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Comment Re:This time... (Score 1) 102

Reason number 9,862 why that TPP is a terrible idea, and will only help multinational corporations instead of the actual citizens.

All it would take is to find a way to automatically pit corps one against the other, and watch how long it'd take before those dumb laws are pulled. But I'm not bright enough to think of a way.

Comment OCR that shit (Score 0) 117

Something that should have been done years ago:
  • Grab a 1st version of the page with the usual google user-agent
  • Grab the same page with an innocuous and most common user-agent
  • Render that 2nd page in common browser engines (MSIE, Firefox...), including images
  • Screen-grab it
  • OCR the result (including the images in case there's text on them)
  • Compare the OCRed text with the original
  • If there's too much difference, lower the pagerank

This would solve problems of white-on-white text, text in images, pages different for robots than for us mortals, shit JS, etc...

Comment Re:End anonymity for cash (Score 1) 158

With even the last anonymous payment method gone, the state is happy as it can tax precisely what its worth (of course only those people who can't afford to have all their companies owned by a holding in the crocodile islands)

But then, if ALL movements are traced, maybe the state will finally be able to tax those movements to the Croc islands. Which would be a GOOD thing.

Comment Boneheaded and with straightforward solutions (Score 1) 698

This is so boneheaded it beggars belief. The straightforward solution is to require the UEFI variable filesystem (or whatever it is called these days) to be mounted read-only, and require (UNIX anyway, but something analogous ought to work for Windows too) an application to do a "mount -o remount,rw" to do whatever it needs to do, then do a "mount -o remount,ro" when it's finished. Not as nice as having UEFI not be seriously broken, but workable, and there's not much of an excuse for things like systemd, openrc, etc. implementing this where appropriate (and for any UEFI crap that can brick a system, this is appropriate).

Applications don't like it? Tough, patch the damn things. Requireing firmware to be exposed to harm like this on any operating system is unacceptable.

Comment Stop calling it a sport (Score 1) 30

Can you stop calling 'sport' activities that are anything but. Piloting a drone by moving your thumbs around is not a sport. Mountain climbing is. Chess isn't. It's not because you have smelly armpits at the end of the day that it's a sport, you need real sweat for that. Call it what it is: a game.

Comment Cool tech (Score 1) 262

I want one! It's brilliant design. Let's get the price down.

As for the woman, it's inconceivable she thought she could get away with it - it's easy to spot, with magnets if nothing else. Possible it was a trainer that got mixed in, or someone else's bike, I think they're claiming. Possible. It certainly jammed up the crank and gave itself away (toys don't always work, self-driving-car fans). As a cheat, it doesn't give you much, with a certainty of detection added in.
  I'll let them decide, but it would quite stupid if so if they brought it to race day.

Comment Re:Experimental audio support (Score 4, Funny) 312

Does that include Sound Blaster for IBM's MicroChannel Architecture?

No, currently it only supports setting the bit that puts a positive pulse on the PC speaker. Work is in progress on support for resetting that bit, so in the meantime it's a maximum of one click sound per session.

The cool part, though, is that with the microkernel architecture, this is all managed via userspace code!

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 1) 406

It sure as hell is obscure. I would bet good money that 99% of US households do not have a stupid ribbon cable MB header to D-shell adapter on hand. For the vast majority of the population, if they want to plug an old-school serial peripheral into a modern computer, they're going to wait a few days for mail-order shipment before they get to use their device. (Or else get a USB-to-serial converter, which is much more mainstream and might be available locally.) Either way, the serial port is still dead.

And for your information, if you don't have a DVI-to-VGA physical adapter, you simply aren't going to be plugging your VGA monitor into a DVI-only video card. To actually use a port, you need BOTH electrical and physical compatibility. This isn't rocket science.

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