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Comment: I'm extremely surprised... (Score 3, Insightful) 17

by Chris Katko (#49752709) Attached to: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police
I'm extremely surprised to hear that a police department--when faced with legal requests from an unimportant regular joe--actually went out of their way to implement an elegant system to an issue instead of dragging their feet. None of us would have been surprised to see a police department throw a wrench into the system.

I'm honestly considering writing them a letter thanking them for their exemplary compliance. Good cops need to know we support them.

Comment: Control-F (Score 1) 98

Control-F "heat"

[No Results]

My thoughts exactly.

That's not to say this isn't great stuff, but thermal issues have always been the first or second most important problem with stacked memory. The other problem being fabrication and routing. You can't put a heatsink on a die when the die is wedged between 5 other dies. So you're hoping a heatsink on the top and bottom is enough for the middle wafers, or you're running some sort of tiny heat exchanger system.

Comment: Re:Ahem... (Score 1) 603

by Chris Katko (#49697207) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science
All through highschool and college, I had girls date me because I was a "hot hunk of meat"--when they realized I was much deeper than that and the fun wore off, they'd move on.

Reverse the genders and all a sudden it's sexist. People judge you for your looks? Welcome to the real fucking world.

Now excuse me, I'm going to go watch Gandalf talk about the Mill CPU architecture.

Comment: Re:Woman in Tech Here (Score 4, Insightful) 603

by Chris Katko (#49697195) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science
It's pretty obvious: They use the bottom 5% of all men to generalize and demand laws to reduce things like male violence and rape--for the other 95%.

They use the top 5% of men to generalize, campaign, and demand laws about reducing men's success--for the other 95%.

If you did that with the genders reversed, it'd be called sexist as hell.

There are strong men, there are weak men, and to assume that every man somehow knows how to negotiate, step up for himself, and get a wall street job is insane. At the same time these feminists are arguing that gender is a spectrum, except when it's "evil men who control everything." It's laughable.

Comment: ATTENTION SLASHDOT (Score 1) 603

by Chris Katko (#49697089) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science
If you don't stop posting this "men need to fix everything for the poor coddled women", you're going to lose thousands of your readership SOON. One more article, and I'm gone--and I'm taking my dollars with me.

My wife doesn't want your goddamn help. She wants to be treated as an equal--which means she's strong enough to take care of herself without you constantly trying to tell her she's broken and needs men to change the system so that she can get a job. Women don't need men to fix things. Women are strong. Women need themselves, and healthy relationships with their opposite sex to succeed--something you don't fight for at all.

Unlike your modern peers, 1st and 2nd-wave feminists ALREADY WON because they weren't morons. Equality is here, and you're doing everything you can do lie to us, and remove the confidence women have in their abilities, just so you can keep funding your bullshit Women's studies degrees. Like constantly talking about rape culture when rape has been steadily declining since the 70's, and rape is LOWER on campus than off campus.

Look at 3rd wave feminism. It's "gender feminism." They're not even talking about helping women get equality in laws anymore--it's all "gender gender gender." Why? Because the real equality is already here! So they have to make up new ways to make people think we're not equal.

You don't go after women's magazines, after Yahoo news, after women-attacking-women venues because you want women to be broken so you can sell them the snake oil solution. Just like when you guys did NOTHING while Britain ran human smuggling and rape of young Muslim girls because they were brown and didn't fit your "white male oppressor" narrative. Just like your numerous celebrity "let's shame women who don't identify as feminist" smear campaigns.

You don't actually care about women at all, and society will remember you for what you are: Fascists and domesticated terrorists.

Comment: Agile is treating the wrong problem. (Score 1) 507

by Chris Katko (#49690827) Attached to: Is Agile Development a Failing Concept?
The problem isn't that many programmers don't know how to use Agile methods. The problem is that many programmers don't know how to think critically.

If you have a terrible HR process that allows morons into your company, then no investment, no snappy buzzwords, not nothing is going to make them change how they fundamentally approach problems. By time you graduate college, 99% of people are already set in their ways, and within the first few years of working, the rest have.

It's like my Differential Equations 2 teacher in college said. "This is not the class to learn fundamentals of problem solving. If you've come this far and still haven't learned to solve problems, there's nothing I can do in this last semester to fix you."

Comment: Re:You cannot know *WHO* is voting (Score 0) 258

by Chris Katko (#49690771) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem
That's a big law thing. It's way harder to prove someone's "intent" than it is their actions or conditions.

War on Drugs B.S. aside: That's why HAVING drugs on you is a crime, not planning to use them. It's easy to say there are drugs in the car, it's almost impossible to prove you intended on using those drugs.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

Comment: Re:Love me some FM (Score 1) 244

by Chris Katko (#49689539) Attached to: RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading
Dive into source code? Maybe my time is more important that sifting through poorly structured directories full of 500 source code files each, and the 8000 instances of that variable that grep reported back.

If people spent a mere 5% of the time they spend coding an API designed to make something easier, on actually documenting that API, then their actual goal of making something easier would be more effective. Time is money, and the more time people have to waste "re-inventing the wheel" of merely learning what your code does, the more useless your code is.

How many times have you downloaded a project, only to discover they didn't even give you instructions on how to compile or link the damn thing in your project? How many times have you seen a project not list their dependencies so you get to play a 15 minute game of "find the packages"?

I mean, how can we even discussing the idea that documentation doesn't matter? Is this the real world? Am I dead and in hell?

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