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Comment: Re:Glitterboyz on the way (Score 1) 630

by Lotana (#46709037) Attached to: Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

Amazing how long WWII is being milked to keep patriotism and massive military complex alive. Hell, it was before I was born! I wonder how may decades 9/11 will be used as a propaganda cry.

Why are you all friendly towards Canada? They burnt down the White House!!!

Where is your hatred for Mexico? Don't you remember Alamo?!


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by Lotana (#46666535) Attached to: How Many People Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?

Um.. that never worked out.

One side will eventually win out, massacre the able men, fuck the opposed side's women and the women back home when they get back. After a few years of the coming-home-boom the population is much larger than before the war.

Sure the violence is dramatic, but much more effective solution to population control is education. If a couple has only two children, the population is stable. So if the child is able to take care of the parents in their old age, it becomes counter-productive to keep breeding (It is expensive to raise a child after all). Europe and Japan are now seeing decreasing population without massive scale plagues or slaughter.

Alas is it impossible to have all places on Earth to have a civilization level of that quality :-(

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by Lotana (#46588297) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Consider Elegant Code?

In my experience elegant source code (1) uses descriptive yet concise names for variables and functions/methods/procedures, (2) each function/method/procedure is documented with a header block immediately preceding it, (3) a competent computer programmer / software developer / software engineer can read through the source code and understand it; this person need not be an expert in the particular language, and (4) the source code is maintainable and extensible. In fact using language specific idioms often detracts from producing easily maintainable source code.

Agreed. Have you ever encountered/worked with such code? Any available for viewing somewhere?

In my entire career I have never seen any examples. Could really use some for morale boosting.

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by Lotana (#46522279) Attached to: To Add Linux Support

It would seem IBM has no problem with their DB/2 UDB releases, which run on every version of Linux I've thrown them at over the past 5-6 years.

True, but that is IBM you are talking about.

It is a MASSIVE corporation that charges arms-legs-and-all-other-body-parts for their services. They got the resources to spare in order to test and support their products on all the hundreds of Linux distributions.

Contrast it to that is a speck in comparison.

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by Lotana (#46510773) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

You are right about Crimea. Crimea was part of Russia until relatively recently (1954). Their leaving of Ukraine was inevitable.

I am more curious about your opinion on Eastern Ukraine. That part too has quite a bit of Russian population, but was never historically part of Russia. Do you think Russia would be welcomed if they invade?

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by Lotana (#46510703) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

For as long as Putin and his cronies are in power, the U.S. and the rest of the western world should offer any law-abiding Russian citizen who wants to leave an automatic green card, work permit, etc.

You don't know what you are asking for! All the really smart Russians have been emigrating away in thousands since the fall of the iron curtain. If you open your doors your country will get swamped and you will be complaining about all those damn immigrants taking your jobs for cheap.

Have a look at refugee crisis in Australia.

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by Lotana (#46510549) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

Besides, the Russian oligarchs hold all their funds in US dollars. They won't tolerate a drop in their net worth over something like this.

You hit the nail squarely on the head. This is precisely the reason why I don't think Russia will ever do any kind of economic threats nor will enter any direct conflict with the United States.

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Inflation may cost our wealthy creditors, but it will help the much, much larger part of us who have mortgages, student loans, car loans, credit card debt, business loans, etc.

How so? Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that all loans closely follow inflation rates.

For example if the inflation goes to 600%, wouldn't your loan immediately become 600% of the total amount you borrowed in the past?

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