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Comment Re:Ethics? (Score 1) 190 190

I put a trap in my ceiling space to conquer a rat invasion. The first strike was within hours, but the next one I never heard and a few days later when I got up there to check it, there was a scattering of chewed bone pieces around the trap, none larger than a centimetre, and not a trace of anything else, not even fur.
So where is their ethics cut-off, and how to we measure ours against theirs?

Still, I would rather NOT be part of a project which uses coercion (torture?) such as depriving a bunch of rats of water until they do what I want.

Comment Re:Floating (Score 1) 765 765

If you are happy using Windows, my guess is you probably wouldn't have even noticed the change-over in Debian.
Did you even try it? Did you have some amazingly complicated problem that made your computer unusable? Did the sun stop rising in the morning?

Nothing is any different for me using Debian with systemd. If you don't have the need to tweak start/stop scripts or mess with default configurations then you most certainly won't have any issues. Isn't that the primary reason people used to praise Ubuntu? Installing and using it without having to edit text files, seems to be one of the good points people talked about.

The only serious complaint I have read by anti-systemd folks appears to be those responsible for setup and maintenance of complex servers or non-standard hardware combinations, where they rely on a lot of custom coded config files. The rest just seem to be parroting nonsense and hate without any proof that they have even experienced an actual bad problem from using it.

Comment Re:Piracy. (Score 1) 207 207

3d printer filament costs $20/pound. That's more then junkyard price for any plastic interior part. Yes they will ship, but that will cost more.

Granting the junkyard part will be old and brittle. Almost as brittle as the 3d printed part.

My car is a 24 year old Fairlady. The majority of these have been wrecked and/or dismantled, and altho there are some replacement parts available from both the original manufacturer and 3rd-party aftermarket parts manufacturers (mostly on the other side of the world from me) the used parts supply in my country is a dwindling resource. The wreckers here know that and pump up their prices to somewhere just a little below the cost of getting the part shipped here.

The cost of printer filament is probably still a lot lower, and also the time and effort put into this is a labour of love, rather than an attempt to sell for profit.

Comment Re:Like hearing grandpa talk about WWII (Score 2) 393 393

Its a while since I had to use one of them, but I recall some odd driver requirements.

It would be interesting if you had also posted your experience of trying to install Windows 7 or 8 from a generic Windows install disc, and not the modified version provided with the Optiplex.

Comment Have you tried some live linux images? (Score 4, Insightful) 210 210

Are you able to boot from a USB stick? I found this tool quite useful for trying out a variety of live-linux iso's on a usb drive:

It provides some useful links to download what is needed to try out a whole bunch of different distros. You can also stack a number of different distros on the same usb drive and choose which one to boot from at startup.

Personally I have been using Debian for quite a few years now, gave ubuntu a brief try but wasn't too happy with it.
I have installed Mint on virtual recently and it really does look as good as people here have stated. Mint would be my final recommendation too.

Comment Re:Is Yahoo! still a thing? (Score 1) 222 222

I would like to have a good Yahoo mail app on my android, but when I tried their app it had a lot more than just mail and I couldn't find any way to turn off all the crap I didn't want. I already know how to read news and search the web, why the fuck would I want my Yahoo email viewer bloated up with all that as well?
Uninstalled the app pretty quickly after trying it.

Comment Re:Wasting money (Score 1) 117 117

Perhaps he shouldn't have spent $3M trying to corrupt the government with his failed political party.
It all worked out in the end, the incumbent party he was trying to take down gathered even more votes that the previous election.

We don't all carry a NZ flag to wave around in a patriotic frenzy, and most of us can't remember more than the first 6 words of the national anthem, but dammit he shouldn't have attacked our Prime Minister, thats our job.

If the paperwork had been properly prepared and everybody had sought the appropriate legal advice in the first place, he woulda been pushed into a plane when they first stormed his rent-a-manor instead of being left to waste taxpayers money here in Auckland, not to mention the man hours wasted by our legal system etc. Personally I think he should just head over to the US to prove his innocence in their courts, then *if* he makes it back, he can re-assess how well NZers accept him as the people's hero, and not a moment before that.

Comment Re:in favor of "space suits" (Score 1) 372 372

By the way, a hard hat does not protect against an I-beam that weighs several tons. If a cable breaks and the beam drops on your head, that plastic cap isn't going to save your life.

Yes, but you sure as hell won't be worrying about ebola after that.

Comment Re:Why not just swim? (Score 1) 44 44

With all the extra mass of the ship, is this really more efficient than just strapping on some flippers?

At this stage it just looks like a special-interest art project, or a sculpture you can sit in. Video of it being used in more than 1 metre of water would make this more interesting.

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