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Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 3, Informative) 153

by Ken D (#48903275) Attached to: How Do We Know the Timeline of the Universe?

It's really hard to fit model to data that hasn't been collected yet.
Or do you not understand when they talk about why they are building a particular space observatory satellite or something like the Large Hadron Collider?

If one of these experiments doesn't verify the model or contradicts it, and the model is changed, they then go collect even more data. They always want to verify that the model can predict something that wasn't known beforehand. And obviously the model has to match what is known already or it's just crap to start with.

Comment: Re:It's required (Score 1) 170

by Ken D (#48615837) Attached to: Verizon "End-to-End" Encrypted Calling Includes Law Enforcement Backdoor

ARPA was also called DARPA at various times, where "D" stands for "Defense", and the ARPANet was therefore called DARPANet at those times.

Back in the day when the only people on the 'net were military, schools, and tech companies... long long before Canter and Siegel's Green Card spam.

Comment: Re:First hand report (Score 1) 126

by Ken D (#48292585) Attached to: Rhode Island Comic Con Oversold, Overcrowded

Technically speaking, the parents separated themselves from their children. Not necessarily a wise idea at a large event. This was just one thing out of many possibilities that kept them from rejoining them. For example, the halls could have been evacuated for a half dozen reasons, fire alarm, actual fire, bomb threat, gas leak, etc. And finding people under such circumstances is extremely difficult.

Comment: Re:Which proves it - they do in fact pass savings (Score 1) 631

by Ken D (#48255781) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

ORLLY? Is there a discount for cash?

Corps screw you coming and going. I love making electronic payments via ACH where they charge me the $0.25 ACH fee, when the alternative is sending them a check which costs them far more to process. But they figure I don't have to use a stamp, I don't have to burn a check, I'm making out so surely I can afford a $0.25 convenience fee.

Comment: Re:Proper risk management (Score 1) 372

by Ken D (#48224267) Attached to: NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola

Such a parochial worldview. Ebola is a global problem and threat, which is why the CDC has been talking about controlling Ebola *in Africa* since at least July. So far the evidence is that it is just hot air with no substance. For example see:
A July briefing on the situation in Africa containing such gems as: " CDC along with others are surging to begin to turn the tide. It's not going to be quick. It's not going to be easy. But we know what to do. " and " In fact, any advanced hospital in the U.S., any hospital with an intensive care unit has the capacity to isolate patients. There is nothing particularly special about the isolation of an Ebola patient other than it's really important to do it right. "

Yes, nothing special, 100% routine.

Comment: Re:Proper risk management (Score 1) 372

by Ken D (#48219557) Attached to: NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola


Since at least August the CDC has been spouting the line "We know how to control Ebola" yet months later we were caught with our CDC protocols around our ankles. So far that mistake appears not to have snowballed in the US.

Meanwhile, no signs of progress controlling Ebola in Africa, despite repeated claims by many that "we know how to control Ebola".

Ebola just keeps on keeping on, doubling and re-doubling and re-doubling. Getting harder and harder to control, if that's even possible at this point.

Meanwhile we get stories like the "extraordinary success", the "spectacular success" in Nigeria... about how Ebola was stopped after one air traveler imported Ebola and only eight people died and twenty secondary infections. Yay team! A few more successes like that and we'll really have Ebola on the run.

But seriously if every existing case of Ebola ONLY led to 8 more deaths and 20 more infections before the outbreak was controlled that would be (at this point) a spectacular success. That's not going to happen... those numbers aren't small. The real numbers are going to be bigger, and that's only if the global community gets their act together and stops merely pissing on the fire.

Comment: Re:US,Nigeria (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by Ken D (#48159085) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

The performance so far does not inspire confidence. Mistake after mistake and being reactive instead of proactive.

So far neither the CDC (nor WHO) has explained exactly how more cases of Ebola in more locations leads to eventual control. Texas is an informative example of what to expect when Ebola shows up in a new location that has no experience with such an unusual and deadly disease.

[And the flu trolls have to stop. Flu is already endemic. Meanwhile Ebola must be prevented from becoming endemic. There is a very rational reason to be agitated by the apparent lack of competent response. Ebola has never before been contained after an outbreak this large. This outbreak is already twenty times larger than the largest successfully contained outbreak.]

Comment: Re:Completely Contained? (Score 2) 475

by Ken D (#48034637) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

This report also shows that our first case of Ebola was screwed up.

How does a hospital release someone who just traveled from Liberia and has symptoms consistent with Ebola? They allowed this person to expose people for twice as long compared to if they had handled the situation as common sense would dictate. [Isolate and test]

Comment: Re:Time to... (Score 1) 475

by Ken D (#48034611) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Give it a few weeks.

In Lagos the primary case didn't conduct life as usual for days while contagious before being isolated. 1 initial case, 8 deaths, 20 additional cases, hundreds of exposed people monitored for infection. A 'successful' containment of Ebola.

In a few weeks we'll have the numbers for Dallas. We have to believe it'll be a 'successful' containment as well.

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