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Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 583

I doubt anyone is suggesting blinking LEDs actually cause the problem (dear God, I hope not).

The LEDs can make the people imagine that there are "harmful electromagnetic waves" present. Thus, the LEDs would actually cause the problem, but mentally.

Solution: make devices with just a simple power LED in concealment somewhere back of the device, or allow the blinking LEDs to be toggled on/off.

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 0) 282

We forget now, but it packed an astonishing amount of stuff into just 4mb of RAM (8mb recommended). If someone produced it today in some kind of hackathon it'd be praised as a wonder of tightly written code. They even optimised it by making sure the dots in the clock didn't blink, as the animation would have increased the memory usage of the OS!

What the heck are you talking about. :)

You needed at least 32 MB to not lose your mental sanity, and Windows 95 is one of the most bloated monsters in the history of computer software.

Submission + - City of Munich Having Problems With Basic Linux Functionality 2

jones_supa writes: Just like the city planned a year ago, Munich is still calling for switching back to Windows from LiMux, which is their Ubuntu derivative. The councillors from Munich's conservative CSU party have called the operating system installed on their laptops "cumbersome to use" and "of very limited use". The letter from the two senior members of the city's IT committee asks the mayor to consider removing the Linux-based OS and to install Windows and Office. "There are no programs for text editing, Skype, Office etc. installed and that prevents normal use," it is argued in the letter. Another complaint from councillors is that "the lack of user permissions makes them of limited use". These kind of arguments raise eyebrows, as all that functionality is certainly found from Linux.

Submission + - Politicians at city that dumped Microsoft for Linux ask to switch to Windows->

An anonymous reader writes: Munich spent years migrating about 15,000 staff away from Windows to a custom-version of Ubuntu and other open-source software. Now two senior politicians on the city's IT committee are calling for the Linux-based OS to be ditched on councillor's laptops in favour of Windows and Microsoft Office. They claim their current Linux-based OS is "cumbersome to use" and "of very limited use". However much of the software they claim to be missing seems to be easily accessible on their machines.
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Submission + - Linus Torvalds: Security Will Never Be Perfect->

jfruh writes: Linus Torvalds was a surprise speaker at this year's LinuxCon, and in a typically provocative speech, he declared that chasing after perfect security will always fail. Instead, he touted the open source model, which he said led to bugs and security holes in production environments being fixed as quickly as possible.
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Comment Open source food (Score 1) 280

Or, how about open source food? How can I know if the restaurant puts malicious components in the food? I can't, unless I can see the original precise recipe and audit it before ordering anything. Also, I must be able to trust the packager (the cook) to not slip anything nasty in.

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