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Comment Re:As a dentist who treats patients with Mt. Dew (Score 1) 362

yeah, bathing one's teeth in it all day can't be good, especially since most people don't brush during the middle of the day, so the food and drink residue just sits there.
However, I figure that person has more problems than just that, I bet they don't even brush morning and/or evening.
Summer 2011, I often fell asleep without brushing, and had 10+ cavities by fall. That's bad, but the teeth were/are still there, so I figure that person was behaving worse than I did for longer than I did.

Comment Re:mob boss make a bad bet? (Score 1) 210

Commentators talked about the momentum shift, and then that happened.

Yeah, if the spread was Baltimore by 3 or less, this would affect the betting outcome but not the game outcome, which makes sense as a lower-impact way to 'fix' it. However, most spreads I saw were San Francisco by 4. Maybe the attempt to 'fix' it went wrong, maybe it was about some side bet.

Comment regular grocery store for me (Score 1) 212

I get 8g as 40 200mg tablets for $4.
I buy them because they're cheaper and more portable than energy drinks, not necessarily to avoid the other stuff in energy drinks, but avoiding that doesn't hurt.
Highly caffeinated soda is cheaper than energy drinks, but more expensive than tablets. I often drink diet soda for the taste and for when I want a smaller dose of caffeine.

Comment Re:Betting lines (Score 1) 67

I know that's how bookies work, but I figured putting real money on the line would help ensure accuracy because it would help people take it seriously, that plus a large sample size.
Sports betting does have some skill in trying to figure out if the bookies/betting public are wrong, as opposed to some other forms of gambling being complete chance, but I don't want to put too much stock in trying to beat the system. Ironically, trying to beat the system could just encourage gambling, exactly what the system wants.

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