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Comment Re:The six is on the right side. (Score 1) 240

I took typing classes, and they taught that the 6/Y/H/N are typed by the right hand (and 5/T/G/B by the left) as you say, but I have been programming for 16+ years and have gotten into the habit of typing 7/Y/H/B with my right and 6/T/G/V with my left. It just feels more natural. I don't know why they teach it the way that I learned it. Just doesn't make sense to me.

And just for reference, I primarily use Mac computers, and all of their (modern) keyboards have the 6 key significantly closer to the left hand (about 3/4 of an inch "as the crow flies" from the F to the 6 vs the J to the 6).

Comment Re:Doesn't matter in the end (Score 1) 472

I thought the same thing, but git shows that they were written by the same developer in a single commit. This same developer has caused the developers at my company SO much trouble. He documents the stupid things, and performs useless 'no-op' conversions (another example from Python, str is already a string: str = "%s" % str... not only did is the code confusing [str() anyone?], it's a no-op). On top of that, our code is filled with comments such as "This is a hack" followed by 400 lines of illegible, undocumented code (unless you count "This is a hack" as documentation).

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