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Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 256

Did you know that car makers push out a new version, only slightly different, annually? Companies who make golf clubs, also push out new versions at least annually. And companies who make TVs, they also do this.

For most models, the car is essentially identical for about 5 years before the platform is completely re-engineered. Usually it's just minor aesthetics, or features, and bug patches in the interim. And the car is usually fully supported for at least 10 years.

On the golf clubs, as a non-golfer (only golfed 4 times in my life) I find this hilarious. The 2015 models will be outrageously expensive compared to the 2014 models. As if golf club technology actually changed that much in a year, especially for someone non-pro. It's not even like a car where it will deteriorate just sitting there. And usually the golfers will go on about how great the weight of the club is, talk about non-nonsensical technique tips, and basically be not much better than I am with the crappy 20 year old rental clubs at the course.

On TV's, they are so generic I'm surprised they put any effort into minor model revisions.

Comment Re:Excel is a bit like SAP (Score 2) 119

Excel did the job just fine until the ribbon UI came and MS decided that all those useless icons are more worth than the cells in spreadsheet. And since the file-menu started opening the full-screen crap, it was time for me to move on to alternatives which actually are now better than the Excel itself. After ms-office started using only two shades of grey as its UI, many are really forced to move the alternatives, as the UI is really too uncomfortable to use for a day.

The ribbon in 2007/2010 occupies the same amount of space as the default toolbars in 2003. 2013 does increase the size a bit. However Double-click the tab names, or press Ctrl+F1 and they will collapse down.

I do think once getting over the initial learning curve, the ribbon is more intuitive than menus/toolbars.

Comment Re:Good but... (Score 1) 39

The real question is would they make this available to regular 8.1 users who aren't entirely comfortable about jumping to Windows 10 right now?

Doubt it. Since they essentially abandoned RT users (no Windows 10), they are giving all 3 of them this as a consolation prize. If you haven't noticed by the update icon / nags, they really want Windows 7/8.1 users to upgrade to 10 so they can say "look at how many users are running 10! Fastest adopted OS in history!"

Classic shell can give Windows 8.1 a usable start menu.

Comment Re:"supporting roles"? How condescending. (Score 2) 266

I'm always surprised by sales. I know in theory a company can't make any money without sales and marketing to provide customers, but as a supplier and customer, most of the salesguys I meet are idiots.

As a supplier, I was on new hire training with a few sales guys from our company, and I was amazed at how clueless they were about our products. I don't even work hands on with finished products and I know more than them.

As a customer, when I reach out to a supplier for help at work I find:
-Their "outside sales" guy is basically a fucking idiot. No clue about their product line, doesn't even wine and dine me. I don't even know why his position exists.
-Their "Inside sales" guy is good if all I want is to give him exact manufacturer part numbers to quote, so that I can get a PO issued. He creates quotes, but also has no product knowledge.
-Their "Product Specialists" generally have less of an idea than I do. It's pretty bad when you reach out to a "specialist" with questions and they know less than you. They also have no idea what it's like in the real world. No we're not going to spend $500,000 to replace a 5 year old piece of equipment with the "new and shiny" just because it's "new and shiny" with no functional differences.

Comment Re:Option #3 (Score 1) 508

The largest surface area of attack on Windows (and any OS) for a while has been through the web browser, not the base OS itself. While the OS isn't receiving updates:
-Chrome is still updating and supporting XP till the end of the year
-Firefox is continuing to support XP, I see no mention of a EOL for it
-Adobe Flash is supporting XP (I hate Flash, but it's a major source of in the wild exploits)
-For PDF I don't care what Adobe supports since it's a major source of in the Wild exploits, but PDF-Xchange viewer supports XP, and Sumatra PDF works if you want bare bones PDF capabilities.
-Java is not supported, but thankfully not normally a critical must-have so it can generally be ignored.
-Ad blockers will avoid a lot of malicious malware distributed through legitimate ad networks, as well as confusing ads on download sites that mislead users to download malicious software
-MSE dropped XP, but I know Symantec at work still supports XP clients. AVG free still supports XP
-Though not "legal" a simple registry edit will allow XP PCs to continue to get updates intended for XP embedded POS Ready systems until 2019.

I'm not encouraging anyone to run XP, just really on really crappy computers that can't run anything newer.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

With the chromecast, you have to count the power use of the device to control it too.

A cellphone uses what? 2 Watts while active? Once you make you selection in Netflix, you can actually power down your phone as the Chromecast is talking direct to Netflix servers at that point.

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

Windows update wouldn't find any driver, which is why I manually loaded Windows 2000 drivers for the video card. The card is so old and hopeless that MS update assumed no one would use it in Windows 7.

One feature that XPDM video drivers has that WDDM drivers does not, is the ability to do fullscreen console windows. So XPDM drivers, loaded in Vista or 7 allow full screen console windows, while not allowing Aero. The same graphics card, if loaded with WDDM drivers, allow Aero, but not full screen console.

Comment Re:Apple TV = xbox? (Score 1) 508

The average US power rate is 12.22 cents/kWh. There are an average of 730 hours in a month, so an average cost of $89.21/kWMonth

$5/mth is 0.056kW, or 56 Watts. That means the console is using an average of 56 watts over the month. This chart suggests an average of 80W between PS4 and XB1 when streaming 1080, and negligible when idle. That means the console is being used 17 hours per day, the console is faulty, or the poster is lying (or excluding the TV / stereo power usage).

I'm surprised these devices use so much power. I'm pretty sure my Chromecast uses less than 5W while streaming Netflix.

Comment Re:ipad pro (Score 1) 508

For me personally, XCode doesn't make a whole lot of sense on a touch screen device with limited screen real-estate. I'd prefer to use a Macbook.

I'll grant you the touchscreen part (though they are offering an overpriced keyboard lid), but not the "limited screen real-estate". They are offering a 12.9" screen. Macbooks have long been offered in a 13.3" size. The iPad will be in a 2732×2048 resolution. I've considered the 11.6" / 12" range to be the minimum for a laptop that could be usable as a real computer (as compared to 10" netbooks). Those 12" laptops would frequently have 1366x768 resolutions. 13"-14" computers are easily usable full time. The iPad Pro's screen is obviously not a limitation. The oversized cellphone apps on it may get in the way, but not the screen.

Comment Re:Option #3 (Score 1) 508

Ahh the good old "Linux is so great it breathes new life into old computers" circle jerk. For the better part of 5+ years I've found running Windows XP to be the best way to get a halfways sensible environment on really old junk (PIII with 256-512MB RAM and the like). Linux bloats up with wobbly windows and the like. Then 6 months later you're left with an old obsolete OS, and have to upgrade to the latest version of oooooobuntu Horny Hardon to get systemd, unity, and the latest attempt at pulse audio or whatever re-implementing a basic audio API, and completely broken Wifi drivers.

While I shy away from Windows XP, on anything less than 1GB of RAM I'd say it's the best bet, though no matter what OS or browser, the internet will be pretty desperate, since all web coders code everything in CPU hogging Javascript garbage.

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