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Comment: Spam-Collectors? (Score 1) 170

by MS (#45243557) Attached to: EU Parliament: Other Countries Spy, But Less Than the UK, US

As more than 90% of all e-mails are spam-mails, will the NSA & Co. also collect all of that trash? Or have they good filters at hand to avoid filling their storage capacities with junk? What filters are they employing? If their filters are good, and the monitor *all* national and/or worldwide traffic, they could do us all a big favour and filter out that junk! Or even better: identify and eliminate the sources of this nuisance. Thanks in advance!

Comment: interpretation of data... (Score 1) 303

by MS (#44551275) Attached to: Apache Web Server Share Falls Below 50 Percent For First Time Since 2009

Apache isn't below 50%. What counts, are "active sites", not parked domains or similar (see Netcraft). Numbers for active sites fluctuate much less and show us a more realistic picture. Apache is still at 53,62%.

And no, IIS is not the winner, but a distant second with only 11,78% market share. Considering, IIS had once 38% (october 2007), IIS is the biggest looser so far.


+ - O2 provides Andoid 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 today->

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dexter fillip
dexter fillip writes "The Samsung Galaxy S3 users had been awaiting the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for their smartphones since a long time. Now, reports are suggesting that UK networks have finally started to roll out Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3 phones. The latest report is that O2 has started offering the Jelly Bean update for their galaxy S3 users from today."
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