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Comment Re:We need to understand the answer to your questi (Score 1) 647

Well like many other outsourcers, they are.
If advertising is so important to their business, then they should have maintained adequate control over it. They could have contracts with guarantees for quality, security, and penalties for failure to meet them. At the end of the day someone has to take responsibility for the advertising.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 5, Insightful) 647

Do you think that a magazine would print an ad in their product sight unseen?

Of course not. They have guidelines for acceptable ads and screen each and every ad before accepting it for their print run.

Why do/did they think they can just outsource their ads for their online product?

Online advertising is just broken because they absolutely, positively cannot be trusted.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 592

No, making the road harder to identify just makes the road less safe.

I've been in road conditions where I practically had to have someone lead me down the road on foot because visibility from inside the car was so bad. Road markings are not optional under such conditions.

Comment Re:As someone who "upgraded" to Win10 (Score 1) 581

1. Set your local network up as a "metered connection". This will prevent Windows automatically downloading updates over it. Instead it will notify you that they are available and you can manually click the download button. This improves other apps too.

Only works on wifi and only on wifi connections that are specifically set as metered. The instant you connect to a new wifi network, all updates come through. If you're connected via ethernet, then it just plain doesn't work at all.

I had to go look this up. Didn't seem possible. Just another sign that the people at Microsoft don't understand networks or the Internet... still.

Comment Re:The earth is flat (Score 1) 235

The earth is flat.
The earth is round.
The earth is an oblate spheroid.

Within some error bar.


To put it another way, on a flat surface, curvature is 0 per mile everywhere. On the earth's spherical surface, curvature is 0.000126 per mile everywhere (or 8 inches per mile). On the earth's oblate spheroidal surface, the curvature varies from 7.973 inches to the mile to 8.027 inches to the mile.

The correction in going from spherical to oblate spheroidal is much smaller than going from flat to spherical. Therefore, although the notion of the earth as a sphere is wrong, strictly speaking, it is not as wrong as the notion of the earth as flat.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 1) 298

There ARE multiple buyers and sellers of wholesale electricity:

On a hot summer day my power company has to make a decision. Fire up their diesel generators to supply peak power at some cost to them, or buy from someone else who has either surplus power or cheaper sources of extra power that can be turned on. They track the spot prices for electricity constantly. Maybe they even sell power sometimes to other utilities because the price is sweet enough.

Comment Re:Something is always up. (Score 2) 298

Net metering, as someone else said, is the simplest scheme.

With 'old-fashioned' meters, you get net metering for free. The spinners spin forward when you use electricity and they spin backwards when you generate electricity, leaving the meter to show you the net amount of power you used. simple.

To do other than this requires the fancy smart meters that can tell whether or not you are consuming or generating electricity, and can meter them separately.

Comment Re:Smartphonization of PCs (Score 1) 458

Every time I touch my daughter's Win 10 laptop I find more things wrong with it.
MS still can't get simple shit right. In the middle of working on something a pop up shows up about "Updates". Totally modal, can't switch away, has only one button "Schedule". No indication about what piece of software this box belongs to.

How can this crap ship? My kids know better than to click on strange unexpected pop ups. Apparently MS still doesn't truly understanding multi-tasking OSes.

Windows 7 habit of having a half dozen different "Updaters" pop up indistinguishable nondescript "Update now?" dialogs is one of the most frustrating defects in Win7. You'd think that several OSes later Redmond would have fixed this.

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