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Comment: Re:So what (Score 1) 70 70


Three out of four people with a mental illness report that they have experienced stigma. Stigma is a mark of disgrace that sets a person apart. When a person is labelled by their illness they are seen as part of a stereotyped group. Negative attitudes create prejudice which leads to negative actions and discrimination.

Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 3, Insightful) 103 103

He did answer what you wanted:

Yeah, I've had some personality issues with some of the maintainers, but that's about how you handle bug reports and accept blame (or not) for when things go wrong. If people thought that meant that I dislike systemd, I will have to disappoint you guys.

Comment: Re:"find a way to leverage existing faculty" (Score 1) 89 89

Bingo. This is the advancement. You can get a world class education for NOTHING. How is that not an advancement? You only need to attend a physical university if you want 1) a diploma, or 2) to meet girls.

Except that this still requires students to enroll in a university to take the class. And $6000 is hardly "nothing" to most people.

Comment: Re:A few years ago (Score 1) 51 51

The Atrix had a dock which turned the Android phone into an Android tablet.

No. The Atrix had a dock that provided a desktop that used a modified Ubuntu.

The Atrix 4G was one of the first Motorola devices to ship with its Webtop platform. When the phone is placed into its HD Multimedia Dock or Laptop Dock accessories, the user can access an Ubuntu-based desktop featuring access to the phone and its applications via the Mobile View'application, integration of Android notifications into the desktop, multimedia playback through Entertainment Center, file management through Nautilus, and the Firefox web browser (along with support for Prism for the site-specific browsers used on Webtop mode).[19]

Comment: Re:A few years ago (Score 1) 51 51

Ubuntu hacked a Motorola Atrix so it ran Android when you used it like a phone, but plug it into a dock and suddenly it became a full blown Linux desktop. That's a concept ripe with potential. Doesn't have to be Android of course, but just the idea that it's a phone when you carry it around but you can use it as a computer too with a dock with some ports on it.

Bzzzt, wrong. Motorola is the one that implemented the modified Ubuntu desktop when docking the Atrix. It was not Canonical that did that.

That does not compute.