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Comment: Re:The military guys still don't get it (Score 1) 59

by LennyDotCom (#42123027) Attached to: Real-World Cyber City Used To Train Cyber Warriors

Looks like the generals want to solve the hacker threat in the traditional ways, trying to get some soldiers learn to hack. God forbid they trust civilian whitehats.

(God forbid they trust civilian whitehats.)

Who do you think they are recruiting right now?
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Comment: Wouldn't it make sense? (Score 1) 267

by LennyDotCom (#41201209) Attached to: Radioactive Decay Apparently Influenced By the Sun
If the element is so full of neutrons that they are already flying off in all directions, wouldn't that giant supermega generator (You can see it in the sky on a clear day) spewing googlians of subatomic particals have some effect? (As in the spewed partials would be adding energy to the already very dense atoms) If I could test this I would measure the decay as a mass of a very dense element was moved closer to the sun. Sorry didn't read the arcticle maybe this was covered :-)
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Journal: Connecticut Real Estate Management Cathy Garofalo

Journal by LennyDotCom

I feel that the following company
Connecticut real estate management, llc.

Is incompetent and possibly criminal in their activity.

Cathy has lied to my Face
I was floooded during tropical storm IRENE 28 Aug 2011
I lost my:
Hot Water Heater
and I have No electricity since Irene

I still have not received my insurance check
And Cathy

Comment: They shouldn't mess with me (Score -1, Troll) 286

by LennyDotCom (#38995595) Attached to: Alan Moore on <em>V For Vendetta</em> and the Rise of Anonymous
I have contacted the attorney general and I have posted My home for sale by owner Connecticut real estate management are deffinatly incompetent and possibly criminal I am currently gathering more of their criminal activities to forward to the attorney general LIke when Cathy Hired a friend for $40,000.00 a year job with our money The finacancials are all a mess they have no idea where all our money is or going Cathy could be putting money in her pocket and nobody would know any better

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