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Comment Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (Score 1) 291

The study has not shown what the submission or the study says it shows. What it shows is that when separated into two groups, women who self identify as women and those who don't, the two groups have their submissions pulled at different rates.

There is nothing in the study to show that the two groups are comparable in their ability to code. Another way to look at the numbers in the study would be to say that women who self identify as women are not as good at coding as those who don't. Both statements are equally invalid, the study doesn't show either.

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 220

When the car in unable to determine a safe route to travel and stops, if it is in an area that stopping is a ticketable offense the driver can simply take control and drive and avoid getting a ticket.

How likely do you think it is that an autonomous car will have difficulty on a stretch of road where stopping is not allowed (e.g. a bridge or tunnel) where it's not actually unsafe to continue? You won't get a ticket for stopping on a bridge because there is a traffic jam in front of you, for example. Or if you stop because of white-out conditions, for another example. If you get a flat tire on a bridge the car will know you're on a bridge where stopping is not allowed and will drive off the bridge ruining your wheel.

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 2) 220

You're arguing a situation that won't happen.

It's simple, if the car runs into a situation it doesn't know how to handle it will come to a stop. At that time the human operator can take control. The car won't just hand off control without warning, in fact the car won't hand off control at all -- the human would have to take control.

Comment Re:Didn't it sort of get bogged down? (Score 4, Interesting) 77

The floor should at least be contoured, with hills and valleys. That brings up one of the problems with this type of competition, as long as the arena is fixed, the arena will determine what kind of specific robot is the best.

I'd like to see various arenas and each bot has to battle in each arena, say each level of a elimination competition is in a different arena and the specific arenas vary by episode.

Some examples:
1. Flat metal floor
1a. Flat metal floor with fixed obstacles.
1a. Flat metal floor with moving obstacles.
2. Undulating metal floor.
2a. Undulating metal floor with fixed obstacles.
2b. Undulating metal floor with moving obstacles.
3. Packed earthen floor.
3a. Packed earthen floor with fixed obstacles.
3b. Packed earthen floor with moving obstacles.
4. Undulating metal and packed earth floor combination with fixed obstacles.
4a. Undulating metal and packed earth floor combination with fixed obstacles.
4b. Undulating metal and packed earth floor combination with moving obstacles.

Comment Overload with garbage (Score 2) 192

When you're not browsing run a script that will surf random web sites for you, go to and you'll find hundreds of links, follow them, find more links, follow them, etc. Occasionally pull a word from a web page and do a google search, then follow a bunch of the search results, and follow links on them, etc. Build in a random timer function so it looks like a human surfing. The idea is to make the haystack bigger so the needle is harder to find.

Then do all of the surfing you don't wan them to know about from a WiFi hotspot with a spoofed (random) IP address using a virtualized OS incidence that is scrubbed afterwards.

Comment Why there are more accidents (Score 1) 748

I've been thinking about why the Google cars are involved in more (minor) accidents than non-google cars. Based on no actual knowledge or facts I think the reason may be that the google cars are driving too well. The google car has much better situational awareness than a human driver and will therefore brake in order to avoid potential situations that no human driver would even be aware of. This unexpected braking is surprising the human drivers and they are running into the back of the google cars.

The solution would be to lower the threshold of when the google cars should brake to avoid potential situations -- in other words drive more like a person, i.e. more dangerously.

That or just expect the humans to adjust their driving to accommodate the safer google cars as they get used to them being on the road.

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