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Comment: Re: No real surprise (Score 1) 710

That's because their claims of enviro-superiority are like medieval "indulgences", permissions to sin without penalty. So Saint AlGore flies all over the world preaching the "Stop flying!" mantra, as if he'd never heard of Skype or Webex.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "All men are created equal." Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Therefore all men are not created equal and we need to go back to feudalism. Yes, it's crap. It's crap in exactly the same way that your yelling about AAAAALLLLL GOOOORRRRRE! is crap.

Comment: Re:Your taxes at work (Score 4, Insightful) 501

"Pantywaisted policies"? Fine. Swarm this land with Homeland "Security" goons to find anyone who looks a little brown, ask them sus papeles, por favor and beat the mierda out of them when they answer in English. Oh, and we want freedom and small government, too. And low taxes.

"Teach our kids Spanish"? Qué horror, que nuestros hijos aprendan otro idioma.

"Offer Spanish cable TV channels"? What have you got against the free market?

"Bilingual highway signs"? Citation needed, but yes, it's so much better to have people on the road who don't understand the signs.

Comment: Re:Thailand is the new China (Score 0) 86

by L. J. Beauregard (#47187735) Attached to: Thai Police: We'll Get You For Online Social Media Criticism

Yes, we're in hock up to our necks because Greasy Spics and Scary Mooselimbs. It has nothing to do with people baying for MOAR WAR! without being willing to pay the taxes to support it. We had a budget surplus before george w. bush got in.

If you're suggesting a final solution to the Greasy Spic/Scary Mooselimb/whatever problem, then just come out and say so.

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by L. J. Beauregard (#47187721) Attached to: Thai Police: We'll Get You For Online Social Media Criticism

I'm old enough to remember the time before Obama, when you could speak out against the government and not have to worry about getting targeted by goons from the IRS.

Gee, when was that? Poor widdle teabaggers had to fill out a few extra forms. Opponents of george w. bush were herded into "free speech zones", pepper sprayed and busted for having the gall to oppose the War on Terra.

Comment: BSABSVR (Score 2) 220

by L. J. Beauregard (#46792581) Attached to: California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers

Deportations have continued apace under Obama.

Of course we'll never get them all, because the Vaterlandssicherheitsdepartment doesn't have enough manpower. So if you want to round up that last illegal, fine.

Increase the size and funding of the Vaterlandssicherheitsdepartment about tenfold.

Swarm this land with goons to grab hold of anyone who looks a little brown, ask him "Sus papeles, por favor", and beat the mierda out of him when he answers in English.

And you can STFU about Big Government and you can STFU about the taxes needed to pay for it all.

Or we can slap some fines on the companies that hire illegals, or that illegally hire H1Bs instead of Americans. But no, that'll never happen, because Job Creators.

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