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Comment Re: Can't trust LOCKS anymore (Score 1) 89

Spotify decides to help itself to all your data on your phone on an upgrade. And Google make a phone that permits that.

Just checked my settings....Spotify has no access to my GPS, local contacts, or photos. I don't understand what this particular out cry was. Spotify can ask for whatever information it desires, but users are free to just say "no" when my phone asks me would I like to give it access.

Comment Re: You still go through HR for jobs? (Score 1) 242

I know it's fashionable to hate recruiters. But I've worked with a lot of them that specialize in recruiting local developers. I either email them or call them, they send me relevant job leads, I tell them which ones I want to apply for, and 100% of the ones apply for I get at least to the in person interview phase. I've only had one job denial using this method. A few others wouldn't match my salary requirements.

Comment Re: AAPL is heading for a catastrophe (Score 1) 112

Why? On the old plan, to get the newest iPhone you had to pay $200 - $500 + tax up front. Now you can walk into store and only pay tax and get billed monthly. The difference between $27 a month - for an iPhone - and $10 month, for a mid range Android phone, is a lot less psychosocially than $200 up front and "free".

Besides, the rest of the world already works like this and Apple sells iPhones everywhere.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!