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Submission + - Vulnerability in Font Processing Library Affects Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox (

An anonymous reader writes: If an application can embed fonts with special characters, then it's probably using the Graphite font processing library. This library has several security issues which an attacker can leverage to take control of your OS via remote code execution scenarios. The simple attack would be to deliver a malicious font via a Web page's CSS. The malformed font loads in Firefox, triggers the RCE exploit, and voila, your PC has a hole inside through which malware can creep in.

Comment Simon Seems Off The Mark (Score 1) 98

Some licenses allow anyone to create derivative works that build on the original product, while others reserve that right only for the owners of the original product.

Its pretty clear they're referring to the ability to make commercial works, not downstream OS projects.

Those biases seem to arise from an outdated view of the market for open source software. Students of history know that pioneers of new markets are able to command profit margins approaching 100 percent as long as they can behave as monopolists. As their markets becomes subject to fair competition, margins fall. Expecting 90 percent margins is probably not realistic, yet the authors clearly do:

He seems to be ignoring his own point from the next paragraph, most VC ventures fail. In order for them to see high returns they need the huge home run, if a business bunts into first and barely covers the investment they're still in the hole for the other 5 ventures that failed

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 287

I rarely to never find useful answers on StackOverflow, further many unrelated issues appear and often end up ranking higher on search engines than the actual documentation or bug report for the project. I wouldn't have an issue with the site if it didn't completely pollute search results, its 'network' is a forum and should be treated as such (being present only once in a search engine results page).

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