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Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 357

As for Jeep being a Fiat, so what?

It has completely ruined the brand for serious off-roading by going all unibody. That's fine, that's their prerogative, but the truth is that while the base vehicle is more capable off-road, they have destroyed the modification potential. Hell, it even makes sense, they're trying to sell more vehicles, not less of them. Focusing on a niche market would be stupid. Doesn't change the fact that their original core audience is going to have to go somewhere else now. They're spending their cachet.

Comment Re:The more you jazz it up (Score 1) 357

I always use the PARKING BRAKE when I exit the vehicle, even though I leave it in first gear, even on a flat surface. I don't know, but to me, that's why it is called a PARKING BRAKE. Just a little more safety.

This. People who don't do this are idiots, it's not surprising if their cars are rolling away. If someone hits your car while it's parked this can keep it from rolling away and hitting another car, for which YOU could be found at fault. That alone should be sufficient motivation to set the damned brake.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 184

Either way, excusing victims for not coming forward serves no useful purpose.

That's only true if you think that treating humans like people and not like robots is useless. Me, I tend to think that recognizing that they are people with feelings and emotions and their own internal logic which can be damaged by trauma leads to making superior decisions than being totally intolerant of anything less than perfection from others so that you can make excuses for rapists.

Comment Re:Rebecca Ackermann shows quite a bit of cleavage (Score 1) 184

Did anybody else think that in the illustration accompanying that story, Rebecca Ackermann had a pretty low neckline?

do you mean the photograph? Maybe it's just my ad blocker, but I'm not seeing any illustrations. If you mean the photograph, the answer is no. She's barely showing any boob. Build a bridge and get over it.

Comment Re:Better financial models for sourceforge? (Score 1) 247

As a wannabe user, I have frequently visited sourceforge over the years. Usually I am looking for specific software to solve some problem, and I often find it. Dead, orphaned, obsolete, fractional, or incomplete. THAT is the problem I want to solve

Okay, then GET CODING.

Wait, you want people to maintain projects forever for your convenience? I don't think you understand how this Open Source thing works. It means you get the code, not that someone is beholden to you for eternity.

Therefore I think that the sincere interest of wannabe users should be assessed BEFORE sourceforge projects get the green light.

So your goal is to reduce the amount of Open Source software available on Sourceforge? That's a stupid goal, contrary to everyone else's goals, and you should fail.

Comment Re:Now if you would just bring Fresh Meat back (Score 1) 247

What's odd is it seems completely inconsistent when I have to wait and when I can just post away. What gives?

My current theory is that it's based either on keywords or moderation. I have not made a serious attempt to figure out which. I would also very much like to know why this is. It is shit-annoying.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 247

You might be thinking of libertarians - they're more of the "do whatever the fuck you want unless you're going to hurt someone else" mentality.

ITYM "do whatever the fuck you want unless you're going to hurt someone with more money than you, who can afford to fight you in the courts"... you know, just like now? HTH, HAND.

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 357

Heal and toe under power? Is that some drifter move?

No, you don't get it. You don't have to heel and toe to keep the car stable while making a shift under power. This is useful in turns with both decreasing and increasing radius.

You can argue about weather a paddle shift dual clutch is a manual or an automatic, it's 1% of the market.

It's a growing segment, and it will continue to grow as true manuals continue to fall off.

Most slushboxes remain slushboxes. They are sitting in top gear at a red light and don't even start to downshift until you gas it and intake vacuum drops, computer controlled but still the same old.

Well, no. Nobody has been basing transmission control on vacuum in a very long time. We've been using torque estimation since the nineties.

Don't even start about engine braking through a torque converter.

Why not? It's only 10% less.

The one thing no automatic can do is anticipate the corner, even the automatics with shifters take them as 'suggestions'.

When you are shifting manually, there is no suggestion. It just does what you asked for.

Shift kits are nothing new.

Shift kits don't do what you seem to think. They just change shift characteristics, and they don't exist any more... that is, not for new designs. The new slushboxes are too complex to be operated by a simple control system. You would destroy them doing that.

Comment Re:User error (Score 1) 357

Well, I'm also 6'7" and I certainly don't fit into the old beetle. I am still working to transition from my old W126 300SD to a D2 A8. Gets about the same mileage on the freeway, and I don't drive around town much. You might consider looking at Subarus though, I used to have a GC5 Impreza and I fit very well into that. Before that I had a S13 240SX Fastback, which had massive legroom but which was a little short on headroom.

Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 357

There wasn't anything special about those older Jeeps that you mention. Yeah, they looked more rugged, but that was about it.

There was something special about older Jeeps. They were cheap to modify, and they had more flex. Leaf springs are heavy and have inferior ride, but they offer more suspension travel and they mounted them under the axles... so you could cheaply use a shackle flip kit to do a suspension lift. On the other hand, they typically didn't come with locking diffs. The modern vehicles use EBD to maintain traction while crawling at low speeds, which means they can actually traverse things that the older stock vehicles can't. On the gripping hand, who goes off-road with an old Jeep without getting at least one locker?

The problem now is just finding donors for modification, though. At this point it might actually be cheaper to buy a tube frame. There are a few tube buggy frames under 5k...

Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 357

As a result, you can't get anything to play off-road in unless you spend an additional bucket of cash in the aftermarket. Shame, but that is how the market works.

Luckily there are absolute shitloads of trucks just lying around waiting to be hopped up, and available for little to no money. You can get OBS F-Body trucks literally all day... out here in California they're even close enough to "no rust" as makes no difference. How many do you want? You're going to rip out the powertrain anyway, right?

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