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Comment Re:So tell them to Bugger off. (Score 1) 213

Do you understand what free software means?

He probably does. It suspect that you don't, though.

It means the buyer pays $0 to the seller of the software.

Indeed, you didn't, because it doesn't. Free, in the context of free software, means that they get the source code, can make modifications to it, and can redistribute it, with or without modifications. The very point of that whole idea is that the user should not be depending on the original author for bugfixes. The entire premise of your ignorant whining is destroyed by the very concept free software, which you (deliberately?) refuse to understand. Everybody else cought on twenty years ago.

Comment Re:T.E.D. the strawman .. (Score 1) 246

I think you missed the major point of T.E.D.'s post, which is in the last sentence. Stallman does indeed tend to be right. Therefore, it is a bit unfortunate that his predictions are presented in a way that makes many (particularly among the influential) ignore them. Because, no matter if he's right or not (which he is), many have a hard time looking past his peculiar looks, behavior and way of carrying a discussion.

(Also, you don't need to provide a link to the parent post. There's one right there beneath yours by magic:)

Comment Enemies? (Score 1) 199

Do people really have enemies? I mean real people, not people in TV shows, politicians or religious nutheads. There's a few people I dislike, I guess... my solution to that is to avoid their company. Problem solved.
Who really dislikes someone so much that they'd actually spend time making them miserable?

Comment Re:Whatever gets stuck in the VM or sandbox? (Score 2) 381

That's interesting. A large forum I'm active on had a string of spam posts just the other week linking to a java based video player that hijacked our users' machines. I know for a fact that at least one of the affected users in question is an Internet Explorer user.
Now, you might argue that running a java plugin is "intentionally install[ing] malware," but I guess most non technical users would disagree.

Comment Re:Complete overhaul please (Score 1) 462

And by the world you mean... USA?

I'd say breakfast spans from six to eleven, lunch from ten to four, dinner from five to twelve (yes that's a seven hour interval) depending on where I've travelled. And I've hardly ever been west of the Atlantic.

Swapping between 17:00 and 24:00 for dinner isn't particularly easier than any other arbitrary hour, nor does knowing "lunch is at noon" help me very much.

Comment Re:24h clock (Score 3, Insightful) 309

When I wake up in the morning I want to brew a quart of coffee, not 110.12 centi-Liters or some ridiculous shit like that.

So, a liter then. Why do you think we use more significant digits just because we use metric? Let me use the same ridiculous argument you do:

"Let me be the first to say, "Fuck the imperial system". You guys can keep it. When I wake up in the morning I want to brew a liter of coffee, not 1.05669 quarts or some ridiculous shit like that. Your system is unnecessarily complex."

(Of course, I had no idea which of the several types of quarts you were referring to, so my numbers may be incorrect - but then, so were yours).

Comment Re:Wait...outrage over this?!? (Score 2) 512

In med school they dissect humans. Granted, none of those are living material, but I fail see the problem with shoving electrodes into a live human's brain and remote controlling him as a learning tool.

The "granted, none of it was living material" is a quite relevant part.

And no, I'm not comparing humans to cockroaches - I'm just pointing out the absurdity of ignoring the difference between a corpse and a living creature when it comes to how it's acceptable to treat it.

Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 1) 512

I've never seen one here in Sweden either. According to Wikipedia we apparently have a couple of species as well[0] - but that doesn't change the fact that I've never seen one. Can't ever recall anybody saying they've actually had a problem with cockroaches here either.

Put simply, the fact that something is common, or ordinary, to you does not mean it is so to everyone.

[0] Interestingly, the major one is called "forest cockroach" - I guess the name sort of gives a hint about how often it's seen in cities.

Comment Re:I'm sorry, no. (Score 1) 1191

It looks nice, I'll give you that.

No, no it does not look nice. It looks like complete and utter shit. Seriously, how can anyone look at this and not see garbage?

Well. The same view looks like this to me - so it's probably a bug you have there.

What bothers me with (my version of the same view) is that absolute waste of space that goes on. A couple of percent of my screen is dedicated to showing me useful content.

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