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Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

How precisely would I eject them? You do realise I don't own the site, right?

Fork it and maintain it yourself and make the current X.Org people irrelevant like they did to XFree86. Or you can sit back and criticize them while putting in no work of your own which means they can continue to write off your opinion.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

And since I know you'll complain about the list I posted above, simply make your own distro then. Or just leave Linux entirely. None of the distro makers have any obligation to care about your feelings about systemd when you aren't someone who puts in any work into maintaining the distro or financial supports it. You're just a whiner in the peanut gallery.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103


Free/Open Source Operating systems without systemd in the default installation

GNU/Linux distributions

4MLinux (BusyBox)
Absolute Linux
Alpine Linux
Amazon Linux AMI
AUSTRUMI (Slackware based bootable live CD, to be run from RAM)
Calculate Linux
DeLi(cate) Linux (legacy hardware)
Dragora GNU/Linux Libre
Exe GNU/Linux
Funtoo Linux (Using OpenRC)
Gentoo Linux
While an option is provided to install systemd for those that want it, the default init system in Gentoo Linux as of May 2015 is OpenRC. If Portage is pulling in systemd, please read this Gentoo wiki article before removing Gentoo from this list. Other suggested reading, [1]
gNewSense GNU/Linux
GNU Guix
Linux from Scratch
Manjaro OpenRC Forum Wiki
Obarun (Arch/Runit)
Openwall GNU/*/Linux (Owl)
Pisi Linux
Puppy Linux
Sabotage Linux
Sorcerer Linux
Source Mage GNU/Linux (beta site)
SystemRescueCd (Gentoo/OpenRC based system rescue disk)
TLD Linux
TRIOS (Serbian)
Tiny Core Linux
Vector Linux
Void Linux

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

Oh I understood everything. My point is, since you've definitely proven the Wayland developers as liars and incompetents then you're going to take over the maintenance, right? Why would you allow these incompetent liars to continue being the people running X.Org?

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

The trouble with Wayland, or rather why I'm deeply suspicious of it is that some of the claims from the devs about wayland and X11---and bear in mind they're X11 devs too---are flat out wrong at best and deeply deveptive at worst. Why the need for a FUD attack? If Wayland is better it ought to win on merit, not FUD.

Great. So you're going to take over the maintenance burden then, right? Or are you just going to whine and complain and expect that they should care?

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

There are too many people running around, both in the systemd and Wayland camps who think that, because they don't do something or understand it, it just doesn't need to be done. Why don't we all take up a collection to buy them GameBoys or XBoxes and keep them away from important systems stuff?

There are also too many people in the peanut gallery who feel that they are entitled to tell the developers of software what they should do while doing no work of their own.

Comment Re:I find it amusing (Score 1) 103

And yet even outside of gaming, only a tiny minority of people would use that feature since the vast majority of Linux applications don't support network transparency to begin with. Unless you truly think the mainstream Linux user is doing nothing but using XTerm all day (and they're not).

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