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Comment Re:30+Min (Score 2) 305

Actually, there are a lot of experiments in non-inductive current generation in tokamaks which can allow it to run continuously (in principle). Current generation is done with a combination of phased microwave antennas, tilted neutral beams, and harnessing a phenomenon called bootstrap current.

(Background: the plasma current in tokamaks is normally generated by a transformer and is called inductive current. The induced current is proportional to the time derivative of the transformer voltage, so for a constant current, there's a limit on available transformer voltage so the current must stop at some point. These non-inductive current generation techniques get around that.)

Comment Re: title (Score 5, Informative) 305

You seem to not be aware that fusion research is an open and collaborative project between all nations. We share data, equipment, tokamak run-time, and scientists. Your partisan suspicion is understandable for someone not in the know, but it's totally wrong. The fusion scientific community is well aware of what is going on at EAST (and all other major collaborative facilities), when the machine turns on, when it turns off, when there is a leak, when a diagnostic malfunctions, and when things go well.

At DIII-D (USA), we have built a "remote control room" for EAST and KSTAR so that researchers in US can operate EAST on the third shift when our colleagues in China are sleeping. Control parameters will be transferred to Hefei over the internet and diagnostics will be fed back to the monitors in almost real time.

BTW, I am a fusion research scientist based in US, but I do do some work on EAST as well as other machines.

Comment installations requiring admin (Score 1) 150

The problem is the practice of requiring admin privileges to install most software. Software should not require admin install unless they really need it. Common frameworks (which are a big user of DLLs) do exacerbate the problem since they often want to be installed in a root location so all the applications can share it.

A solution is to forbid third parties from bundling installers for common framework runtime binaries. If the framework is needed, then either install the binaries in the application directory or tell the user to go install it themself.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 1) 251

Who has time for that? Let's say it takes me a couple hours to sue a telemarketer. If it takes me about 5 seconds to pull out my phone, answer a call, listen, and hang up on a telemarketer, and they call maybe once a week, then it'll take over 20 years to equal the time it took to sue the telemarketer. Worse, yet, it's probably not the same telemarketer calling each time, so I'd have to sue each of them in turn.

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