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Comment: Re:OK, but seriously... (Score 1) 91

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49734193) Attached to: Tweets To Appear In Google Search Results

-twitter -tweet

Even if i think that it is seriously problematic to include "twitter/tweets" in searches, i understand that more sources available to search is usually not a bad thing; BUT i have serious problems with excluding terms in Google, i.e., this "-" thing does not always work (i can even claim that "often does not work") - and it (as the other logic operators) used to work always for me in the pre-Google era...

Actually this is my major criticism for Google: i want my logic operators back.

Another Slashdot user pointed this out to me:

On your search results, go Search tools->All Results->Verbatim.

I like the search engine "StartPage" (Google results minus the tracking) but browsers seem to be getting broken as far as adding custom search engines.

Comment: Re:You're dying off (Score 2) 284

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49721687) Attached to: The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry

When I first clicked the link I was expecting an article about how Electric cars (Like Tesla), or Self driving cars (Like Google) were going to be disruptive to the industry.

The Infotainment system?

Good grief.

Maybe I'm wrong, and while I admit a lot of shoppers are shallow, I think basic practicality places much higher than the infotainment system. Aux-in / Bluetooth pairing are essential (or highly desirable), but after that most people really don't care about the entertainment system. People are more interested in: Price, Fuel Economy, Reliability, Safety, handling, availability of repair network. A PC, you can setup a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and you can't tell and wouldn't care what brand PC they were attached to. There's a lot more reasons to buy a car, and a lot more difference between brands and models.

And as it is a phone has a "life" of 2-3 years. Though owners with high disposable income may change to the new shiny car in 2-3 years, on average 10 year old cars are very common. At that point is the version of Android Dash even relevant any more? As it is, the stereo in many old cars with only get a second life because a cassette/aux in adapter can be used. That's two complete generations of in-car entertainment out of date (CD player, and then the current USB/Bluetooth paired phone). There's even new cars shipping that stopped shipping with CD players.

Comment: Re:I'd like to see the environmental nightmare die (Score 2) 369

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49643407) Attached to: Keurig Stock Drops, Says It Was Wrong About DRM Coffee Pods

Personally I'd like to see the environmental nightmare of the Keurig and Tassimo curl up and die.

I own a keurig and a half dozen reusable pods that I throw in the dishwasher. I actually waste less coffee, coffee filters, etc.. now that I own a keurig and I like that I can make a single cup of coffee in the morning without any waste. I used the 20 pods that came free with my keurig but I haven't bought any since. I don't understand why people continue to buy those overpriced pieces of plastic when the same exact coffee is a fraction of the cost. Are people really that lazy that they can't spend 3 seconds dumping the old grounds in the trash?

I only have one reusable pod, but I find it works just dandy at work. I have a french press at home, but at work I don't have the resources to clean out a french press, and a standard coffee maker usually results in the coffee burning away all day, and no one cleaning out the machine. Single serve coffee works great in this situation.

But why would I pay $0.50-$1.00 per cup of disposable Keurig, when I can pay $2 for a reusable pod, and $8 for a kg of ground coffee

Comment: Re:Yet another Office 2016? (Score 1) 130

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49615879) Attached to: Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released

Hmm, I have already been using Office 2016 for a few weeks.

That's Softmaker Office 2016 ( however, which to me is like an updated Microsoft Office 2003. I don't want to start a flamewar but I hate ribbons. Softmaker gives me regular menus and toolbars and is exceedingly compatible with the Microsoft Office files.

I've found, since as far back as Softmaker 2008, that Softmaker makes a much more stable, higher performance "Office Clone" than Open/Libre Office or anyone else.

Softmaker even makes their previous version Free to use (for personal or business use):

Comment: Re:Why were IT professionals the beta? (Score 1) 130

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49615839) Attached to: Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released

Wouldn't it make more sense to have users be the testers? The ones who use the products all freakin' day long? What do IT people know about how the product is used by the masses?

Oh wait. Microsoft. They don't care what the consumers really want. They want to look cool. Double fail.

Because IT professionals are typically geeks that will mess with betas and put up with crashes and stuff. They would want betas to pass such higher level stability testing before giving it to users.

Comment: Re:Windows 7 eol (Score 1) 130

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49615815) Attached to: Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released

No, it's apparently compatible with Windows 7 or later. Remember, Office is targeted at business, and most businesses are still using Windows 7, and will be for a considerable time to come.

Indeed. As a datapoint from the past, XP mainstream support ended April 14, 2009. Office 2010 was released June 15, 2010 and still supported Windows XP. XP was so wildly popular in businesses at the time, it would be stupid to not support XP on Office 2010.

Comment: Re:Moar Cloud (Score 4, Interesting) 130

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49615755) Attached to: Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released

I like Office 2010. I actually like Ribbon, once getting over the learning curve. I've used some third party companies that implement Ribbon (eg: AutoCAD) that I found terrible.

In addition, I love how Excel 2007+ handles filters. Much easier to import data, and easily filter columns.

For me I haven't upgraded past Office 2010 for two reasons:
1) We use 2010 at work, so home-work consistency is a consideration
2) Microsoft is pushing subscription based 365 so hard, they limit some features in 2013, but not 365.

Comment: Re:Why slashdot videos are shit (Score 1) 25

This kid here just gives me the impression of a tool/brat/hipster and makes me annoyed before I even watch the video.

I was more distracted by the person on the left with the hipster haircut flipping their hair around, looking out the window, looking at the camera, etc. Then the guy that came in with the French press, started untangling his headphones, twirled around in his chair, poured coffee out of the french press.

HEAD CRASH!! FILES LOST!! Details at 11.