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Comment: Re:Let me Count the Ways (Score 1) 428

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49144935) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

Use old ms-dos era program called laplink, or other such programs. Limit to say 19200 or at best 38400, taking roughly 22-12 hours for worst-case file by file copy. dosbox on newer machine could be used.

-Use LPT port on machine, connect to cross over LPT cable on USB->LPT adapter, use laplink or other such program. dosbox or other on newmachine should do, use again laplink or other such software. May not be 100% compatible with all USB->LPT adapters.

I've yet to see a USB-LPT adapter that can be used for ANYTHING other than a printer. 2 way data over LPT plays some serious tricks, so this is a non-starter.

Instead of Laplink I use FastLynx:

It is compatible from DOS to Windows 8 64 bit (with USB-serial, or hardware LPT port)

Comment: Re:Direct connect the modems (Score 1) 428

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49144897) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

Did it all the time; going from memory...

I go for the dead simple, zip up all the files from the source

Run a phone wire between the computerers, with the terminal call one from one (IIRC you have to disable dialtone check use ATX3 then ATD555)

and on the other manual answer (ATA)

you migh have to do half duplex (local echo) on the terminals IIR this was the quickest route for no fuss local communication

once connected use the upload/download options on the terminals to start the file trnasfer

then look on it in a few hours, it will just churn away till it's finished.

It may be slow but it will complete as expected, and there is no special hardware, program or data cost.

look at the bottom of this article on my machine to machine notes -

I recommended Fastlynx and null modem cable elsewhere, as I think it's the best solution (especially speed over parralel cable), however I have done "phone line between the modems" before. No need for ATX3:

ATD on one machine
ATA on the other.

Comment: FastLynx (Score 1) 428

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49144859) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem


Get a serial null modem cable. You can use a USB-serial converter on a modern PC if you want. USB-LPT converters will not work. They are only for printers. 2 way data transfer won't work at all. Sewell sells packages with Serial and LPT null modem cables with the software.

It can run anything from DOS to Windows 8 64 bit. There's a built in function to send the server program to a DOS machine over serial (using DOS MODE and CTTY commands), without using floppy or CD.

Run the server on the DOS machine, connect on a modern Windows machine, and you can copy the whole HDD over.

Sewell even has Windows versions of Interlnk. You can mount a 2GB FAT16 disk image on your modern PC, and have it show up as a drive on your antique machine.

Comment: Re:Don't Waste Time Making films (Score 1) 687

I actually disagree. Writing things down or recording them is great, because we forget. I always thought it was a little nuts to go to events and spend them taking pictures, videos, etc. BE there, don't be the videographer. As time has gone by, though, I've come to realize if I had all those artifacts to refresh my memory over the years, I'd remember them a lot better.

I try as best I can to strike a balance. I try to focus on the experience first, and photos/videos second. I try to take quick snapshots that don't take me long, and I try to capture quick videos to capture the moment, not vlogs. It is amazing to go back through the "roll" of photos from trips gone by, one by one, and to have emotions and memories come flooding back as you relive the trip.

Honestly for all the talk of trying to preserve your entire library of 245,346 photos for great great grand children, I'm the only one that gets the flood of memories viewing them. Most people would be bored beyond a few strategic photos of my life.

Comment: Re:Long Term contact... (Score 1) 687

Depending on how she is as a person, this may or may not be something to consider...

Set up a mailserver for her and your wife. You may very well have your own domain and mail already. But just ask some friends to help to ensure this will last a long time.

This approach sounds overly complicated and very likely to result in failure (server failure, changed email address, etc).

A simpler approach would be letters in envelopes with "open on" dates. Give to her mother to release as time passes.

Comment: Re:List of folks with permanent rights of way (Score 1) 289

What are you saying? Please elaborate.

Some bicyclists are good, have proper lane discipline, signal, obay lights / signs, others don't. Some of the worst cyclists I have ever seen:

-At a signalized crosswalk on a 6 lane road. All four lanes came to a stop for the pedestrian who had activated the overhead flashing lights (eg: it was obvious all traffic had stopped for a pedestrian). I was in the curb lane on the ped's destination side of the road. She was in front of my car and I happened to notice in my right mirror Lance Armstrong coming up the gutter at full speed, oblivious to the overhead flashing lights, and lineup of stopped cars. I sounded the horn, which startled the pedestrian, but cause her to stop and not step in front of the bike. I should have had the passenger deploy their door.

-One 3 way stop I used to go through a lot. Curb lane was RIGHT TURN ONLY, inside lane was straight lane. Bicycles would continuously run the stop sign going straight in the gutter of the curb lane. WTF? How can bicycles complain about being hooked if they pass turning traffic in a turn only lane that all have their signals on? The vehicles don't expect someone to be passing illegally like this. If they want to pass going straight, they should split the lanes. Bikes talk about "taking the lane". I started "taking the gutter" at this and other intersections. Driving as close to the curb as possible to prevent bikes from trying to pass when I'm trying to turn right.

-Amsterdam, land of the bicycle, at a major intersection pedestrians had a green light. A big sea of pedestrians were crossing the road, when suddenly perpendicular to the pedestrians a bike was going against the signal, ringing his bell "DING DING DING DING" plowing through pedestrians that had the right of way.

To me, carefully crossing against a signal (slow, look, proceed), and driving on the sidewalk aren't as bad as this. Unfortunately there's a lot of bad apples that give the few good bicyclists a bad name. I will respect bicyclists if they respect other people.

Comment: Re: Take your space (Score 1) 289

So a dedicated GPS unit is ok (I mean shit, they actually sell them as standalone devices intended to be used while driving,) but using my phone for the same purpose is not?

Fuck you. With a red hot iron poker in the ass.

