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Comment: Re:AMD drivers still suck (Score 1) 75

by Luckster7 (#44118029) Attached to: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Review Roundup

I didn't realize it was the video card blowing caps. I just heard what sounded like a gunshot every couple of weeks while wondering what was going on. I didn't take the time to package their junk up and mail to them to get another piece of junk. I'll just never buy EVGA again. FYI Seasonic is about as good of a brand of power supply as you can get. They were one of the very first companies to get an 80+ certification, mostly because they were about the only company already making ATX power supplies that were that efficient.

Comment: Re:AMD drivers still suck (Score 1) 75

by Luckster7 (#44114603) Attached to: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Review Roundup

If you want to have fewer problems buy the most expensive manufacturer of a given gpu, not the cheapest. I generally try and stick with gigabyte or evga.

EVGA is crap, I had one only a few months old blow out a cap every week or two until the third time it stopped working. Sounded like gun fire every time. That was five years ago. The same Seasonic 80+ supply is going strong today powering a PNY Nvidia card.

Comment: Re:uh, what? (Score 1) 124

by Luckster7 (#42661643) Attached to: Firefox OS Smartphones Arriving For Developers

I've been running Linux as my Desktop OS for over a decade. Often when using a client's Windows machine I get quite frustrated that MS can't implement the 2nd easier to use copy/paste buffer that Linux uses. Personally I have a hard time grasping why people settle for such a low grade incomplete OS other than just using what comes with the machine. Compared to Linux, the driver support on Windows is horrible; There are more supported devices for Linux than any individual version of Windows. When I plug in a USB device or card, I don't have to track down a driver; it just works. If you don't like Gnome, run Enlightenment. Linux (or a BSD) gives me a choice of better options than the Explorer desktop.

Comment: Re: Atkins (Score 1) 233

by Luckster7 (#39797463) Attached to: Scientists Clone Sheep With 'Good' Fat

I had a similar experience, except I was I only vegetarian for about 4 months. I gained an inch a month on my waist during that time. I took the weight off as fast as I put it on after I went back to eating lots of meat. Also I realized how much my energy level had decreased during that time. My blood pressure went back down and I just plain felt better.


PC-BSD 8.0 Release Focuses On Desktop Use 154

Posted by kdawson
from the fresh-bits dept.
donadony writes "Last Monday PC-BSD 8.0 was released. PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD and uses KDE as its default desktop environment. PC-BSD is designed to make BSD much easier for desktop use. The 8.0 release includes support for 3D acceleration with NVIDIA drivers on amd64 and improvements in the USB subsystem. The PC-BSD team has also developed a friendly package manager system with a simple-to-use GUI tool (see the screenshots tour). For a full list of changes, refer to the changelog."

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