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Submission + - Hackers steal 2 million tonnes of EU carbon credit->

Khashishi writes: Taking advantage of the lax security systems in place, hackers stole some 475000 European Union carbon Allowances on 10 Jan through a variety of phishing attacks. The European Commission has closed the trading on 19 Jan, until at least 26 Jan, in order to beef up security measures. Is it a political statement, or just greed, that drove this act?
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Submission + - Giuliani predicts deadly earthquake, censored-> 2 2

Khashishi writes: Seismologist Giampaolo Giuliani claims to have predicted the deadly earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy, that killed at least 92 people. His attempts at warning the public were reported to the authorities and his warnings were censored to prevent public panic.

It must be noted that accurate earthquake prediction is not well-established within the science community, so what is the government's proper response?

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Submission + - Supreme Court to rule on TV censorship->

Khashishi writes: LA times and Associated Press report that the FCC v. Fox Television Stations case is being heard in the Supreme Court. The FCC policy would impose a heavy fine on use of "indecent" words on broadcast television, which Fox and others are claiming is a violation of free speech. The case was appealed after being ruled in Fox's favor in a federal appeals court in New York. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Antonin Scalia support the FCC policy of censorship.
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Submission + - the right to refuse service to the tattooed

Khashishi writes: A pediatrician turns away service to a child's family because the parents have tattoos, claiming the right to refuse service. The Unruh act puts some restrictions on reasons for refusing service, disallowing refusal for such reasons as race, religion, creed, or disability. But do tattoos count?

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