Generally "Cellphone use while driving laws" will specify that devices like GPS (and a phone used as a GPS) must be in a mount. This reduces the fumbling to hold it, and can put the device in your line of sight, so a quick glance over to see the distance to turn, is a lot quicker than looking down at your lap. Further, in some cases for the laws, or at least in recommendations / manuals, you're only supposed to program your destination or otherwise configure the device, while the vehicle is stationary.

Comment: Re:Take your space (Score 3, Interesting) 289

Except that in cities we have this concept of "keep right* except when passing." There is room for travel in both directions. If there isn't room, the obstruction is on one person's side, or the other person's side. The person on the side of the obstruction is expected to wait. Some people, mostly youngsters, haven't figured this out. But it is actually somewhat rare. Most of the people will sort themselves to the correct lane if you force them to. You're not in "their" way if you're on the right side of the sidewalk.

* Some locations use a different side than this.

Some people find this keep right except to pass on a sidewalk a strange concept... I think it's even in our motor vehicle act. Even on a sparsely populated suburban sidewalk I keep to the right edge so if a runner or a faster walker comes up behind me, I'm predictable and they can pass with ease. It irritates me to see slow walkers erratically walking all over the sidewalk making it difficult to pass.

Sometimes people will walk two abreast, which is fine, but if you saw an oncoming walker you think you'd go single file. A surprising number of people (not just youngsters) fail to do this. I don't bowl them down, but I just keep walking till I'm a step from them, stop, then let them negotiate the fact that they can't just walk straight.

Comment: Re:Why so long? (Score 1) 448

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49092703) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

In Canada, we've been Chip & Pin for at least 5 years ago. I was actually surprised when I was down in the states and had to grab some socks from Walmart. When I swiped my card (which I'm used to in the states) instead it had me insert it and do the usual chip & pin.

The contactless is for small, quick transactions. Buying coffee, a pack of gum, whatever. While Chip & Pin is more secure, it's also significantly slower. So, to move a lot of people through the line quickly, they do the paypass thing. When you have the lunch rush at Timmies, you need to move people quickly. ;)

I'm Canadian and found the same thing when I went to Walmart in the US in June. In one case I used a self checkout and was instructed to insert the card after swiping. In the second case it was through a regular cash, I swiped the card, then the cashier walked all the way around, grabbed the card and inserted it, instead of saying "please insert your card". Now when traveling in the US I default to inserting my chip at Walmart.

In Canada the Walmart POS machines say "Swipe or insert card". In the US it just said "Swipe card", so there was no reason to believe it was actually chip enabled.

Travel tip to the US: If you're at a pay at the pump in the US, and it asks for your ZIP code, do the following: Take the 3 numbers from your postal code, add 2 zeros: A2B 3C4 becomes: 23400

Comment: Re:Microsoft would be onto a winner if... (Score 1) 378

by LinuxIsGarbage (#48910797) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

To entertain everyone with the ever popular car analogies, a car has a steering wheel, two or three pedals and a dashboard with a more or less common way to display what you want. The designs changed over time, but that's fairly constant. Why? Because it's been tried and proven as useful and intuitive, and people all over the globe know how to deal with this. It works. It works great. You don't see car manufacturers try to come up with, I don't know, a HOTAS setup for cars. . .

No. You do see them doing that. HVAC gets frigged up at a moment's notice. In my opinion, the ideal car HVAC control is three knobs, and three buttons: Fan, Hot/cold mixer (not thermostat), vent direction (face, floor, defrost); A/C, Rear defrost, recirc. Very simple to operate. Crank everything full clockwise for max defrost power.

On my circa 2010 Ford they removed the third knob (vent direction) and replaced it with a wall of buttons. So it isn't immediately intuitive by feel if it's on defrost, or floor. If you press the button twice it will go back to what it was before. What value does any of this functionality give?

"Automatic climate control" has been around for a while. I find it doesn't balance fan vs. temperature the same way I would. Sometimes in very humid weather I want max CFM of temperate air. I have to override the "automatic" system, defeating the purpose.

Now there's completely non-tactile, touch screen HVAC systems where you have to compete with the radio to control HVAC. This isn't just high end luxury, but moderately priced mid sized sedans. More and more in these configurations I notice there's a one hard-key shortcut to max A/C, and max defrost (crucial if your window starts fogging or icing over while driving), so they admit they are needlessly complex to operate while moving.

And the old standby: The cable operated parking / emergency brake has given way to an electronic switch. And in most cars I've had, when the power locks are hit, there's still a manual switch that can be operated. That seems gone now too.

Comment: Re:Terrible names (Score 1) 378

by LinuxIsGarbage (#48910557) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

The choice of name of the Start button was poor, but the idea that a single button on one corner of the screen would give the user access to nearly every kind of function on the computer was not a bad one. Apple did it with the Apple menu. When the Start Menu was created, Microsoft's Windows Logo was not obviously a window, it was so stylized, so simply putting the icon by itself on the button wouldn't have helped those doing tech support explain to users how to get to that menu.

This was actually a problem in Office 2007. There was an Office logo "orb" that many users thought was a decoration. It was replaced with "File" menu / ribbon tab in Office 2010.

Comment: Re:Only for the first year (Score 1) 570

by LinuxIsGarbage (#48871157) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade

Reading that blog in more detail, I think I understand what they are doing. "Supported lifetime of the device" *probably* means that the license will be tied to the hardware and will not be transferable. Perhaps they will generally make licenses super-cheap, but not transferable? Or perhaps they will go subscription-only on new devices.

"IT'S A TRAP!" may be appropriate here. We will find out for sure soon enough.

"super-cheap but not transferable" is something they've been doing for a long time with OEM licenses.

fortune: cpu time/usefulness ratio too high -- core dumped.