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Generally speaking, anything with lots of parts has more points of failures. Since CFLs all have ballasts, my experience has been that spikes does take a toll, by virtue of them dying after the incandescent is just a big resister. Yes, it can break but it is fairly tolerant by virtue of being tungsten and having no other parts. This is why I spend the money for the better CFLs. I've been using CFLs for well over a decade now. Been using them since the 90s, so not an expert, but I've owned a lot of them.

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by afidel (#47370353) Attached to: Amazon Sues After Ex-Worker Takes Google Job

Non-competes are BS in almost all cases (if your title doesn't have a C* or *VP you probably shouldn't be asked to sign one), but as you say a non-solicitation agreement and nondisclosure agreement are probably fine for anyone dealing with sales or large amounts of confidential information.

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Same with my first generation Toshiba 1080P LCD, I used the default blue skin for Mediacenter and it eventually left a red ghost that made me move it to the basement for the kids and replace it with a newer LED LCD that auto detects a static screen and turns off after 15 minutes.

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Not in Ohio it doesn't, we have statewide franchises, and according to this almost half the states have state wide franchises. This is mostly because Verizon and AT&T wanted to make their lives easier when rolling out FIOS/U-Verse, but for the most part they'd apply to anyone willing to put in the paperwork.

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I don't care about touch apps, I want all the good under the hood changes to go along with Windows Server 2012/R2, right now a lot of cool features only work if the clients are upgraded to Windows 8 and due to the UI screwups we can't possibly afford to do that so most of the best stuff on the server side goes unused. I'll probably start a major server OS upgrade push once 9 ships, we're already under an EA with software assurance so there's no additional cost for us upgrade once the training barrier goes away.

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They cant make anything decent anymore, and even the highest performance car made, the Corvette, is an utter joke to the rest of the world.


$64,000 question - what's it like to drive?

In a word: stunning. What the 'Vette team has managed to achieve with the C7 is nothing short of astonishing. You basically get three cars in one. It will comfortably cruise all day, mopping up bumps, sipping fuel and generally letting you go about your business without getting in the way. You'd be happy commuting in it. Equally it has the performance - and luggage space under the rear hatch - to handle long journeys with ease. But the really special bit is, without touching anything more than the chassis set up dial, you can take it to a track and have hours of fun, too. topgear


Forget all previous Corvette generations - here is the new one. It brings the best Corvette ever produced. A U.S. superstar. A piece of American identity. But most of all she is after 60 years of intense maturity and evolution of one of the most stunning sports car in the world. autozeitung via google translate

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