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Comment Re:Ah, yes, one of the modern evils... (Score 0) 533

Maybe the fauna, but the Government is doing everything it can to increase the population, from the baby bonus and all the constant city expansions, to everything related to the Government (council, trains in Queensland, etc.) being so critical about safety that it impacts on the employees ability to complete their job better than usual, and insists on everyone taking twice as long to get a job done, to ensure nobody gets hurt. Either that, or so when somebody does hurt they can raise their hands up and say "hey hey, we put all these restrictions in place -- it's not our fault". It's a shame, there are a LOT of great people working for the Government, but with the shit-house managers that are put in place (appointed from outside of the workplace -- something that should NEVER happen for a managers/supervisors position), morale is at an all time low. What do you do though? They all (managers) look after each other. Basically, if you're not in the "club" -- then you're a nobody, and a nobody is worth nothing apart from the money they are forced to pay you fortnightly.

Comment Re:MW2 (Score 1) 258

I've tried playing at all hours of the day, and I constantly join US hosted games, even with the majority of the other players being Australian, it still manages to fuck us over. The best way to play in an Australian hosted game is to get enough people in our lobby and start our own game, but even then it's sometimes picked the single US player out of the other 7 of us.

Comment Perfect opportunity for Open Office to gain... (Score 4, Funny) 127

Perfect opportunity for Open Office to gain some ground. You and I may not know the people, but there will be someone out there who needs to download Office during the week for an assignment or work task, and will be unable to buy their legitimate version online. So the person goes to google and types in "office suite" and what comes up first?

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