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Comment Tried to RTFA (Score 1) 1

"Loading your community experience." OK, a bunch of corporate gobbledygoook.

Nothing happens.

Turn off Privacy Badger.

Nothing happens.

Reload the page.

"Loading your community experience."

Turn Privacy Badger back on.

Close the tab.

No, I will not enable Flash. It is way past time for that bug-ridden piece of junk to die. HTML or fuck off.

Comment Re:Now we see what copyright run amok hath wrought (Score 1) 578

Much depends on what the license actually says. If there's a clause that says that he can revoke your license at any time for any reason or for no reason at all, then this might possibly be legal. Why someone would want to pay for such a license is beyond me.

That said, this guy is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

And this bit, "I want to stress that this license change is not against my colleagues in the USA, but against a small rich elite there that misuses the country's power to rule the world. The USA is our worst enemy,” is the same approach that the "small rich elite" uses to justify the embargo against Cuba, and is just as effective.

Comment Re:Why isn't Scott Walker on that list? (Score 1) 686

1) In a so-called right to work state, if you don't pay union dues, the union still has to back you up if you have a grievance. They're not "right to work" laws; they're "right to mooch off the union" laws. Aren't you Hundred Percent Red Blood Americans supposed to be against moochers?

2) If you don't want to join the union, you don't have to work in a union shop. Isn't that how it works when your boss is an asshole, your hours are too long, there's no vacation and the air conditioning is broken? (But not, for some reason, when a couple of Feelthy Queers want you to sign their marriage license.)

Comment Stop resting on your laurels (Score 1) 302

So the "content" industry is crapping its pants, so afraid they can't make any money off their old content?

Here's an idea that y'all don't seem to have thought of.

Make some new content that will actually sell.

Today's music mostly sucks. Yeah, I know, Sturgeon's Law and we're mostly comparing the best of the past to everything made today. But can anyone look me in the eye and say that even one band active today will be relevant in 40 years? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm eighty four?

Stop resting on your laurels. Tell those Autotuned bottle blondes and soundalike boy bands and rap crap clap trap to grow some talent or STFU. Make some new content that's worth buying, and guess what? You get a brand spanking new copyright and you'll still be making money off of it long after I'm dead.

Comment Read The Fucking Constitution (Score 1) 302

Yes, I know the article says Canada. But let us Read The Fucking Constitution of the United States:

The Congress shall have Power...To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries...

For LIMITED TIMES, dammit. Life plus however many years since Steamboat Willie was released is not a limited time.

And TO PROMOTE THE PROGRESS OF SCIENCE AND USEFUL ARTS. Not to make a bunch of fat cats fatter.

Comment Cripes, what could possibly go wrong? (Score 5, Insightful) 421

What effects might the aerosols have?

What if we use too much? Do we really want to risk a snowball Earth?

Do we really want to risk anything on such a large scale just because some yahoo wants to roll coal?

Can no one see that not messing with the climate any more than we have to is the conservative position, at least as "conservative" is properly defined?

Comment Re:The sad part? (Score 1) 577

Sometimes I think Americans are just going to sit on their asses and take all of this bullshit until the government actually does pull a Tiannamen Square on some protest, at which point the guns will finally be aimed at the people who truly deserve to have their heads blown off. Politicians.

When the government pulls a Tiananmen Square, it will be against Occupy Wall Street or some other bunch of Smelly Hippies. They will mow down people who Had It Coming because they were a threat to Real Americans. They will proclaim Fascism to fireworks and Sousa marches and they will call it freedom, and the NRA will be the ones repeating the Leader's propaganda.

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