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Submission + - Dice plans to liberate Slashdot and Sourceforge->

An anonymous reader writes: The current corporate overlords of both Slashdot and Sourceforge plan to sell off the properties:

The Company acquired Slashdot Media in 2012 both to provide the Dice business with broader reach into Slashdot's user community base and to extend the Dice business outside North America by engaging with SourceForge's significant international technology user community. The Company, however, has not successfully leveraged the Slashdot user base to further Dice's digital recruitment business; and with the acquisition of The IT Job Board and success of Open Web, the anticipated value to the Company of the SourceForge traffic outside North America has not materialized. The Company now plans to divest the business, as it does not fit within the Company's strategic initiatives and believes the Slashdot Media business will have the opportunity to improve its financial performance under different ownership.

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Comment Re:Battery life not so great (Score 4, Informative) 118 118

It's a prototype device for software development, not a shipping product.

Wrong on both accounts. The MX4 has been a shipping Android phone since September of last year. The Ubuntu phone is the exact same hardware.

It might have a substandard battery.

It does't. GSM Arena stated about 16.5 hours talk time, ~14 hours web browsing and around 9.5 hours for video playback. For the time of the battery benchmarks it was no worse than most other phones.

Such problems would not stop its deployment as a development device. It could be any of these problems and it's pretty pointless to speculate further.

Except it's not a development device.

Comment Re:Developers will not come (Score 2) 118 118

A few years ago you would be saying "You basically have two major players in mobile OS, Symbian and BlackBerry OS. I don't see that changing..."

Actually prior to the iPhone there was really only 1 major player. Which was Nokia with near 70% global market share with Windows Mobile and BlackBerries taking about up 11% a piece.

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