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Comment Re:Cable has gotten... (Score 1) 319

Capitalism say nothing of the kind. First, the concept of "Shareholders" is not inherent to capitalism. Second, there are plenty of companies who provide shareholder value through dividends. Third, the vast majority of capitalism occurs through privately held companies. The stock market != capitalism.

Comment Hire a specialist (Score 1) 64

Take a look around you organization...do you have anyone who has a firm understanding of the breadth of the technologies used in your systems? Does that same person have experience with performance testing and capacity analysis? Since your asking Slashdot the answer is very likely NO so go find a consultant who has that knowledge and hire him/her ASAP. Capacity analysis of distributed systems is not something to learn on the fly. Hire a pro.

Comment Re:Meritocracy (Score 1) 293

You can set up FreeNas on a minimal box, ESXi is a free download. You can get a center trial in a couple of minutes. A few hours and some salvaged machines and you can confidently say that you you can do a lot with virtualization. Break it a few times and fix it and your way ahead of most people who have had formal training. You should certainly be able to get through an interview for an admin job. You might even be able to get a cert with a bit more effort. Why do you expect your employer to do this for you?

Comment Re:This is how (Score 1) 318

Amen Brother. Expecting to get a telecommuting job right out of school is pretty naive. When your an unknown quantity in an entry-level role they are going to want you close and under supervision. The best way to get the job you want is to spend some time doing shit jobs and getting experience.

Comment Re:trick them into it ... (Score 1) 318

Either your not as good as you believe you are or you are missing something when it comes to marketing and negotiations. If you want to change things you need to identify what your missing and work on it. Find a mentor who can help. There are many people with mediocre (or worse) skills that are making good money because they are good at the marketing/networking/negotiating. If you are as good as you think, and it's likely you are, then working on the soft skills will have great results.

Comment Re:Don't encrypt! (Score 2) 251

There are actually valid reasons for using two-way encryption in some scenarios. It's not ideal but it can be quite secure if managed properly. For example, most privileged user management systems and password escrow systems need to use reversible encryption. There are also reasons to do so in certain credential synchronization/SSO scenarios. Yes, just dumping encrypted passwords in a database is a bad idea. However, done right you can have two-way encryption and maintain security.

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