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Comment: Re:What were they thinking? (Score 1) 173 173

by LinuxIsGarbage (#50009027) Attached to: Disney Bans Selfie Sticks

What brand of DVD player do you have that crashes at all, let alone blue screens?

I'm guessing this might be a "Whoosh" moment, and the GP was referring to (CRT) TVs, VCRs, and (some?) DVD players that will show a solid blue screen when there's no signal. This obviously varies by brand.

Comment: Re:This will do WONDERS for Yahoo's image! (Score 1) 327 327

Both should be a criminal offence - If I install an application (e.g. Java), then it should do what it needs to do to make that application work, not mess around with *my* environment unnecessarily.

Especially if it's an update. If it's an update it should respect the user's preferences, not try to trick them again.

Comment: Re: This will do WONDERS for Yahoo's image! (Score 1) 327 327

If all anti-virus softwares started to list any installer with an "Opt-Out" procedure as "Potentially Unwanted Program Installer" it would put an end to the habit of pushing shit down the throat of users.

The problem is not so much people competent with tech as people that don't know left from right on computers and just clicks "Ok". They suffer from all that crap like a new browser installed as well as changed homepages and search providers and then they scream that they don't understand their computer.

ImgBurn started including OpenCandy Adware in their installer. I didn't notice until Symantec at work flagged the Installer. I didn't notice it at home because I install it using Ninite (which means I don't have to opt out), and I didn't notice at install time at work because it couldn't get an internet connection through the proxy during install-time, so the OpenCandy Opt-out page never showed up in the installer.

Comment: Re:This will do WONDERS for Yahoo's image! (Score 1) 327 327

How exactly is this an OS issue? This is an apps issue.

Agree, unfortunately it's getting worse. And this isn't a new thing for Java. Ask Toolbar, and other shovelware has been included before. At least a browser search engine change is fairly benign. Flash keeps trying to install a junk McAfee security scan (that can conflict with AV software)when doing updates. uTorrent (the once mighty Torrent Client), tries to install Conduit browser hijacker. Even ImgBurn, the once great CD/DVD burning tool now has OpenCandy Adware junk bundled. used to be a safe place I could direct people to download software. Now it tries to install junkware. SourceForge tried to bundle adware with people's open source projects.

For now at least Ninite is a safe place to get a lot of essential software without opting out of installers. Another trick that works is a lot of Adware won't try to install if there isn't an active internet connection.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 288 288

Bear in mind that, for most computer users, options they have to dig to find are effectively not there. They're not going to interrupt setting up their shiny new computer to dig up writable DVDs and wait to make the restore disks.

I agree with you, and I don't agree with the process of NOT including restore discs, however someone on a tech site should know that they need to be made.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 288 288

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49981825) Attached to: Samsung Cripples Windows Update To Prevent Incompatible Drivers

Well, you screwed up. Windows 2003 is based on XP-64. You should've looked for XP-64 drivers and they would have installed just fine.

There's two problems with that:

1) There sure as hell is a 32-bit version of Windows 2003, and these were definitely 32-bit machines
2) The drivers simply did not exist. Dell had never made them for Windows 2003

Not only is there a 32 bit version of Server 2003, but XP-64 is actually Server 2003-64. XP64 is (/ was) maintained at the service pack level of 2k3, and 2k3-64 is probably more popular than XP64 which very much was a niche OS.

In any case, XP-32 bit drivers (if you can get them) should work in server 2003 given that Server 2003 is newer than XP. To get Intel i815 video chipsets working in Windows 7, and other antique hardware in a PIII I've had to grab drivers from Windows 2000.

In your case I've seen ways of extracting drivers from a running installation to get it to work on a new install. In my experience the bare minimum is: Storage drivers (if it can't run in IDE compatibility mode, it won't boot), and network drivers (to get online to Windows update. You may be able to use a USB NIC if you have drivers)

Comment: Re:104Mb (Score 1) 85 85

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49981645) Attached to: Microsoft Brings Office To Android Smartphones For Free

I would like to point out Windows 8.1 can run on a 16 GB partition with 1 GB of ram. Further, MS has historically always pushed hardware.

What intel giveth, Microsoft taketh away

The requirements have been the same from Vista- Windows 8.1. Hardware with those specs will run reasonably the same from Vista (SP2) through to Windows 8.1.

I found it isn't Microsoft that taketh, as much as: Symantec, McAfee, Adobe, Firefox, and Google (Chrome).

Further on Firefox and Chrome is web developers and websites takething more. On a 9 year old Windows PC that used to function very well, replacing nothing but the web browser, and plugins (like Flash) it is almost unusable on many websites. This isn't Microsoft's problem.

Comment: Re:Medical testing devices worth tens of billions (Score 2) 189 189

WSUSOffline will do what you want:

You need an old version (9.2.1) to get XP support. Basically pick what updates you want, then it will download it, and build it in a form that basically you can double click the installer and it will run the updates.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 0) 283 283

Moving the comments count to the upper right and making it almost imperceptible.

Putting a share < in its place, with manky mouseover links to some networks.

And worse, getting rid of the rounded corner on the upper left of stories on the main page.

Thanks, Slashdot.


Why do people think we want to share everything? I'm annoyed at Youtube for making the description disappear, and replacing it with social networking share links when the video finishes.

Comment: Re:Bank admits error? (Score 1) 96 96

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49932845) Attached to: Bank's IT Failure Loses 600,000 Payments

On May 31, 2004 Royal Bank Canada (unrelated) had a similar massive failure of a software upgrade. As a result none of their customers had transactions processed, and it took almost a week to fix and clear the backlog. Not only did this impact individuals banking with RBC, but if an employer's payroll was through RBC, none of their employees got paid. Mortgage payments, car payments and other bill payments were bouncing all over the place.

As far as where people bank, I'm surprised how many people willingly pay $5,$15, or $25 per month at a bank that they're only at because their parents set up a kids account there years ago. We have two free "virtual" banks in Canada: PC Financial, and Tangerine (formally ING) that are tangentially associated with a real bank (and you have free access to their ATM network): CIBC, and ScotiaBank respectively. They both have unlimited free debit, ATM(at their ATMs), online bill pay, etc. PCF even has unlimited free cheques.

Comment: Re:Split The Userbase?! (Score 1) 50 50

by LinuxIsGarbage (#49903957) Attached to: Google Announces YouTube Gaming

I've said it before and here it is again. Within a decade, perhaps within the next 5 years, some bright young web designers will "discover" new methods of making websites that will turn out to be almost identical to the usable, intuitive, and inviting websites we had in 2008. I'm talking side navigation panes, site maps, links with actual words on them, legible text and fonts, content borders, actual fucking dense, readable, clear content instead of a 2+MB page that take 5 seconds to fade in a single login screen. In short people will discover how to make a motherfucking website again.

I'll be glad when that happens. Webpages are getting slow and slower with more JavaScript crap that doesn't gain anything (fine if it's an interactive Office App, but just a blog post?) It's causing me to have to retire computers simply because surfing the web is too slow. The requirements of a web page are normally pretty simple: Show text, show pictures, show links, and in select cases show videos.

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