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Comment: Re:As an informed citizen... (Score 1) 591 591

Wheee, sharecropping! Next, tell people that not only do they only have health insurance through their employer, but now they're paid in company scrip, usable only at company stores, where products the company decides you want or need is priced at what the company feels is fair.

Comment: Re:uhh... (Score 1) 207 207

Actually, we still haven't got a clue as to what the longterm problems might be with Wifi.. There are studies which suggest it IS harmfull..

Please link to peer-reviewed, reproducible tests and studies showing standard Wi-Fi routers produce harmful radiation.

Take your time, we'll wait.

Comment: Re:So what? (Score 1) 529 529

If they choose to believe that non-interfering RF is causing them great harm, what is the harm in allowing them to hold that belief? It appears they are only harming themselves in so doing; outsiders can choose to visit other towns instead. Make no mistake that I don't agree with their ideas of Wi-Fi causing harm to humans, but I also don't see how their idea hurts anyone outside their own group.

Ignorance is harm in and of itself, let alone the idea that, if they choose to blame something on an incorrect source (cows are dying because witches) they remove the possibility of finding and fixing the actual problem. (Cows are dying because contaminated feed, water, disease, whatever).

I've never been canoeing before, but I imagine there must be just a few simple heuristics you have to remember... Yes, don't fall out, and don't hit rocks.