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Comment: Re:Ikea jerker and a normal table (Score 1) 347

by Kartik3 (#41250623) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Take On Stand-Up Desks?
I have an IKEA Jerker as a stand-up desk and it works "OK". I use it for music production and it's not bad, but it's not great either. One of the big downsides was my difficulty in judging if the desk was the correct height for my optimal working conditions (LCD in the right place, head straight ahead, arms and wrists resting comfortably). Unfortunately, the desk not only is a little low for me, but my the best desk height is in some limbo area between the current setting and the next higher one. Now, this is all before I tell you that the IKEA Jerker is one of the biggest PITA desks to setup or adjust period. It's really difficult for me to do it by myself and even with an extra person it's no picnic. The Hydraulic thing is almost worth it to be honest, or maybe the treadmill idea would make this worth it more. An adjustable drafting stool will definitely help (and is something I need to get) to sit or stand as needed. A quick internet search also turned up some possible ideas like using (kinda out of the price range you mentioned) and maybe using Linak lifting columns (

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