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Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265 265

I love that you think that when someone freaks out in a doctors office, someone just grabs a syringe takes a pull off the nearest vial of clear liquid... and jabs it into the screaming person... Hollywood style!

That's total bullshit though. Powerful sedatives are tightly controlled, kept in locked containers, -and I'm amazed I'm even saying this out loud it's so obvious- must be dosed specifically for the patients weight. No doctor in their right mind (see what I did there?) would take such reckless action.

Comment Re:Defensive action (Score 3, Insightful) 549 549

I'm replying to this... and in the process undoing a bunch of mods I just did, because it appears nobody else is going to say it...

Defensive driving is not as cool as you think it is! I'll give you two examples:

1) I had a buddy who owned a Comp/TA. It's a fairly rare car, and his was pristine. He was approaching an intersection on a highway, about 50 mph, when he saw flashing lights approaching from the side. He stopped to allow the cop to cross traffic against the light, but looked up at his rear view mirror and saw that the truck behind him wasn't going to stop in time, as evidenced by the skidding and fishtailing. He lit it up it despite the cop almost being in the intersection, and pulled over on the opposite side. The truck slid into then through the space my friend had previously been occupying. The cop made a left (causing him to drive past my friend) and gave him a look like "not recommended, but ok", and continued on to whatever emergency he was headed to.

2) I had a girlfriend driving in stop-and-go traffic on a rural street, light turns green, but the second we cleared the intersection traffic slowed again, and the driver behind us didn't notice. She crept forward close to the service truck in front of us to try to give a little more space, but to no avail, the driver behind us hit us anyways, and pushed us into the truck. The driver who hit us paid for our damage, but my girlfriend was at fault for hitting the truck... "Why" you ask??? Because the space in front of you is the safety buffer to prevent multiple car accidents when there doesn't need to be.

My personal experience is that story #1 is the ONLY INSTANCE I HAVE EVER HEARD of defensive driving successfully preventing a major accident, while the second story is so common as to be the flavor I hear nearly every time. It's quite rare to hear a story like yours where moving forward 1/2 car length was enough to save the day. The problem is this: you are gambling that by moving forward a tiny bit that you buy the idiot behind you enough time to realize what is going on and react. But the cost you incur is the loss of your buffer if they don't notice, and thus involving one more poor schmo in the accident. In other words, you actively chose to bring another party into the accident by your decision, and therefore you are at fault.

I'm sure that defensive driving techniques can be incorporated into self driving cars for situations like story #1, but you'll probably see that in Mercedes before you see it in Fiat.

Comment Re:No Insurance?? (Score 4, Insightful) 204 204

All insurance schemes are designed to amortize the risk... in this case, amortize the cost of a failure over the previous, and subsequent successes... and the middleman skims a little off the top. So I look at this and think buying insurance is actually just a waste of money.

To anyone who would disagree: If the only insurance you've ever bought is for your car... you probably don't know shit about insurance.

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