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Khyber's Journal: Dell might as well be renamed Hell. 5 5

Journal by Khyber
Okay, a couple of weeks ago, I found a Dell laptop on the road, pretty beat up from road rash. I took it home and called up Dell, who then identified the owner of the laptop and put me in contact with him. We made arrangements to get the laptop back to him, and I awaited the box Dell was going to send to me to ship the Laptop to the local repair depot here in Memphis. The box never came.

Now, after this and many days of total confusion from Dell, I picked up the recovered laptop, and took it to the repair depot myself.

Guess what happened? You betcha. The laptop came *RIGHT BACK TO ME* after it was repaired. Now how fucking stupid can you be, Dell? You're supposed to ship this to the owner in California, NOT the guy in Tennessee that found it on the roadside!
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Dell might as well be renamed Hell.

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  • Why did you give them your address, I know you didn't think they could be that stupid but giving them the other guy's address would of been the better idea.
    • Just ring them and tell them they sent you the wrong laptop. It was nice of them to fix the laptop. Leaving it by the side of the road hardly counts as reasonable care (I know, I know it was probably thrown out by the guy who stole it)
    • by Khyber (864651)
      They had the guy's address!! That's the thing. I gave them my address so they could ship me a box to send it back to them! They never shipped the box, so I took it to the nearest depot for Dell repairs! And I get it sent right back to me instead of the owner of the express service number!!! I mean... WTF?

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