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Comment Flash won already (Score 4, Insightful) 161

If you look at a list of new computers, you will notice that a surprisingly large amount of PCs are already shipping with 128 GB or 256 GB SSD. That's gonna hold everything that most people need. People with bit more specialized needs (hardcore gaming, media production, virtual machines, etc.) can probably soon acquire 1 TB SSD for a price like $200. Only massive data centers will remain as users of HDDs. Flash memory companies are putting huge investments in developing the technology further, while HAMR is still a prototype in skunkworks that is struggling to be usable for mass production.

Submission + - Talos Secure Workstation Is Dream of Open Source Nerd

jones_supa writes: These days, the motivation to use open source software for many people is to avoid backdoors placed by intelligence organizations and to avoid software that has hidden privacy-intruding characteristics. For the operating system and userspace software, open choices are already available. The last remaining island has been firmware included in various ROM chips in a computer. Libreboot has introduced an open BIOS, but it is not available for newer systems featuring the Intel ME or AMD PSP management features. Talos Secure Workstation comes to fill the need, providing a modern system with 8-core POWER8 CPU, 132 GB RAM, and open firmware. The product is currently in a pre-release phase where Raptor Engineering is trying to understand if it's possible to do a production run of the machine. If you are interested, it's worth visiting the official website.

Comment I'm confused (Score 1) 121

Why does the article call it "leaked patch"? That seems like a normal public patch to Linux Kernel Mailing List.

Also when I read the source code, I do not see anything suggesting 32 cores, and instead the patch adds support for an "instructions retired" register which is introduced in the Zeppelin architecture.

So is the article rubbish or am I rubbish? Once again I get the feeling that by even just slightly scraping the surface, things turn out to be completely different than what is described. :D

Submission + - Finnish Power Distributor Using Customers To Cover Grid Acquisition

jones_supa writes: The outrageous increases in electricity transmission charges (on average +27%) have whipped up controversy in Finland in recent days. Jarkko Eloranta, the president of the Trade Union for Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL), has lashed out at power distribution company Caruna for what he estimates is a horrible arrangement to cover the costs of its recent grid acquisition and siphon its profits out of Finland. An individual customer has no choice but to pay because power grid operators have a natural monopoly in their area of operation. The case of Caruna is made even more outrageous by the fact that the company pays hardly any taxes on its profits to Finland.

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