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Journal Magada's Journal: A modest Proposal - let's buy /. 2 is driving it into the ground. Let's start a non-profit, get money through donations and/or Kickstarter and buy it back. Then we fill it with news for nerds. Stuff that matters. You know.

I would start it myself, but Kickstarter doesn't want you if you aren't Anglo master race.

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A modest Proposal - let's buy /.

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  • This site was driving itself into the ground before it was bought by dice (as part of a package deal, no less).

    On the plus side though, dice cares so little about it that you could probably buy it very cheaply. Maybe offer to take the CEO to a nice lunch and he might sign it over to you.

A commune is where people join together to share their lack of wealth. -- R. Stallman