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Comment For Catholics (Score 1, Interesting) 136

Black Friday was the sacred Friday before Easter, on which Jesus was crucified. That is, until big business, in an act of cultural imperialism, decided the term should be used to dignify a celebration of materialism. Strange how Time conveniently overlooks cultural imperialism when directed against certain groups, but not others.

Comment Very conveniently situated... (Score 4, Insightful) 173

From Wikipedia: "The Dagger Complex is a US military base in Darmstadt (Germany), close to Griesheim [about 20km south of Frankfurt am Main]. [...] The complex is operated by the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) on behalf of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Building 4373 within the complex houses the NSA's European Cryptologic Center (ECC), the agency's principal SIGINT processing, analysis and reporting center in Germany."

Submission + - Bright light seen from Mexico, CA, AZ. (usatoday.com) 2

Duhavid writes: A bright light was reported seen from many locations.
The consensus seems to be that it was a Trident missile submarine test launch from near Point Magu, CA.

I saw it myself, leaving a restaurant in San Diego, CA ( Mira Mesa blvd ). It did not look like what I would expect a meteor or a missile launch would look like. It held fairly steady in both height above the horizon and bearing. Color changed from orange-ish to white, then it looked like white through fog. Apparent size changed little during my viewing. How could it have been a Trident launch? It is a ballistic missile, how could there not have been significant altitude change?

Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 239

So, government would have no say in the business realm?

Picking winners and losers, I would agree, but to say government has no authority is anarchy.

And politics is not automatically about stealing people's money.
That power can be used that way, and is, but that is because our choices in any given election are dictated by wealth/power.

Politics are increasingly being used to create a divide, but not for the reasons you state.
The wealthy are the divide creators, and that in service of maintaining and advancing their wealth.
That you don't seem to see that indicates a narrow or willful view to me.
Taxation, disproportionate or otherwise
A, money should not equal speech.
B, those who make more money are the ones benefiting from our legal system. They have more to protect, use more services, etc.
        Paying more seems fair to me.
C, taking the government budget, dividing by the number of citizens and expecting each to pay that amount? really?
        Could that work? Why would you expect that? This fails on practicability as well as on fairness.

" To tax in a disproportionate manner while expecting the votes to have equal power is disingenuous"
Oligarchy/ plutarchy.
Pure and simple. Might as well go back to Warlords and Kings
Your statement amounts to "those who pay more should have more say". That is not democracy.

"Get rid of income and wealth related taxes and then you may have your equal voting, but you will not have equal individual voting power with disproportionate taxation of individuals"

Why is this so? Excepting that greed among those who have want it so, what principal makes this necessary and definite.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 239

I would venture that more are educated about the basics of our government, and that they are capable for forming opinions.
I would agree that more and better education would be very excellent, and would help.
But I have to disagree on the "who gets to yell loudest' part.
And one does not have to depend on the other.

Comment Sad (Score 0) 239

This is the first of many things that need to change.
Money needs to be out of politics. Buying office leads to plutarchy. not democracy.
For all the "what about my speech" people, you gain it not lose it.
In the current system only the wealthy have any real speech.
Yes, people vote, but there is no real voice, only selecting between awful choices presented by the powerful.

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