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Comment Re:Cool! (Score 2) 431

I have just tried reading the Tachyonic antitelephone wikipedia page and I am even more confused! Particularly since it heavily uses Lorentz transformation, which is also way over my head...

Would anyone please explain in simpler terms without the maths involved? Or is it one of these areas that just can't be explained without it?

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 2) 431

Causality breaking is subtle. For a simple one-way trip, in your reference frame, nothing will seem wrong, but from another reference frame you may appear to go back in time. If you have two pairs of ansibles (FTL telephones), each pair moving relative to the other, it's possible to send a message round trip (FTL to your connection, normal space to another endpoint, FTL to its connection, back to you) in such a way that you receive it before you send it.

Sorry, my English is terrible, so I don't quite get it.

An example would be good. Let us say that Alice is communicating with Bob who is on a planet 12 light years away with messages that travel at 4*c speed. All the while Alice is travelling towards it at 3*c.

I am not sure how this "FTL to your connection, normal space to another endpoint, FTL to its connection, back to you" would end up reaching Alice before she sends the message.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

You are "anti Islamic?" Seriously? If an atheist said they were "anti-Christian", people would be all over them. if a Christian said they were "anti-Jew", then there would be a huge backlash. We seem to have reached the point where antisemitism put people in the same bucket as white supremacists or the KKK or other now-vilified groups.

And yet you claim to be "anti Islamic", and nobody calls you out on it.

That is a very good point. Only now that I have noticed how discrimination against Islam is widespread, but not frowned upon. At least you called it out.

Thank you.

Comment Re:Important Stuff (For the discussion) (Score 1) 577

Years ago, they added politics to Slashdot. People didn't like it. Yet, they recently asked what folks wanted to do to improve Slashdot. A number of people said to get rid of the politics. And yet, here were are...

You can setup your Slashdot settings to filter out any stories that are under Politics category. Everybody wins.

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 2) 286

Except for some countries who never signed that treaty: India, Pakistan, Israel. North Korea is also no longer a signatory (they withdrew in 2003). Shouldn't there be sanctions against the other three?


That is a very good point. I guess Israel is immune because US has such close relations with that state. No idea why the hypocrisy regarding India and Pakistan.

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 3, Informative) 286

What right does the US has to invade North Korea?

According to Wikipedia, US and South Korea are in a military alliance.

From what I understand, North and South Korea are currently in a state of war.

Based on these two factors, US does not need any extra international justification to once against wage war on North Korea.

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 1) 286

Looking at the NK's current state, I don't think they have much to lose. Really, becoming part of China is the best case scenario for their population. So much hatred between them and South Korea due to both side's propaganda, that reunification seems practically impossible. Whole generation been raised on hatred.

Sadly, the longer this stalemate takes the more damage eventual conflict will inflict on both parts of the Korean peninsula.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1836

I can write a comment and lose all the earlier mod points, or just try to find a suitable downmod and let the stupidity stand unchallenged.

Third option: You just take a deep breath and move on. Focus on moderating further threads.

Let others reply and correct. You are not the only being on this site. xkcd 386 is supposed to be a joke!

Even if something wrong does end up as +5 insightful, nothing is ever perfect. Let is go.

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