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Comment: Re:"Compatible" (Score 1) 92

by kesuki (#47513141) Attached to: Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java

"You don't think it is noteworthy or interesting that a free, open source library is able to play Blu-Ray?"

is able to execute bluray java, not play discs. the bluray libs will play Standard compliant, non encryted discs. eg: home movies. you still need a proprietary decrypter to get around bluray limitations. and if it has cinvia that is a second program to detect and erase cinvia with little loss to audio.

ip holders are rarely ip creators. and copyleft benefits from copyright law, which is where it gets messy. but that is another thing entirely.

Comment: hahahaha those laws are nuts. (Score 1) 1

by kesuki (#47512833) Attached to: and who taught them everything they know?

some of those quotes are taken out of context, and was done so by the KKK. remind me again who burns crosses and drags black men to their death behind their pickup trucks?

the world is a complex place. people lie. the logic goes in a loop 'the laws of the jews says to lie to all christians' to 'white people rock, unless they're jews see the jews lie about not lying to christians never mind that we burn crosses, that isn't important to our hatred of jews'

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