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by Lunix Nutcase (#48150017) Attached to: Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too

That's one thing that people often forget in these minimum wage/living wage debates: the employee still has to be productive enough to earn those wages.

And there is no real proof that even a majority of all currently employeed programmers in the US or Europe aren't being productive enough to make their wages that amount to about .0003% of what Zuckerberg is worth. And I dare you to prove he has been "productive" enough to earn the $33 billion dollars he has in paper wealth.

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by Lunix Nutcase (#48149821) Attached to: Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too

Really, corporations should be doing less of the "let's teach the world to code" crap, and do more convincing people with that hacker spirit to apply their skills and drive to computer engineering, rather than quant finance or law or other career paths taken up by people with that drive.

Sure, but those people would actually want to be paid well. Facebook, Microsoft, etc. would rather foster a future where that person makes what a fry cook does now.

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Yeah, but paying your employees anything beyond poverty wages is SOCIALISM!!!!!

Or, you know, it's simply smart business as Henry Ford found out. He made his money back and then some by paying his workers wages higher than he had any necessity to do.

+ - Monetising Open Source: The Experience of LocomotiveCMS

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "There's a blog posting up on the LocomotiveCMS site on their difficulties in trying make money from an open source product, and some of the problems they're encountered.

LocomotiveCMS, is an open source Content Management System, built on Rails. Originally developed as an open source project in 2010, the developer (Didier Lafforgue) attempted to turn running the project into a full time job with his wife Estelle as a business manager.

In summary, although they have developed a good reputation, and gained some consulting work, in providing hosting they're finding that the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is bringing in much less money than they'd hoped, and the product is still dependent on a single, in house, developer which is causing problems for maintenance and a proposed upgrade.

I found it way more difficult to acquire a $19/month SaaS client than a $1100/day consulting client.

Long story short, we haven’t solved the economic open source equation.


+ - WordPress Defaults Preserve Avenue For Denial of Service Attacks->

Submitted by MrBingoBoingo
MrBingoBoingo (3481277) writes "As bad as the Bash shell behavior was, giving attackers a shell on your server This WordPress XMLRPC Pingback hole is just as bad to your fellow internet residents. Sure Shell Shock was worse for you since it offered a shell on your machine, but to your friendly Internet neighbors the WordPress bullshit is just as bad. And much like WordPress there were Bash scripts that had been functional since 1992 which no longer work on patched versions of Bash, but for WordPress Backwards compatibility is still more important."
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by Lunix Nutcase (#48135155) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct

If your phrase has 12+ characters, looks like a random pile of gibberish, and isn't sitting around in plaintext anywhere, I think it's probably going to be pretty secure.

You would be wrong. Even 13 character password that has both lower/upper chars, numbers and special characters still has less than half the entropy of a random phrase of 7 words and two punctuation marks.

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by Lunix Nutcase (#48130425) Attached to: WhatsApp's Next Version To Include VoIP Calls and Recording

I guess VoIP has become a meaningless term now.
Is FaceTime also VoIP?

How so? If WhatsApp is transmitting voice calls using IP packets it is VoIP. Also, since Facetime also does the same thing it is VoIP as well.

Is clicking on a YouTube video that features dialogue VoIP?

Of course not. Youtube videos are not voice calls.

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by Lunix Nutcase (#48110433) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

You don't need to make 100k/year to afford a Tesla. The stock P85 is around ~1300/month which is only about 1/3rd of what is the median income in the US.

Most middle classer's cannot afford a car greater than or equal to their income for a year.

Then they have pretty piss poor money management if true.

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