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+ - Fire Damages 750-Year-Old Oak Tree, Possibly Poland's Oldest->

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jones_supa (887896) writes "A suspected arson fire in southwestern Poland has damaged a 750-year-old oak tree believed to be the country's oldest. The tree is nicknamed "Chrobry" after a medieval king, and its trunk circumference is more than 10 meters and height more than 28 meters. The oak is protected by law and an arsonist faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. The deputy chief forest ranger in Szprotawa, Jerzy Wilanowski, said Monday that firefighters battled the blaze for more than 30 hours last week using water and foam. He says authorities will know in May whether the tree survived if it grows new shoots. Wilanowski says he knows of a case of an old oak tree surviving a fire."
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+ - Advanced Regin Rootkit Might Not Come From Russia or China

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jones_supa (887896) writes "Regin is still hot stuff in the line of sophisticated espionage toolkits used to target a range of organizations around the world. As already reported by Symantec, it's one of the more complex pieces of malware around, and just like many of the other toolkits it also has a long history behind it. The Finnish information security company F-Secure first encountered Regin nearly six years ago in early 2009, when they found it hiding on a Windows server in a customer environment in Northern Europe. This malware installs a rogue driver with an innocuous name of "pciclass.sys", which acts as a rootkit, but can make the system BSOD too. During 2013 and 2014, as F-Secure has been analyzing the later versions of Regin, the complexity and the level of sophistication in the attacks has become very evident. Regin is placed in the same category of highly sophisticated espionage campaigns together with the likes of Stuxnet, Flame and Turla/Snake. Now F-Secure believes that this malware, for a change, isn't coming from Russia or China."

+ - Eizo Brings Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio->

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jones_supa (887896) writes "Eizo has introduced an interesting new PC monitor with a square aspect ratio: the Eizo FlexScan EV2730Q is a 26.5-inch screen with 1:1 aspect ratio and an IPS panel with resolution of 1920 x 1920 pixels. "The extended vertical space is convenient for displaying large amounts of information in long windows, reducing the need for excess scrolling and providing a more efficient view of data", the firm writes. Therefore, this should be the perfect monitor for those who have wished for more vertical screen estate. The monitor also offers flicker-free (non-PWM) backlight and reduced blue light features to avoid scorching users' eyes. Additionally, a presence sensor is included, which allows to automatically lock the workstation when the user leaves."
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+ - Google Break-up Plan Emerges From Brussels

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jones_supa (887896) writes "The European parliament is poised to call for a break-up of Google, in one of the most brazen assaults so far on the technology group's power. The gambit increases the political pressure on the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, to take a tougher line on Google, either in its antitrust investigation into the company or through the introduction of laws to curb its reach. A draft motion seen by the Financial Times says that "unbundling [of] search engines from other commercial services" should be considered as a potential solution to Google's dominance. It has the backing of the parliament's two main political blocs, the European People's Party and the Socialists."

+ - Windows Kernel Version Bumped to 10.0

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jones_supa (887896) writes "In Windows, the kernel version number is once again in sync with the product version. Build 9888 of Windows 10 Technical Preview is making the rounds in a private channel and the kernel version has indeed been bumped from 6.4 to 10.0. Version 6.x has been in use since Windows Vista. Neowin speculates that this large jump in version number is likely related to the massive overhaul of the underlying components of the OS to make it the core for all of Microsoft's products. The company is working to consolidate all of its platforms into what the company calls OneCore, which, as the name implies, will be the one core for all of the company's operating systems. We will be curious to see if this causes any software comparability issues with legacy applications."

Comment: Re:Will it ever be the year of Linux on the Deskto (Score 1) 61

by jones_supa (#48430329) Attached to: A Brilliant Mind: SUSE's Kernel Guru Speaks
Ubuntu 6.06 was my favorite. These days it's quite buggy distro. For example, on most laptops the brightness adjustment in Unity desktop goes in multiple steps as the backlight event has multiple listeners. Why don't they take care of such a simple and obvious thing?

Comment: Re:Signs clear enough even for a layman (Score 1) 535

by jones_supa (#48417189) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

Doesn't seem much different when anyone brings up X11 vs Wayland, etc. It all boils down to 'I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!!11'

It's funny. Is there a single Linux component that people are eagerly waiting for in Slashdot?

Like "can't wait for this, it's going to make the Linux ecosystem so much nicer"?

I expect the next round of silly whining to start when distros begin to adopt KDE5. Will stock some popcorn for that one.

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