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Comment Re:Not even that... (Score 1) 419 419

AMEN brother! Preach the Th to the masses and they will become enlightened.. and enriched. :) (see what I did there?)

Seriously, the world supply of transuranic's is desperately low..and they aren't going to be 'found', they have to be made, and the only way to make some of them is through the decay chain of a Th or Pu reactor. If for no other reason than research and medicine an MSR needs to be built! The endless uses they can be put to aside, we need them or run completely out of materials to do good science.

Comment ZPG and Gattaca (Score 1) 692 692

There will have to be some sort of enforced birthing policy. It's also obvious that the vast majority of people will not have access to the rejuvenation process, it will be priced out of their reach. We will have the most egregious caste system to have ever existed on this planet; the rich will live extended lives and have the 'right' to reproduce at will and the rest of us will live short meagre lives and fight for the right to bear offspring. This is a subject well covered in science fiction guys, it's not new ground. Throw in a little Gattaca and I think you just about have it.

Comment I"m sick of being guilty because I have a penis (Score 1) 349 349

There is such a thing as going to far, and the feminists have overshot the mark so far it's dangerous to even talk to a female in pubic or private without facing cries of discrimination, rape or bias that will cost you. No, I haven't ever been directly accused and I personally have no issue with women getting paid the same for doing the same work. The other day my son was telling me about his yearly mandatory HR lecture on how to go about work in the workplace. Did you know there is now such a thing as 'stare rape'? WTF? Did you know you can be censored at work (reprimand or fired) for having a relationship at work that makes someone totally unrelated uncomfortable? I guess the only way to ensure a completely level playing field is to have everyone wear a gender neutral suit that hides your sex, male or female from site. You will no longer have a name since that can give you away as being either male or female. Voice changers will be mandatory as well. Of course that means that all bathrooms will be open for everyone as well, with hermetically sealed cells to prevent anyone guessing that way too. I love the world we live in now.. we're so politically correct we can't even BE what we are without the possibility of someone filing a lawsuit.

Comment Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081 1081

I would like for you and every other 'save the inmate' types to spend ONE NIGHT in a prison where capital criminals are held. There always has been and for the foreseeable future always will be some people that are not safe to be amongst others. Maybe someday these types of people can be made safe somehow, but speak to even one person who lost someone they love because a murderer was released or escaped from prison. What is inhumane is caging people like animals for decades in a very very small box with no contact with others. I don't like the idea of killing anyone.. I like less the idea of men and women running loose in society that DON'T have that reservation.

Capital punishment should be horrible. It should be televised and every single inmate in every prison should be forced to watch. It should NOT be sanitary and clinical. Stand them up against a wall, have men with guns all fire with lethal intent to end their life. This process should not be dragged out for decades either. Once the appeals have been exhausted then the sentence should be carried out, and I think the governor of each state as well as the prosecuting attorneys' and judges should have to be in attendance as well.

Comment The smile on the kids face... (Score 4, Insightful) 43 43

Said it all. I"m 49 years old, and if RDJ had stopped by to reprise his role as Tony Stark to bring ME a prosthetic limb, I doubt I coulda stayed still. :) Giving a little kid with a birth defect a working arm like that... well you accumulate karma points pretty damn fast doing stuff like that.

Comment So...wait, let me get this straight... (Score 1) 247 247

These NUTBALLS break into a secure facility, WITH WEAPONS and maliciously damaged a multi-million dollar satellite system...... and they got 18 months. Meanwhile, go into a theatre w/ a cell phone and cam a movie and receive life in a gulag. Yep.. our justice system is working as intended.

I would say my comment was tongue in cheek, but I'm afraid that appendage has already been chewed off.

Comment Re:Please tell me this is satire (Score 1) 320 320

The sad part is that having a cross section of society includes people that think the movement of the stars has some sort of pseudo-psychic effect on people that can be predicted and influenced. Another great example of people believing in and depending on flights of fancy are the various religious sects of the world that still have an undue amount of influence in the major political systems of the world. To be honest, as shocked as I was at first when I read this, how is it any different substantively than falling to your knees/falling prostrate on the floor and praying for guidance on decisions that effect us all. In the US we had a president that claimed that he was told BY GOD to become president and wage war on other countries. Not only did he become president once, he got re-elected. I don't see how being a palm reader, astrologer or diviner of tea leaves is any different.

