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Comment Re:Ad Block Plus has been around for ages (Score 1) 256

Why has the mass media finally 'discovered' it?

Why do you falsely presume that people have only *just now* discovered it to begin with? Nothing in the summary or in the linked article even remotely said or implied any such thing that AdBlock Plus was something new. But, the fact that Apple finally put in content blocking into iOS has been a major source of news mostly because advertisers have been bawwwing like babies. But that doesn't mean that no one in the media knew about AdBlock Plus.

Comment Re:The only Gaming Notebooks are P&P (Score 1) 90

And as long as you pay a significant premium for a laptop which isn't as easily upgraded, a lot of home users will continue to buy a desktop.

That's pretty hilarious. Even 3 years ago, laptops made up around 70-75% of home computer sales vs desktops. And the laptop share is probably even higher today. "A lot of home users" are not doing what you claim because the people buying desktops are an ever shrinking minority.

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