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Comment: Re:QNX was a stupid decision (Score 1) 113 113

Apple had their old creaky OS, had just failed doing a deal with another OS company and then just jumped into BSD.


Around '96 Apple was internally working on a new OS that was a failure and bought NeXT started by this guy you may have heard of named Steve Jobs. They then ported NeXT to PPC, replaced Display Postscript with Quartz, added a few classic MacOS technologies and the Carbon API to make developing apps compatible with OS X and classic Mac OS.

OS X. Is based on the internally written NuKernal with a BSD user level and the Next API's.

Comment: Re: Must be getting old. (Score 1) 415 415

Of course it is a slower process to achieve interoperability between vendors, that doesn't mean we should abandon open standards except as a baseline to create your own proprietary extensions otherwise we end up back in the IE6/Netscape days.

Yes because it's much better to wait 10 years for a standard to finalize like in the case of HTML5 and web designers still have to go to a site like caniuseit to see what features they can use with which browsers.

Comment: Re:Must be getting old. (Score 1) 415 415

Metal: Not a new Graphics Engine. It's been on iOS for two years.

iPad:"Android" hasn't had split screen. "for a while" Samsung has had split screen for a while but with little third party support. The iPad split screen implementation should work for all apps that were updated to support iOS 8's screen size classes.

CarPlay: You have to buy a new radio if you don't already have a car that supports it. It's been out for a year.

"Being that this cost more than Netflix or Hulu and you get less data traffic, it doesn't make sense."

Yes because Hulu and Netflix both have licenses for all of the most popular movies and tv shows. Like Apple Music will probably have licenses for the most popular music.

Comment: Re: So now... (Score 1) 95 95

There are two types of location aware apps for iOS. One type just asks the OS to notify it when the location changes. The other is constantly running and tracking location. For instance, something like Nike+ GPS is constantly running and tracking your location. You can actually tell which is which by the icon on the status bar - it will be either solid or outlined.

As far as sound, how could the stream just be "passed off to the OS" in the case of something like the OverCast that is constantly processing the sound to remove silence and doing other processing? Audio processing apps that support AudioBus also wouldn't be possible.

Another example is the WireCast app that can act as a remote camera even in the background.

Comment: Re:Enterprise Turnover? (Score 1) 199 199

Because every printer mfgr has a complex driver system that doesn't work the same as normal driver installation.

You can't simply install the driver at all. You can't choose "Have Disk" and install from INF at all. The only way to add a printer is during the "plug the printer in now" step of a massive installation program.

This is why I love AirPrint on MacOS/iOS. I have two printers that were originally bought for my Windows PCs (a $40 Epson inkjet and a $200 HP color laser), but I did make sure they supported AirPrint for my iOS devices. I had to download and install drivers for all five of our Windows PCs.

I brought a MacBook Pro home from work and it automatically found and worked with both of my printers with no drivers needed.

Comment: Re:No, but your own choices are. (Score 1) 179 179

In my experience, the reason for this is that conservatives push out a lot of hate in their postings and liberals don't. No one wants to read a lot of nasty name-calling.

I keep one right wing nutjob in my feed just for a laugh. He is one of those that believe Chuck Norris and Rick Perry along with the national guard are going to protect Texas from a Federal government takeover from the Isis-loving-Obama.

No this is not a joke:

And that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy for the government to take guns away....

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