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Comment Re:Self inflicted damage (Score 1) 241

No. It is illegal to spend more than 48 hours with ONE employer. If you really want to work 80 hour week, get a second job.

Even if you could work 80 hours for one employer, you will not get ahead long term. You will burn out, you will take more sick leave, your work quality will be much poorer. Oh and if you keep doing this voluntarily, it will not be respected: It will be expected. Not to mention what effect it will have on the rest of your life.

Comment Re:Buggy Whip (Score 1) 119

This is one of the problems with open source development; people will spend endless hours perfecting the buggy whip; not to mention coming up with new, competing buggy whip designs.

Yeah, how DARE they spend their own time doing what they like! Don't they know that they should be productive and do what sunderland56 deems more important?!

Comment Re:Another silly decision (Score 1) 480


As a non-native English speaker, I struggle to understand the meaning of the "Just Saying" statement. It is always done as a last statement though, so sounds passive-aggressive.

Is it supposed to be something like "Not expecting a reply" or "I don't think about what I've written"?

Comment Re:Here go the MBA's (Score 1) 54

Layoffs = accelerated attrition of your best talent

Only assuming that the company does not have deadwood. In my experience: every single company over a certain size have people that are completely useless, only useful in very small area or got attitude/communication issues.

Layoffs are not always a bad thing. It all depends on how good management is recognizing a person's value to the core business. If they are terrible, it results in loss of knowledge, capability and destroyed morale. But if they know how to do layoffs right, it streamlines and revitalizes a company.

Comment Re:Audiophile market (Score 3, Insightful) 418


So the shit that is not medicine is either never been proven to work (Thus you place your faith in some salesman pushing it) or it has been tested and failed to produce results statistically better than a placebo.

Either way, it is foolish to take that stuff. Even if it is innert, it still prevents people from seeking real treatments because they believe that they are already doing something about it.

And some alternative medicine is just blatantly useless and still popular. See Homeopathic dilution.

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