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Comment Live in a box before we go to Mars... (Score 1) 285

Before we send people to Mars we need to develop and test systems that will allow people to live totally isolated in a self-contained box (like a spaceship/Mars Habitat would be) here on Earth. There is no point sending people on a two year mission to Mars if there is a decent chance that one of them will go nuts from being locked up in a tin can and become violent 18 months into the trip.

Comment What does the registry do? (Score 1) 108

What is the point of the registry?

Is it better for me if the person using a drone to spy on me mowing my lawn has a registered drone? Is my privacy being invaded more if it's not registered?

If you're going to say that we would be able to track down the person responsible if a drone is used to take down a plane you're lying. A drone used in such a manner would be homemade, unregistered, stolen or the registration markings would have been removed. The registration database would be completely useless.

The registration is just the government being control freaks and not happy that someone is able to do something without their express permission.

"Drones, Oooo scary. We need to do something, this is something, we need to do it".

Comment The problem: Roommates (Score 1) 412

I'm sure this is a desirable setup for some people, the main problem I see is that you will have roommates, and not roommates of your own choice.

Grab ten random people and just try to get them to agree on anything, say for example the dish washing schedule, or the reasonable time to turn down the volume on the gaming system. The more people you live with the more problems you have to deal with.

Comment Goole, Apple. et al need to man up (Score 1) 187

What we need are Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other companies in the communication business cease all operations in Great Britain when this (or similar legislation) passes.

Let the people of the UK deal with the government when Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. stop doing business with them because of this law. If suddenly the people of England couldn't buy a smart phone, update their status, or tweet their latest selfie because of the government, they would take to the streets and they would have a new government in a few days!

Comment You mean much more likely to cause harm. (Score 1) 98

Flying drones will only risk injuring someone if they have a catastrophic failure and just happen to land on someone when they fall to earth.

The land-drones will be in very close proximity to people the entire time they are operating creating numerous opportunity for injury on a constant basis. Way more people will be injured by these things than by flying drones.

Plus, people will just kick them over when they are in their way.

Comment Let's put the horse before the cart. (Score 1) 418

âoeThe Government is clear we need to find a way to work with industry as technology develops to ensure that, with clear oversight and a robust legal framework, the police and intelligence agencies can access the content of communications of terrorists and criminals in order to resolve police investigations and prevent criminal acts."

I'll tell you what, you put a system in place with clear oversight and a robust legal framework then we'll talk.

Comment Re:+1 for privacy supporters -1 for gun control (Score 1) 620

People like you are why a law making it illegal to yell, "fire!" in a crowded theater actually has to spell out that it's legal when there is a fire.

There is no law against yelling fire in a crowded theater, you just can't use the First Amendment as a defense if you cause a panic doing it.

Comment Sounds like the army wants Glocks. (Score 4, Interesting) 469

Reading the summary, it sounds like the army has looked at a Glock brochure and just listed everything there as their requirements.

Of course this is a military procurement so the requirements will change at the behest of vested interests until the gun is unsuitable for the dozens of new roles it's required to fill and many times the original estimated cost. Then it will be put into production and the soldiers will be forced to use them -- then the smart soldiers will just bring their own Glocks to work.

Comment Re:Advertising is DEAD. Find another business mod (Score 2) 398

The advertising companies will figure out how to bypass ad-blockers, then the ad-blockers will figure out how to block the new ads, lather/rinse/repeat.

If the ad companies did a few things, people wouldn't feel the need to block ads:
1. Don't auto-play sounds or moving images.
2. Don't react when the mouse moves over or near your ad. Only react when your ad is clicked on.
3. Don't serve ads laden with javascript/flash/whatever. Some simple javascript should be fine but if the script can't be vetted in a few moments it's too complex--reject the ad.
4. Serve the ads from the primary web-site (including any java script), not a third party web site.
5. Don't track users across web-sites.
6. Vet ads before putting them in rotation.
7. Don't use pop-up, pop-over, pop-under, slide-out or any other similar technique.
8. Don't open ads in response to closing an ad or other window.
9. Don't obfuscate where clicking on the ad will lead.
10. Don't accept ads from companies of questionable morals, e.g. quibids.

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