Comment things for catastrophic failure in metal... (Score 1) 106 106

You need a pre-existing flaw for there to be a catastrophic failure in a metal. One of the reasons modern steel is so much stronger than steel made 100's of years ago (in general) is that we have learned to control the cooling of the metals to create more uniform crystal formation, and to fill interstitial defects with other elements, like carbon. We had to study metallurgy some when I was in the nuclear power program in the navy and you'll have to forgive me, I"m 30 years out from learning this stuff but it would seem to me that if you could 'fill in' or create layers in the steel it would be far less likely to fail. I would imagine the '10x' statement is somewhat hyperbolic and doesn't mean you could replace a structural beam with something the size of a soda straw, it probably means that when they perform a charpy V-notch test on the metal substrate it can withstand 10X stress in one direction compared to the untreated metal. Regardless, very interesting piece.

Comment Keep on the Borderlands... (Score 1) 59 59

Best damn module EVER. :) I had bought a second hand copy of the original boxed set, and with it the guy threw in that module since it was low level and he'd played the hell outta it. I introduced it to my little brother and all my friends and there weren't any caves safe for Kobold or Orc or Bugbear to be found! I never played a character to very high levels, I found that D&D was more fun at the lower levels. At the point where you had to fight Dragons, Gods and Giants I lost interest. I moved on to more technical RPG's with a better combat and magic system in later years but the fun I had playing that old original set of D&D boxed set will never fade for me.

Comment head (Score 1) 570 570

I've just recently w/in the last year dealt with exactly the same situation. Wife was in a very serious accident and even though her medical coverage was excellent we still have a bunch of little bills that are in collections. All of it is covered or in error, but trying to clear it up, you almost have to hire a bounty hunter to find and kill the bastards.

In my household it's policy not to discuss anything with a bill collector other than to try and get the name of the original debtor. I pay what I owe, but trying to discern what that IS will drive you insane.

Comment Silly question really... (Score 1) 570 570

This is a country of the rich, for the rich and by the rich. The banks are the militant arm of the wealthy. How better to control the unruly unwashed masses than to keep them perpetually in debt? We did away with the concept of a debtor's prison in this brave new world.. and replaced it with the concept of debt as a commodity that can be sold off to the highest bidder. All hail the endless mind-numbing auto-calls and foreign call centers that call and harass you about debts you don't owe or even remember!

Comment Lets not get uppity here Americans.... (Score 1) 112 112

We have it no better here. 60 minutes did an expose` showing how with just a little bit of physical access to a voting machine (which majority party representatives have since they are 'responsible for checking the machines before elections) you can make any result you want come out of our electronic voting machines regardless of what the input was in the voting booth. There have only been 2 times in recorded history that the actual outcomes in a voting district severely varied from the actual results once tallied.. once in Florida... and once in Ohio.. swing states that got baby Bush elected on each of his terms of office. In both cases requests were made for the paper records to review the results and in both cases the requests were denied. The things that make you go HMMM....

Comment There's another option here... (Score 1) 99 99

If someone published something that would upset the applecart so to speak, what better way to discredit and marginalize their efforts than to cast aspersions and draw attention away from the actual science and off to some scandalous allegation. Has anyone bothered to double check the accusations yet? A method of creating pluripotent stem cells like this could seriously derail research already underway and redundant if it were true, and that sounds like a very strong motive to call into question the original findings in an effort to keep grant money's.

Comment the important thing is someone is making money... (Score 1) 207 207

I mean c'mon guys, this is Capitalism at it's finest. The people living in the town are to blame.. if they had capitalized on the liquid gold under their feet then no-one else could have. I mean, someone has to get rich out of this don't they? There is no sense of responsibility or ownership of anything anymore.. it's just a 'faceless' corporation making multi-billions of dollars of profit per quarter.. you simply can't expect anyone to actually CARE do you?

What I think is poetic justice is the fact that the price of gas from this whole 'drill baby drill' bullshit and massive exploitation and ruination of our own backyards has benefited us (the american people) almost exactly zero. Notice the price of gas lately? I think it's actually gone up now that we are actually outproducing the middle east in oil. MASSIVE natural gas shortages too... even tho we are out producing Russia in that too. Prices soaring.

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