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Comment: Re:Someone building iOS on x86 ... (Score 1) 100

UIKit is pretty much the only major difference when it comes to frameworks. The rest is pretty much all the same code as OS X with sometimes certain APIs not exposed. Either way, as I said, the x86 version is already long since available as the iOS Simulator. So there is no need for "secret teams", etc. when all the work is already long since been done by the Xcode/iOS SDK developers. Anyone who has done any sort of iOS development in the last 6 years has already used "iOS for x86".

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 5, Insightful) 466

by Lunix Nutcase (#49174939) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

As I've said before, if he's really this stand up guy, why did he run?

Because he didn't feel he was going to get fair treatment from the government. It's the same reason why a multitude of whistleblowers flee their parent country for fear of retaliation.

IF he really had good and legal reasons to do what he did, take it to court and face the music.

Riiight. Because the government never plays dirty against whistleblowers, right? Oh wait... Obama is one of the worst presidents when it comes to trying to attack whistleblowers.

Civil disobedience has ALWAYS carried the potential for punishment and if you break the law to make your point that the law is unjust you should stand ready to be arrested, imprisoned and tried in court for what you choose to do. You don't break the law and then run away like a coward...

Said by a big, brave keyboard warrior. Get back to us when you actually face a similar situation to the one Snowden is in.

Comment: Re:Quite a weak X3 line ... cost determines succes (Score 1) 100

The long game is that they are not going to bet their whole existence on their being able to keep ahead of the performance curve.

Says you. Their actions say otherwise.

They will be testing the Atoms and if the Atoms happen to produce a better power and performance package, you can bet that they will flip over to Intel.

People claimed that regarding the iPad for years and years and years. And yet Apple continues to not care about Intel's mobile chips. While in the universe of all possible things is clearly a possibility, it is highly improbable based on their actions.

Comment: Re:Quite a weak X3 line ... cost determines succes (Score 1) 100

Apple plays the long game.

Yes, the "long game" being that they want to use their own custom chips.

Their entire mobile product line relies on ARM chips they develop (Remember who's shipped the first 64 bit arm cpu in a production product when no one else was even sampling one?) Of course they're going to continue to develop Arm in the near term.

Why would they be spending hundreds of millions on acquistions and billions on R&D for their custom chips just to throw all that away for some Intel chip that has yet to appear? Apple has already long since proved that they don't need Intel in either the iPhone or iPad.

Keeping a quiet team working on an intel port of iOS would cost next to nothing in comparison and would reap HUGE benefits if Intel manages to upset the market. They would, frankly, be stupid not to.

iOS already runs on x86(_64). It's called the "iOS Simulator" (previously the iPhone Simulator). There isn't any need for a "quiet team" since it's all out in the public and has been part of the iOS SDK for going on 6 years.

Comment: Re:Someone building iOS on x86 ... (Score 1) 100

So yes, someone is probably building and testing iOS on x86 but it has little to nothing to do with any plans regarding using x86 on any devices. Sort of similar to the Microsoft's efforts to internally build and test Windows on a non-x86 platform after it gave up on shipping MIPS, PowerPC and Alpha binaries. Its more about testing and future proofing a core asset than any short term plans.

Yeah, this isn't something surprising nor some secretive thing. You do realize that the iOS simulator runs x86(_64) compiled code, right? That's how it's always worked.

Comment: Re:Terrorists (Score 2) 270

by Lunix Nutcase (#49131681) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

Yeah bad shit like the Clipper chip was being done under Clinton's watch and I never claimed that the only times civil liberties were shredded was during Dubya. But the "THE TERRISTS!!!" bullshit line to hyperdrive surveillance powers and shred liberties was done during Dubya's reign with the passing of the Patriot Act. But he is not the only one responsible for the reprehensible bill as there were plenty of Democrats supporting it.

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