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Comment Re: Enterprise Storage (Score 1) 217 217

Not necessarily, HP 3Par 20850 scales to 4 PB of SSD (raw, 15+ PB with dedupe) and 3.2 million sub 1ms IOPS, and 75GB/s of throughout but one LUN is still limited to 16TB because not enough customers need more than that it one logical disk to change underlying code.

Comment Only $100k? (Score 4, Informative) 150 150

That doesn't go very far in the microprocessor world. I worked for Cisco back in the early 00's and even back then tape out costs were approaching $1M for a 5 layer mask, today with sub-wavelength masks and chips using 12+ layers it must be tremendously expensive to spin a chip.

Comment Re:45 million? Tha's all? (Score 1) 154 154

Hehe, nice story. Btw I looked it up and the air force did decide to build a replacement for the P3, the new P8 is based on an ~$100M 737NG airframe but so far the cost per P8 is ~$1.1 billion, those were some damn cheap seats if they allowed us to kick that kind of cost down the road 30-40 years.

Comment Re:45 million? Tha's all? (Score 2) 154 154

It wasn't just a freaking seat, it was the entire bathroom, and they had to make large injection molding dies to create the new bathroom. The seat was just one of the parts that went into the new bathroom and the project cost was spread over x number of pieces of deliverable parts. Any time you deal with injection molding or just about any significant manufacturing process there are large upfront costs that lead to VERY expensive parts if you don't produce a lot of something (heck, even business cards get stupid expensive if you order less than a few boxes at once, which is why I have a few thousand business cards I'll never use as it's WAY cheaper to order me 10x more than I need then it is to even occasionally need an additional batch run). The alternative to the new bathrooms was scrapping the airframe and designing a new one, and if you haven't been paying attention lately to the way Air Force procurement is done that would have resulted in a LOT more cost than some $640 toilet seats. Btw thanks to those new bathrooms the P-3C Orion is one of a handful of aircraft to serve over 50 years bringing the cost per flight hour down quite a bit over building new replacements =)

Comment Re: No it is not (Score 4, Informative) 351 351

We are all responsible for our own actions.

Certainly. But that doesn't mean our actions cannot be influenced by others, especially when those influences are subtle or act on the subconscious.

No need for 'regulation' or 'protection' of classes of people of any age.

Were you replying to someone else? I wasn't calling for state action or regulation.

Comment Re: No it is not (Score 5, Insightful) 351 351

Still, you only buy something if you believe it is worth the money. No ad holds a gun to your head and forces you to make a purchase. They only suggest that something is worth purchasing or that their brand is better than the competition... you ultimately make the decision what to buy, and most importantly, whether to buy it in the first place.

Modern advertising and PR learned quite a bit from the propaganda on both sides during WW2. It chooses music and images to elicit specific emotions such as feeling that something is missing in your life, or you're too fat, or that with this product people will like you. Have you noticed the recent uptick in television advertisements featuring veterans that have absolutely nothing to do with veterans?

"Oh thank God! She made it home in one piece, and her dog missed her so much. Now go buy whatever-the-fuck dogfood we're selling or you don't support our troops!"

Sure, there's no gun to your head. But the industry wouldn't spend billions of dollars doing it if it didn't increase sales. And every year they research new techniques to tug on your heartstrings or make you feel inadequate, and then they show you the product that will fill that void. Your mind is being programmed at every opportunity, and I believe you should have to opt in to it only if you want.

Comment Re:Concorde 2.0 (Score 2) 238 238

It made an operating profit, lifetime net profit of 500M on a cost of 128M obviously more than making up for any interest charges. If more units had been operated the program cost of 1300M could have been easily recouped assuming there were a half dozen more economical routes (likely).

Comment Re:Government knows best... (Score 1) 432 432

I don't want government restricting options available to me, or restricting those that would provide those options to me.

As a more liberty-minded individual, I don't want anyone restricting me in that manner, be they governments, corporations, "market forces" or whatever, and I understand that regulations are necessary to insure freedom in the market (a truly free market is as free as any anarchy, which is to say, not free at all -- laws and regulations are what protect the freedom of individuals).

Like punning, programming is a play on words.