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Comment: Re:Understand academics and money (Score 1) 695

by KeyserDK (#38021444) Attached to: What is Your position on Climate Change?

Well calling everyone who disagress with you for religous zealots. Is well, what a religous zealot would do?

Also i've never heard of anyone link climate change to earthquakes, nor does a statement that does, cause everything else related to climate change false.
Climate change is happening, that seems quite establish and easy to measure, and there are some pretty nasty sideeffects (for some). Thats quite common with change, especially on a planetary scale ;).

What's interesting is if we can do anything about it.

Comment: Re:Just not interested (Score 1) 140

by KeyserDK (#27327807) Attached to: Review of GNOME 2.26 and GTK+ 2.16

That's two diffent screensavers.

The f-spot one shows the pictures markes as favorites. Which is a bit limited :/.

The pictures one shows all pictures from whatever XDG_PICTURES_DIR is set to.
Default is XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/Pictures".

Also, f-spot does have a 'hidden' tag that hides any pictures marked as such unless you explicitly choose them.


+ - Microsoft loses antitrust appeal in Brussels->

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chris_sawtell writes: "The Guardian is reporting that: "The European commission today hailed a key ruling by the court of first instance, Europe's second-highest court, that upheld its March 2004 decision to fine Microsoft a record 497m (£345m) $US690m for abusing its dominance of the software market and force it to share critical information with rival companies.

"After securing a comprehensive victory in its nine-year battle with Microsoft, Brussels is now free to pursue other high-profile cases against hi-tech companies such as Intel and has emerged as the world's leading antitrust authority. The company founded by Bill Gates will have to alter its business model as it faces stiff competition on new markets from the likes of Google and Apple."

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Google Shows Off Ad-Supported Cell Phone 290

Posted by Zonk
from the gotta-love-freebies dept.
taoman1 writes "Today Google showed off a ad-supported cellphone that the company plans to offer for free to interested parties. The product could reach the marketplace within a year, and will offer Google search, email, and a web browser. 'The move would echo another recent product launched by a phone industry outsider, Apple Inc.'s iPhone. But Google's product would draw its revenue from a sharply different source, relying on commercial advertising dollars instead of the sticker price of at least US$499 for an iPhone and $60 per month for the AT&T Inc. service plan. Negotiating the fairest way to split those advertising revenues with service providers could be a big hurdle for Google, one analyst said. Another problem is the potential that consumers could be scared off by the prospect of listening to advertisements before being able to make phone calls, said Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecommunications industry analyst in Atlanta.'"
United States

+ - Saddam Hussein to be executed within hours

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Dave Knott
Dave Knott writes: "Numerous news sources are reporting that Saddam Hussein will be executed before Sunday. From the CBC article:
U.S. and Iraqi officials have met to set the hour of Saddam Hussein's execution, a lawyer said hours after a Baghdad judge announced that the ousted Iraqi president would be hanged before Sunday.

... Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports a top Iraqi official as saying Saddam will be executed before 6 a.m. local time Saturday, or 10 p.m. ET Friday.

... The Pentagon said U.S. forces in Iraq are braced for the aftermath of the execution, which could increase the fighting between the country's Shia Muslim majority and the Sunni Muslim minority.

"Who alone has reason to *lie himself out* of actuality? He who *suffers* from it." -- Friedrich Nietzsche