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Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 1) 240

Who has time for that? Let's say it takes me a couple hours to sue a telemarketer. If it takes me about 5 seconds to pull out my phone, answer a call, listen, and hang up on a telemarketer, and they call maybe once a week, then it'll take over 20 years to equal the time it took to sue the telemarketer. Worse, yet, it's probably not the same telemarketer calling each time, so I'd have to sue each of them in turn.

Comment Re: Go Vegan (Score 1) 212

The claim was probably something like it takes less resources to produce one calorie of pork than it takes to produce a calorie of lettuce. I wouldn't be very surprised if that's true. Nobody eats lettuce for the calories. Lettuce is practically water. Now do a comparison for grains or potatoes vs meat.

Comment Re:People eat (Score 1) 212

It doesn't have to happen in one big war. Wars will become more frequent--not just between states but lots of civil wars will break out as people are fed up with governments not dealing with the economic situation. This process has already started, but hasn't progressed to the point where population is in decline.

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