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Comment: Re:Maybe this is just my perspective as an outside (Score 1) 121

I've found it also good for real time updates. For example during recent snow storms, following the city and department of transport Twitter gives some insight into the status of the city. And they use it for two-way communication as well.

Other situations I've used it is twice watching parades when there was a huge gap in the middle. Jump on twitter and there's reports of why the parade stopped (medical emergency).

I've also used it when following a manhunt that had a city on lockdown. Closest to second by second updates. First there were reports from people listening to police scanner that the suspect was apprehended, and finally the police twitter confirmed. Long before any online news articles.

Comment: Re: Cher gouvernement (Score 1) 236

Please rewrite your comment so the French part is conspicuously larger.

Huh? What french part? Or are you asking me to rewrite my post in french?

Presumably AC is making fun of the stupid language laws. Of which this law is another stupid law along the same lines.

Comment: Re:How About (Score 1) 224

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49308961) Attached to: Chevy Malibu 'Teen Driver' Tech Will Snitch If You Speed

I assume you mean "North America" when you use, "NA".

There are areas in Texas you can currently move a vehicle faster than 130 kilometres per hour legally:

Also, during a certain period, Montana didn't have speed limits:

If by areas you mean a single 41 mile section with an 85MPH limit on the whole continent (per your first link). And historical speed limits are irrelevant.

Comment: Re:Yeah because you know... (Score 1) 224

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49306065) Attached to: Chevy Malibu 'Teen Driver' Tech Will Snitch If You Speed

Not just A brand new car, but it has to be a NICE brand new car. Mustang, Camaro, BMW, etc.

A brand new Toyota Corolla? As IF! Mom, why do you hate me?

Living outside of California, I was thrilled to be granted access to the family vehicle (and would be thrilled whether it was a minivan, or a Kia Rio), later I was thrilled to have to opportunity to inherit it for my exclusive use (as it reached the shitbox phase in life).

Comment: Re:How About (Score 3, Informative) 224

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49305991) Attached to: Chevy Malibu 'Teen Driver' Tech Will Snitch If You Speed

Not letting your shithead teens on the fucking road in the first place?

Not letting them on the road seems a little extreme but do they have to have a brand new car? What happened to having a beater to putt around in for the first few years?

Ford Mykey has been around since MY 2010 or so. Limits radio volume, won't allow radio to play if seatbelts not fastened, speed limit at 130km/h (highest speed limit in NA), and speed reminder settable at a lower speed. The telemetry function is new.

As far as driving new cars... eventually these cars will end up being used cars, and as well in many cases they may be sharing the family car.

Comment: Re:They'd be shooting themselves in the foot (Score 1) 193

And lifetime licenses expire. I have an XP license I "stole" from an old computer being thrown away. It wasn't OEM, but was a full license. I tried activating it with MS for a new install, and the activation failed. I called MS and they said that the license was not valid. And when they expire them, there's no discussion. It's just dead. Forever. And no, it wasn't from a licensing contract or such that expires. It was a full-retail purchase, expired by MS, for reasons unknown.

One reason why I'll buy licenses (to support the product, like $40 upgrades to Win 7 Pro), but then install the pirated copy. Never have to worry about shit like that. Kind of like how Pirated movies don't have previews and unskippable content like DVDs you buy.

Comment: Re:They'd be shooting themselves in the foot (Score 2) 193

It will be interesting to see if upgrading a OEM-SLP Windows Loadered Windows 7 maintains full "genuine" status on an upgrade to Windows 10.

If so, it's going to be a pirate free-for-all on Windows 10, just like Windows 7

When Windows 8 was released there was a free upgrade for Windows Pro users to Windows 8 Pro Pack. You could install Windows 8 Pro, activate against KMS, then upgrade to Pro Pack. It would then be permanently activated. Microsoft caught on and stopped letting new KMS clients upgrade to Propack.

Comment: Re:They'd be shooting themselves in the foot (Score 5, Informative) 193

Disallowing security updates to run on non-genuine copies of Windows is not exactly in Microsoft's best interest.

After push back YEARS ago, Microsoft allowed security updates for non-genuine users. No "feature feature improvement" type downloads though.

Interestingly, with Windows 7 at least, OEM-SLP loader method of "piracy" has remained bullet-proof. In the past 5 years it's been in use, it has always reported genuine, no altering MS binaries, and MS can't tell the difference between you and someone that bought their HP PC at Best buy.

So far with Win 8.x phony KMS servers has made it indistinguishable from a computer activating on a company's LAN.

XP you could just harvest VL keys from university and workplaces attended.

There are clean ways to "pirate" any MS OS, starting with a clean genuine install ISO, yet people end up with junky malware filled garbage.

In any case even if you get a free upgrade on this "genuine" pirated copy, I would expect to remain genuine, but not be able to call in for tech support, etc.

Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 239

Google is making money from him flying his drone...

From TFA:

Hanes told me that his videos are technically "monetized" on YouTube but that he has never received a payment from Google and the revenue he's technically earned from Google’s ads is less than a dollar.

He may not have received money, but he enabled ads on his videos with the hopes of earning money from his videos.

His videos are posted for commercial purposes (earning HIM money), so his flying is commercial purposes. On Youtube they are somewhat lenient if you post videos with copywritten material if they are ad free. If you post copy-written music / TV shows etc with ads enabled they can and will shut you down. In that case you are hoping to earn money from someone else's copy written material, instead of a potentially fair use situation. This really isn't any different.

Comment: Re:50-100 years? (Score 1) 169

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49246691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Video Storage For Time Capsule?

yes, but that need to be plugged into amp with "inverse RIAA curve", ie base boost and treble cut to match vinyl's properties, and boosted from the hundredth of a volt to the 1 volt or more a PC or your TV might need to function

. . . or not.

Here's a $51 sale price (regular $80) Turntable at Bestbuy with built in speakers, a headphone jack, RCA out (line level not phono) and USB connection:

You can buy if from Amazon too:

I assume it's a mediocre player, with even crappier speakers, but you can buy it, put an LP on it, and play it through the built in speakers, without any scanning software, and without a specially inverse RIAA curve Preamp, or any other hardware.

Records have a bit of a resurgence as being hipster, as well as people still having lots of old records they want to listen to (or convert to PC)

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