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Comment: Just downgraded (Score 3, Interesting) 276

by aardvarkjoe (#49625207) Attached to: Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer

I finally downgraded my 2012 Nexus 7 today back to KitKat. It was essentially unusable running Lollipop.

Unless Google can make their new versions perform well on older hardware, of course you're going to have a lot of people on the older OS versions. I'm not going to buy a new phone/tablet every time Google releases an update to their OS.

Comment: Re:SubjectsSuck (Score 2) 250

Your example isn't a good one, because there's no credible reason for anyone to believe that an anonymous Slashdot poster is going to be able to launch an air attack on US military base. A threat by a lone individual to carry out a mass murder, on the other hand, is perfectly believable, because they happen with some frequency.

And making threats is not protected free speech, so it has no implications in that regard. Calling this a "perceived" threat is disingenuous on your part -- it's a real threat, plain and simple, whether or not he intended to act on it.

Comment: Re:Chrome - the web browser that's added as bloatw (Score 3, Informative) 235

by aardvarkjoe (#49605619) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip

It's the default browser in many Android devices, is that what you're talking about?

If so, then he's wrong; the figures referenced here are for desktop browser usage. There are a separate set of figures for mobile/tablet (Safari at 40%, Chrome at 30%).

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 609

by Sloppy (#49600873) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

I'm not saying whether it's a good idea or a bad one, but isn't the fact that it's a defacto standard, sort of the objectors' point? Yes, you're right: it's a long-established tradition, with deep roots going back to when the computer room was a total sausagefest. I can't playfully slap the secretary's ass and then get off the hook by saying, "oh c'mon, we dudes have been doing that forever! It's always been like that. Quit trying to change our culture."

Changing the culture is an explicit part of a lot of peoples' agenda, because nobody really likes the damn computer room sausagefest (we just don't know what to do about it, which is why I really have no idea whether or not the picture is really a problem).

Comment: Re: already done (Score 1) 126

by aardvarkjoe (#49590889) Attached to: Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities

Actually, the books they will be providing for the $250 million appear to be largely out of copyright already. So this is even worse than paying the publishers for copyrighted books.

Where are you getting this info? From the articles linked from the summary, it appears that the e-books are being donated by the publishers (not paid for by the government) and I didn't find any information on what books are being provided. But the articles I can find are are woefully lacking in detail.

Comment: Re:Tablets and technology march on (Score 1) 123

by aardvarkjoe (#49578375) Attached to: Crowdfunded Android Console Ouya Reportedly Seeking Buyout

Ouja was always going to be a niche market appealing to techies and gamers.

Niche market, yes, but it seems like one of Ouya's (the company's) biggest problems was that they thought that they could appeal to "gamers."

If you consider yourself a gamer, then you probably already own one of the big-name consoles. Recent consoles have a fair amount of support for the kind of indie games that Ouya was hoping would form the backbone of their library, and so there's not much of a strong incentive to get an Ouya as well. And it was obvious that the big game studios were never going to develop major games for Ouya, so getting one instead of a normal console wouldn't have been a good choice.

I got one soon after release, and it's great for someone who likes to play the occasional game, but not enough to bother investing hundreds of dollars in a standard console. But anyone who thought that it was going to compete in the same space as the XBox or Playstation was fooling themselves.

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