition. A couple of fans called Cris and Albert are chiming in to help fixing this deficiency. The pair is working for free to create the RE4 HD Project, a mod which is cleaning up the game's chunky textures and producing some nice and sharp screenshots. At present, it looks like the project is already about half complete, and an HD texture pack for the Village section of the game is available at the project website.

Comment Re:Why build one (Score 1) 328 328

Why build one... when you can build two for twice the price!?

Americans seem to have some kind of habit doing that. Often when I go to Amazon to check some reviews, for example for a computer or a portable heater, there's always comments like "great product, have to grab a couple of more". It certainly is not always obvious to me why the reviewer would need the extra units.

Comment Re:Mickey Mouse copyirght extenstions... (Score 0) 153 153

The copyright on old Mickey Mouse cartoons, the copyright on the design of the Mickey Mouse character, etc. should expire because copyright laws are meant to encourage the production of new works, and not to let Disney executives sit on their ass while earning an income from something a dead animator made almost a hundred years ago.

I don't see anything terribly wrong in that. There are more important battles to fight.

Comment Let's be specific here (Score 2) 356 356

The reason that the listeners could not hear a difference is not because the cables did not differ in quality, but because Ethernet is digital and has the capabilities of error correction and retransmit. The chip might have extra signal processing as well, to do noise reduction for example. In the test, these kind of characteristics were enough to fully compensate for the flaws of the crusty cable.

There's still many scenarios in which you can benefit from better EMI shielding and conductivity, even when talking about a digital application.

Comment Re:Just another case.... (Score 1) 181 181

Windows doesn't yet support queued TRIM, it still uses the legacy serial TRIM.

Queued TRIM is serial as well... :) Everything is serial in the SATA bus.

With "serial TRIM" you probably mean "blocking TRIM" (it requires other operations to be halted and command queue flushed before it can be performed).

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