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Comment: We should be proud (Score 1) 74

by LLKrisJ (#47030015) Attached to: Meet Canada's Goosebuster Drone

Surely, we have every right to scare away geese that have probably visited those beaches for hundreds of years, if not more. Surely we cannot stay off the beaches when the geese are there, that would be way too hard. Our ability to go to the beach is way more importantWe are mankind, ruler of nature, screw those geese!

Reminds me of those Brits that go live in the flood plain of the Thames only to complain that it's the conservationists fault (protecting some rare species of clam) when their houses and towns flood...

Nature, get off our lawn!

Comment: Re: Any movement away from Microsoft is good. (Score 1) 564

by LLKrisJ (#45803795) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Any movement away from a Microsoft dominated software market is probably a step in the right direction.

And who installed that perceived dominance do you think? ... That's right, the customer. Don't like something?? Buy something else then... Vote with your wallet.

It always surprises me how people can bitch and moan over things like this.

Last time I checked, Google was/is building itself quite the monopoly with search,chrome,android,... Cramming commercials into everything. Will that be any better than what MS once did with IE???

Is Chrome really that much better than any flavor of Win?

Quit your bitching I would say.

Comment: Re: Hard to believe (Score 1) 804

by LLKrisJ (#45794741) Attached to: What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro?

OK then, no PM on windows, granted. But on any platform, installations take time. That's not a Windows only thing. Try installing a full latex system on any platform and check how long it takes... To name just one example.

And regarding the need for reboots, that situation has vastly improved in my experience. But then again, what's the problem with rebooting (which takes seconds on angry ng but Tue most slow systems anyway)

But that's the point... Watching the progress of your apt get or whatever tool you using or watching an system reboot... Reinstalling always takes some time but to hold that against any single system? Please...

Comment: Re: Hard to believe (Score 1, Insightful) 804

by LLKrisJ (#45794559) Attached to: What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro?

If you cannot installatie a modern version of Windows in onder 30 minuten these days I would consider you top dumb to be even let naar a computer. Let alone that you'd be actually capable of building your own HW. The Windows cheap shots are getting old, really.

Comment: Re:Sounds like a better upgrade than Windows 8... (Score 1) 424

by LLKrisJ (#40774069) Attached to: OS X Mountain Lion Review

I feel like a support person or something, when all i do is take less than a minute to search for answers.

That is not the point Mr. Wiseguy who is apparently much to smart for the rest of us idiots.

I quickly found out that git, gcc and make are now located in /Applications/ With XCode 4.4. in fact, this had been the case since version 4.3. What _was_ a problem is the fact that in upgrading to 4.4 they for some reason

A) removed these tools from the path
B) neglected to properly make the command line tools, copatible with ML _and_ xcode 4.4 available... Check your console when you try and install command line tools from xcode directly... The embedded link to the install package is wrong and still refers to an old gm version.

All these issues are quickly fixed by hand with some quick edits of bash_profile or a link file here and there...

The point of parent seemed to be that osx is much more geared to make console jockeys and devs happy, being flexible and all whereas my point is that they

1) just as MS _often_ fumble releases with oversights such as the above
2) often have the arrogance to just omit things, like x11, without much warning (release notes for us regular joes that tell us about
The omissions beforehand maybe and not just buried 5 levels down on some part of the dev website?

Apple is trying just as hard to dumb things down as MS apparently is with 8

No go and revel in your own genius some more nerd boy!

Comment: Re:Sounds like a better upgrade than Windows 8... (Score 0) 424

by LLKrisJ (#40771061) Attached to: OS X Mountain Lion Review

Hold on there cowboy... i use both platforms daily and AFICT VS2010 or 2012 absolutely trumps Xcode in every department. windows will still allow you tonstill load non store apps and as far as your claim on command line wizardry goes: after i upgraded to OSX 10.8 today I noticed Apple removed X11, necessary to run my LaTeX workflow. Also, git, make end gcc were somehow unavailable after the obligatory upgrade to Xcode 4.4. As I write this and after repeated emaild to Apple dev support this is still not entirely fixed. Turns out they put the links to the command line tools download wrong in Xcode...

I could go on all day.

Both platforms are nice fornvery diferent reasons but as far as development goes I would dare tonsay MS has the edge right now...

Comment: Re:I do not condone violence nor stealing... (Score 0, Flamebait) 1198

Must be :)

In any case, this guys seems a bit disconnected from reality:

1) He comes from a country (the US) with some of the most strict rules on security at airports and whatnot... I think I hardly ever visited a country is more paranoid (and this is not intended as a slur) and then he goes off and bolts something to his skull that makes him look like the terminator of a Navy seal on a covert op. And you Sir, hold a phD? :)

2) He takes his kids to go and learn "true Parisian French"? Lol...

Looks like a bad case of attention whoaring to me...

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