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Comment Re:instead of union how about being value for mone (Score 1) 607

Non-farm business sector real compensation per hour [] is up 2.7% since 2014, after a long plateau due to the recession and formerly high unemployment rate, which is now down to 5%.

Oh wow, 2.7%. That's an amazing pay raise especially when you factor in inflation. Oh and according to your Atlantic link's study, by comparison CEO pay is up anywhere from nearly 13% to over 37%. So sorry if I don't furiously masturbate of a pittance of a 2.7% wage increase.

CEO pay is down over 30% [] (as a ratio with average worker pay) since 2000 though.

And yet it is still up to 273 times the average workers salary per that article. And even being off by 30%, their pay is still at near record highs historically. On the other hand, inflation adjusted wages for everyone else is still stagnant. Am I supposed to shed crocodile tears at the misfortune of CEOs that they are only making slightly less than obscene wages?

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