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Comment Re:Multiple people? (Score 1) 229

Computer monitors typically have higher image quality than TVs. Regardless I do think there is some convergance. Since their release, LCD / Plasma TVs have had connectors for VGA and HDMI, allowing for a direct PC connection to a TV which wasn't near as popular in CRT days (some computers had s-video out, otherwise you'd need a special video card). As well around the same time Laptops really started surging in popularity, so even without a dedicated HTPC, or even a nearby desktop, it was easy to carry a laptop over and hook it up.

Comment Re:Lying about accepting cards (Score 1) 111

London cabs don't accept credit cards?!?!

Most black cabs already do. Addison Lee has had an app with driver tracking, credit card payments and so on for years. This is kind of massively not news.

I took a cab at one point late last year when Uber didn't work on my phone. The driver pretended his credit card reader wouldn't work in the hope of getting me to pay cash.

This is, incidentally, the kind of shit that makes people hate cabs.

I had a cabbie once that preferred to do credit card transactions via Square on his phone because it took less of a cut than the machine from the cab company. Worked better for me because I got an emailed receipt with a map of where I was for my expense claim.

Another time I took a cab and said I would pay by credit. He said "OK, let me take out the machine"

And he hauled out an imprint machine. This was in the 2010's, and not in the 1980's. Two months later it hit my credit card so I had to file another expense report from the rest of my trip.

Comment Re: Let me Guess (Score 1) 92

I probably shouldn't reply to an AC, but while I'm "remembering old news", in the case of Lenovo, on Windows, it's installing crapware out of the BIOS onto a clean install from a clean disc. The Great Grandfather of my post is talking about:

He is running a pre-installed Windows?

First thing I do is wipe any new computer clean. The OEMs can't be trusted anymore.

With the " Microsoft's Windows Platform Binary Table", a clean Windows install becomes irrelevant, OEMs can still infect you by installing binaries without your permission on a clean install. Not just certificates.

Comment Re:What 'meaning'? (Score 1) 137

How did these clowns get everyone acting like trained fucking monkeys?

It turns out that using simple psychological tricks (e.g. big savings, "can't miss" opportunity, implied scarcity, etc.) are a great way to get people to spend money.

At some point Crappy Tire frequently used "Good value" signs. They were the same colour and size as a Sale sign, but they said "Good Value" and had no indication of a discounted percent, or original price. . .

. . . Because the item was for sale at its regular price.

Once I saw someone complain because they saw the big yellow sign, grabbed all the items off the shelf assuming it was such a deep discount, and arrived home only to be dismayed when they realized it was the regular price.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 137

Why don't you just live your own life on your own terms and not be so caught up in what everyone else is doing? Because you demand people pay attention to your pseudo-intellectual nonsense. You crave that attention.

As "Black Friday" sales creep earlier and earlier into Thursday, I start thinking about the employees of these stores that might actually enjoy having Thursday, and possibly Friday off to spend time with their family.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 137

I'm generally with you there. I've been underwhelmed by the interface that a lot of smart TVs use, as well as how the platform is generally abandoned as the company releases new TVs. I can plug in a $39 Chromecast and bring "smarts" to an 8 year old Sony, or 5 year old Best Buy Dynex.

So far I've been very happy with my Chromecast. On Netflix or Youtube, the phone or Browser interface is a lot easier to look shows up on then the Smart TV interface, and it can be done while other content is playing. Localcast lets me easily play videos stored on the phone, and Videostream Chrome app, plus companion Android app make it easy to play content off the PC. The phone app will even show "recently added files", so newly downloaded torrents will show up and are easy to select.

Comment Re: Let me Guess (Score 4, Informative) 92

The FA doesn't mention anything about Ubuntu. Do you have a link?

Is it just the pre-loaded versions of Ubuntu, like the preloaded versions of Windows?

I can't speak to Ubuntu, but on Windows for Lenovo, Lenovo can install bloatware even on a clean install using Microsoft's Windows Platform Binary Table. Primarily intended for Drivers, or security software like LoJack.

Comment Re:My question is... (Score 1) 96

No need for a train for me...I'll just happily keep my car....


At normal full cruising speed the TGV goes 300 km/h (186MPH) vs. 130km/h (81MPH) on France Motorways. Assuming time between trains / busses is no more than 5-10 minutes, and the journey time took no more than 50- 100% extra time over driving, I'd be glad to take public transit everywhere (acceptable time between busses/ trains could be longer up to 1hr-2hr for intercity travel). With the exception of a road trip on a wide open sunny motorway, driving is a chore. And a car is a depreciating asset to maintain.

Unfortunately where I live now there is no public transit whatsoever.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 3, Funny) 192

Your product UI stinks. Sooner or later someone will come along with a better product and eat your lunch. Your customers hate your product because of the bad UI. The business is at extreme risk.

So find out who the competition is and get a job there.

Debatable. We use Oracle at work. It's up there with SAP in market-share, but its UI is awful. So unless that's the product the submitter works for, crappy UI doesn't prevent people from buying your ERP package.

To start with it runs in Java, so every time you go to launch it you need to accept the same Java warning (checkbox, then run). Then there's the general poor performance of Java. Some of the errors are completely non-nonsensical. Search queries that were available in the previous version are no longer available (so the same task takes 10x as long to perform). "Export to Excel" actually exports to CSV, but saved with an XLS extension, so Excel annoys you when you open it. The steps to perform any task are so non-intuitive I have a HowTo document dedicated to step by step through tasks I might only perform every few months. On some search queries when you "go-back" to the query from the results to refine the search, some of the fields have in-explicitly been cleared.

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