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+ - Leaked file shows EVE Online microtransaction plan->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In the wake of controversy surrounding EVE Online's new microtransaction store and its not-so-micro prices, a document has surfaced that has raised more than a few eyebrows in the EVE community. The PDF is reported to be a copy of CCP's internal company newsletter Fearless. Ex-CCP employee and current CSM member Seleene was able to verify that the company does circulate an internal newsletter by that name and that the style is very similar to the leaked document."
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Journal: Take this job and shove it! Part II 4

Journal by Le Marteau

Nizo and robi, thanks for the reply the other day. I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just in a mood.

Some background into the situation. My current boss (and in two weeks, FORMER boss, thank God) is a late thirties something woman, with serious mental issues, who has made my work life miserable and is the main reason I quit. Used to work at the same company as I did, years ago. Along with my best friend. And her current boss.

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+ - World's First Extradition for Warez Complete

Submitted by Glad I'm Not Down Under
Glad I'm Not Down Under (666) writes "In a move sure to frighten most of those with piles of old cracked PC games and a hastily copied list of serial numbers, the world's first warez extradition — dating back to a series of raids dubbed "Operation Buccaneer" in 2001 — has finally come to an end. Hew Rayond Griffiths, alleged to also have gone by the screen name Bandido, has been delivered into American custody and faces up to 10 years in prison despite never having profited from his alleged crimes or having set foot on American soil committing them. Victim companies impacted by the group Bandido is said to have run, Drink or Die, are situated globally. Griffiths spent three years prior to extradition in an Australian prison, equal in length to some of the longest warez sentences handed out to date. It is unclear as to how he will be represented as his case proceeds, as he was the recipient of provided counsel while fighting against the extradition in Australia. Justice served, or the export of American intellectual property ideals on a foreign nation?"

+ - Building the Interplanetary Internet

Submitted by
sighted writes "Internet pioneer Vint Cerf is leading a NASA effort to create a permanent network link to Mars within the next two years. As Cerf outlined in a recent talk, the "InterPlaNet" protocol is designed to handle the delay caused by interplanetary distances. For example, it can take a signal up to 20 minutes to travel between the Earth and Mars, depending on the distance between the two planets."

+ - Fran Allen becomes first woman to win Turing award

Submitted by
shoemortgage writes "The Association for Computing Machinery, has named Frances E. Allen the recipient of the 2006 A.M. Turing Award for contributions that fundamentally improved the performance of computer programs in solving problems, and accelerated the use of high performance computing. This award marks the first time that a woman has received this honour."

Scientists Make Quantum Encryption Breakthrough 156

Posted by samzenpus
from the completely-secure-for-at-least-a-few-days dept.
Madas writes "Scientists working in Cambridge have managed to make quantum encryption completely secure (registration required) by putting decoy pulses in the key transmission stream. According to the story this paves the way for safe, encrypted high-speed data links. Could this allow completely private transmission of data away from snooping eyes and ears? Or will it mean film studios can stop movies from being copied when traveling on the internet?"

Journal: Presidential Campaign Websites 290

Journal by ces

First impressions of the internet presence of the top 3 candidates for each party.


Hillary Clinton: Good professional web site. Using a photo where the Senator is smirking for the main image of the candidate strikes me as a bad idea since it re-enforces some negatives. Fourth overall in seeming to encourage supporter action/participation.


+ - How to make people to like you more

Submitted by
anwar001 writes "Making people to like you can be beneficial in many situations — be it in politics, social relations, public meetings, sales calls, business meetings, relationship with your boss etc. Here is a neat little trick. I did not find an appropriate category to put it in, so placed it under science as it really has some scientific principles to it."
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+ - Typing on the Edge

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As tech pervades every aspect of our lives we have started to see a new type of product come about, something that can only be described as tech luxury. The diNovo Edge is the first keyboard to be part of Logitech's Advanced Peripherals line. These are high-end components whose goal is to match style with serious performance. This by itself does not tell us much about the keyboard, but we know that is has been promoted to the same category of items as Logitech's Z-10 speakers and MX Revolution mouse so there must be something to it."
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Journal: Arms Race. 1

Journal by Oculus Habent

My left and right hemispheres are in an arms race, and they are mining my sinuses for biological weapons.

No one wins this kind of war.

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.