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Comment Title prefix (Score 4, Insightful) 150

Can you at least prefix the title with "Poll:" or something? Right now I see a collapsed article with the title "Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison, and ...". Expanding that (because I'm a sucker for some clickbait) hoping to get some information about poor Ross and getting a poll instead leaves me feeling like I got a dead bunny for Christmas.

Please think of the bunnies.

Comment Re:Spectrum is measured in Hz? (Score 1) 91

This threw me off too, because "65 million cycles per minute of spectrum" hurts my brain.

However, "spectrum" is defined as "frequency range", similarly to how you can talk about "temperature range". If today's high temperature is 70F (20C) degrees and the low temperature is 50F (10C) degrees, then today's temperature-range is 20F degrees or 10C degrees. To define the range you need to include the unit in which the end points of the range are measured.

I still want to call the temperature range "20 F-temperature-points" and the spectrum "65 Mhz-frequency-points", but maybe that's because I skipped lunch. I shouldn't skip lunch.

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