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Comment: Re:Dangerous virus (Score 1) 86

by Lunix Nutcase (#47792055) Attached to: Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak

Unfortunately, my doctor wasn't in that day and I was sent home (by a rather young doctor, rather fresh from the med school) with a prescription for cough syrup instead of a penicillin shot.

Why would you think a doctor would give you penicillin for a viral infection? Do you know how antibiotics work?

Comment: Re:Haply so, but exec orders and agencies (Score 3, Insightful) 180

by Lunix Nutcase (#47780999) Attached to: The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

If this sort of surveillance had been used against the founders, they would have taken steps to prevent the newly-formed government from doing the same thing, just like they did on a number of others issues that they faced at the time, and since the spirit of the constitution is what matters, that's really what's relevant.

So what did they do against the Alien and Sedition Acts?

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