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Comment: Re:Could be. (Score 4, Interesting) 392 392

"[My english is better than most other people's german, so please point out mistakes politely. Thank you.]"

With the greatest of respect, I would like to point out that the word "English" in your sig should be capitalised, as should the word "German", both being derived from proper nouns. Have a great day!

Comment: Re:Deflate-gate? (Score 2) 239 239

There was a scandal locally that the fans for opposing teams were being charged a higher rate when buying tickets at the entrance . It was referred to as gategate and was a big news item for a week..

But then it transpired that there were no differences and the prices being charged and that the opposing fans had cooked up the whole thing to cause problems for the local team, so form the next week the papers were full of the gategategate.

Then a whistleblower uncovered evidence to show that there was a difference in ticket prices, but the local media was in cahoots with the local team and had acted to cover up the scandal by writing false stories about oppsing fans lying about ticket prices. Thus was born gategategategate.

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