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Comment Two attributes which the article ignores . . . (Score 1) 134

There are a couple of attributes which the article "somehow" forgets to mention: Strength and Rigidity! You know, those attributes that define a generic construct as a chassis . . . the thing that holds everything together under stress and protects the squishy humans inside.
I'll hold my enthusiasm for now.

Comment The corporate industry just stagnates music (Score 4, Insightful) 189

I wholly agree with Albini, the corporate music industry as a whole just stagnates music. The industry cherry-picks a tiny few young presenters, suit them with what is believed to be the most likely to succeed set of styles and hype their image beyond all proportion.
And in the background everything that is deemed "not popular/unlikely to succeed" is simply ignored. This how you get crap-loads of songs and music videos that are practically indistinguishable from one another.
Not too long ago music artists earns their living from live performances only, recordings changed that and allowed top performers to become very rich. Nowadays we might see things go full circle... A good artist should be able to make a living off her art, there's no law that says she's supposed to become a millionaire (and certainly not her manager).
Music has been around since humanoids could bang two sticks together and hum along, its not going to disappear -- hurting the industry is not "Destroying Music" like some would want us to believe -- Doing anything to damage the music industry in its current form will only do good for music in the long run.

Submission + - Crunch Time. How did this became the norm? (

LostMonk writes: Kotaku gaming blog tell the story of the horrible working habit which has somehow become the status quo in the video Games industry... The Crunch Time. Endless hours over weeks and nights and weekends of overtime, usually unpaid, to meet the release deadline.

And how this kind of shortsighted, ultimately self-damaging behavior has become the norm in the industry and "weekends and long hours required" is now part of the job description.

Comment Re:we want gameplay, not "imperfections in the ski (Score 2) 87

Those are NOT the people to rant about!
When you see a movie you thought was boring do you rant about the camera manufacturer?
These guys are developing a very cool technology, it’s awesome. What game designers are doing with their games’ story-telling and plot lines is a very different discussion.

Comment Disproportional view of a country (Score 2) 356

To be fair, this kind of publicity creates hugely disproportional view of a country.
I see this all the time on local news sites in Israel. Since 2012, rape case from India get a front page mention -- and absolutely no other kind of news from India! For the past 2 years the average reader, who has no business in India and knows nothing about it, is learning a single fact about a place that holds ~16% of all people -- women are getting raped there.
Will this documentary help in the long run? who can tell (not me).

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).