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Comment It's who benefits (Score 1) 165

Malware is any software that functions to benefit a third party rather than the user.

If your installer/updater is installing some app/toolbar/etc in addition to the application I want it to install -- that's malware.

If your installer/app/updater is changing settings in my browser or any other application on my system -- that's malware.

I want to write a letter, if your "letter writing app" is sending a copy of the letter or meta-data about the letter or my writing of the later to a third party -- that's malware.

If I'm playing your off-line single-player game and you're collecting data on how I play it -- that's malware.

If I'm playing your on-line multi-player game and you're doing anything with the data I'm sending you other than sending it to the other players -- that's malware.

If your search engine is doing anything with the search request I'm sending you other than fulfilling my search request -- that's malware.

If your app is displaying ads -- that's malware (unless it's an ad locator application).

Comment Re:Too many choices (Score 1) 508

There were too many Mac choices so you switched to PCs where there are a couple of thousand times more choices? When you say something insane like that it makes it hard to take the rest of your post seriously, even if you're making some valid observations.

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