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You should really read "1919 Versailles: The End of the War to End All Wars". It's an incredibly well researched history of what went on at the end of WWI. One of the key takeaways is that that Wilson wanted to avoid being punitive with Germany. He very much wanted to create a situation that would be the opposite of the conditions that lead to WWII. However, he was outmaneuvered and somewhat incompetent. The real villains were Clemenceau and Lloyd George.

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BS! I can't speak for all the others but code signing is not a significant barrier to anyone who wants to do iOS programming. You can run your own apps on your own devices easily and $99 is all that's required to get a cert to distribute your app. Thats not a more serious barrier than any other field of endeavor. one has ever had to buy tools, musical instruments, or sports equipment.

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Here is an example. An aerospace customer of mine wants to use their CAD and engineering apps from terminals on the shop floor. They do not want to put a high dollar workstation in that environment but they do want the full graphics. The current methods for doing this don't really work acceptably with todays video resolutions, much less with retina/4K resolutions.

How about remote access for contract developers over VDI? IDEs work better with more screen real estate today. How do you think they are going to work once 4K screens become commonplace.

Once upon a time, anything more than 16 colors and VGA was "eye candy".

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