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Comment Re:Mozilla wins #1 prize! - for "hiding" features (Score 1) 311

And this is exactly why I never used Tab Groups.

When they came out I tried the feature. Put my tabs into a group (might have been by accident).
There was no way to Ungroup my tabs.
There was no way to reopen a closed Group or to identify what tabs were in the group after it was closed.

I lost all my tabs and immediately disabled the feature because undo is always a requirement.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 513

By that logic, every for-profit company is suspect, as are their products. That stance works equally well against electronics, clothing, cars, pocket knives, wine, and coffee, all produced by corporations

That's because it's true.

Corporate motives are always suspect. They have no other concern than making money as has been demonstrated over and over and over.

Earlier you quoted someone out of context to imply that "science was wrong". The reality is that the scientific evaluation of novel items is merely biased. The corporations that pay for the research are looking for benefits first and foremost. Safety testing is only important to the extent that it is necessary for approvals. This has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Corporations often take a "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" approach to hazards as can be seen with . The hazards of adding MTBE to gasoline were entirely predictable. Perhaps you should be a little more skeptical of corporations bearing 'gifts'.

Comment optimization problem (Score 1) 420

Parameter optimization is always a difficult problem. Even if the engine parameters change with varying conditions, the "operational envelope" is not going to be uniform under all conditions.

If you have to choose between optimizing "road" emissions or "test" emissions, which one do you think is going to ship?

Note I'm not talking about VW style cheating.

Comment Re:There could be reasons for skipping the broccol (Score 1) 257

.. or just maybe it's because you have to eat veggies when they are ripe, and they don't store that well, at least not until you understand how to can food without poisoning yourself. Whereas certain other crops can get you through the long cold winter even though by Spring you'll be sick of shriveled potatoes for dinner.

Comment Re:Well, yea... (Score 2) 317

... it can't be Mayonnaise unless it meets the criteria for being Mayonnaise. It's been this way for decades, practically a century. Just look at a jar of Miracle Whip. It is NOT called mayonnaise because it doesn't have enough oil to be called mayonnaise, and it has been that way since 1933.

Similarly: Kraft Singles aren't cheese. California Sparkling Wine isn't Champagne. Gardenburger Veggie Burgers aren't hamburgers. Margarine isn't butter.

Maybe they should have gone with "I can't believe it's not Mayo!"

Comment Re:Effects of hypothetical severe nuclear accident (Score 1) 166

Perhaps you might want to read _Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster_ and find out just how well their accident modelling works.

Many "can't happen" failures happened one after another. Entire failure modes totally ignored for not being "realistic" but that actually happened.

Failure analysis needs to be done by pessimists. The nuclear industry apparently doesn't like pessimists.

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