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Comment Re:I would sell it (Score 1) 654

I work at two places. One of them has only 4 buses a day and it's a 35-min drive which I always do. The other one means taking the car to the train station (5-7 min), riding an hourly train for an hour and walking 15 min afterwards. It takes me 20 minutes more than by car, costs half and lets me rest and read. The only problem is: On some months the trains come less often and there's been days when I've finished at 13h and arrived home at 16h. Nevertheless, I take the train for this one as often as possible.

Comment My Samsung Laptop (Score 4, Interesting) 289

I bought a Samsung laptop. i5, 6gb ram, Hybrid NVIDIA and Intel graphics, 750gb HDD, DVD burner. It is light, well powered and cost efficient back in 2011. Windows 7-64 bit. Problem is: Even the keyboard hotkeys such as screen brightness, WiFi, etc. work only through a "Control panel" that takes ages to load. Volume keys don't work within a game and sometimes the trackpad stops working after sleeping. And also I don't dare installing Linux on it because I read about severe cases of linux bricking the UEFI and rendering the laptop completerly useless.

Alas, after you start it up (either from off or sleeping) and wait the 10-15 minutes for the HDD to calm down (after stripping down the startup, defragmenting, ccleaner and the such) it runs really well.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 4, Informative) 529

From TFA:

“I encourage scientists to go to where we are and measure the environment,” she replied. “Don’t try to pretend that you’re God and expose us to different frequencies in a lab. That’s like taking someone and breaking their legs and asking how much it hurts.”
“Conventional government-funded science isn’t a reliable indicator of health defects,” she told me. “There’s a vested interest in keeping the truth out of circulation. But the independent science isn’t sceptical about it at all.”
And "Eventually I established that I was reacting to a buried cellphone tower. US Cellular was the brand – I didn’t react to AT&T, Spring or Cellular One towers.” She reeled off the names as if it would be the most normal thing in the world to have a brand-specific allergy."

Many of them are not willing to take part on experiments. And if they do, they can always say science is flawed, the symptoms are frequency- or even brand-specific and if all else fails, you know: "It's a conspiration and I felt bad throughout the whole experiment because chemtrails."

Comment It's dangerous to go alone (Score 1) 290

Most news sites use Facebook for posting comments. The country I live in is into a lot of political turmoil right now and not only is my name unique but muy workplace lists me very fondly, so anyone wishing to find me and break my face could do it.
We all know about the teams whose job is to swing political opinion by means of fake accounts with real sounding names. It would seem like nothing is being done against those. On the other hand, many of my friends have fiddled with their screen names and pictures to the point of becoming irecognizable by their contacts out of fear of being harrassed or tagged in a defamatory post.

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