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Comment: There's another option here... (Score 1) 99

by Kaitiff (#46525211) Attached to: More Troubles For Authors of Controversial Acid-Bath Stem Cell Articles

If someone published something that would upset the applecart so to speak, what better way to discredit and marginalize their efforts than to cast aspersions and draw attention away from the actual science and off to some scandalous allegation. Has anyone bothered to double check the accusations yet? A method of creating pluripotent stem cells like this could seriously derail research already underway and redundant if it were true, and that sounds like a very strong motive to call into question the original findings in an effort to keep grant money's.

Comment: the important thing is someone is making money... (Score 1) 207

by Kaitiff (#46293843) Attached to: Chevron Gives Residents Near Fracking Explosion Free Pizza

I mean c'mon guys, this is Capitalism at it's finest. The people living in the town are to blame.. if they had capitalized on the liquid gold under their feet then no-one else could have. I mean, someone has to get rich out of this don't they? There is no sense of responsibility or ownership of anything anymore.. it's just a 'faceless' corporation making multi-billions of dollars of profit per quarter.. you simply can't expect anyone to actually CARE do you?

What I think is poetic justice is the fact that the price of gas from this whole 'drill baby drill' bullshit and massive exploitation and ruination of our own backyards has benefited us (the american people) almost exactly zero. Notice the price of gas lately? I think it's actually gone up now that we are actually outproducing the middle east in oil. MASSIVE natural gas shortages too... even tho we are out producing Russia in that too. Prices soaring.

Comment: Re:More HDMI dongle devices coming (Score 1) 104

by Kaitiff (#46148815) Attached to: Chromecast Now Open To Developers With the Google Cast SDK

Actually, the chromecast can cast it's own wifi. It's not all the powerful but for sitting in the hotel it would work fine. When I set mine up, I had to choose between my existing wireless network(s) or the chromecast one. So you could plug it into the hotel tv, get it up and connect to it and not have to use any other wireless. You would still need some sort of uplink to GET your content on your laptop or your phone but that's on a different network connection.

Comment: great question (Score 1) 420

by Kaitiff (#45963623) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?

I too was looking around at different solutions. I have Serviio working on an old XP box, but silly me I wanted to get moved to something a little more stable and permanent. A friend donated an XP Media Center PC that's a few years old, so I tried 2 or 3 different Linux media players, and all failed. XBMCbuntu looked like a great idea until I found out that it simply will NOT work on a machine using an ATI video card, which I have. Was excited to try LINHec, found out that it will only run on a machine that has X64 capable process which (thanks Intel) the processor in my little media center pc will NOT do. I had seen PS3 media player but really? I don't HAVE and never will have a PS3, seems to me that with the name it's pretty specifically not for me. The sad part is it was a simple install on XP that was a literal no brainer and a task worthy of the labors of Hercules for Linux. Oh well.

Comment: Fight now and fight hard! (Score 1, Insightful) 317

by Kaitiff (#45938025) Attached to: Building a Better Bike Helmet Out of Paper

I'm a motorcyclist, not a bicyclist (currently). For years non-motorcyclists enforced a law on us requiring the use of a helmet. This is not simply a safety issue and shouldn't even get to an argument of 'for' or 'against', it's a freedom of choice issue. As an adult you have the right to choose, or you should have. As a caveat, I'm not totally against helmet use or the safety they bring and I wear a helmet on my motorcycle probably at least 60-80% of them time depending. I have friends whose lives were saved wearing a helmet and I have friends that died from the use of one through rotational torque to his neck and spine. The issue at hand is not about the relative safety or danger of helmet use; it should be about CHOICE.

Choice is a freedom, and once lost I can attest to how difficult it is to regain. Allow people to make their own INFORMED choices, do not legislate it. Regardless on which side of this issue you come down on we should all be able to agree that forcing 'good behavior' on a full grown adult is wrong.

Comment: I'd Love to update to Mavericks... (Score 1) 380

by Kaitiff (#45919603) Attached to: Many Mac OS Users Not Getting Security Updates

but the one app I have to have on this company laptop is Parallels, and as it so PAINFULLY and FREQUENTLY pops up in my face, I can't run the version I had just bought a few months ago with Mavericks... like that wasn't a known quantity or anything. I guess I just don't ever get another security update, because I refuse to feed a company money for an 'upgrade' to their product (like it wouldn't work anyways) every time a security update is released. BLAH

Comment: There's a reason... (Score 1, Insightful) 370

by Kaitiff (#45619829) Attached to: Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off

why streaming services can't make money... the established music CARTELS that have a stranglehold on everything having to do with entertainment media. If the 'middle man' between the artists and the people providing their music to the masses (the streaming services) were to evaporate like they should we could all have music and artists that produce music could make a lot more money for their work, not to mention the streaming services would actually net a profit at the same time. As long as the blood-sucking cartels are allowed to reap the lions share of the profits no-one else is going to be able to. RIAA and the MPAA are nothing more than modern day leg breakers that have been granted pseudo-legality to propagate their monopoly. Without the established dinosaur industry giants in media we would have better music and better movies et al, and have them at a much more reasonable price.

Comment: Re:End of the Epidemic (Score 4, Insightful) 163

I think you are overlooking the fact that EVERYONE is infected with a version of the zombie virus. It doesn't matter HOW you die, when you die you come back a zombie if any significant portion of your brain stem is intact. In a post-apocalyptic event there will be a significant percentage of people that die without a zombie doing the killing. The latest few episodes of The Walking Dead addresses this pretty well... a simple flu bug (albeit a nasty one) has a very high mortality rate, and sometimes within minutes of succumbing the dead rise up and attack the living. You are also assuming that everyone knows exactly what is going on and how to 'kill' the zombies. It always did aggravate me that there were no military enclaves that survived long term; they should have the training and perspicacity to remain organized enough to survive.

Comment: China's gonna be sorry.... (Score 1) 519

When the nips activate Mecha-Tokyo! Hell by now they probably have the entire island mech-afied. We've been playin around with robots that look like bees or hummingbirds, and they have cars and buildings that turn into giant robots! Haven't you guys seen Voltron? That wasn't a kids cartoon, that was PROTOTYPE!!

Comment: This is becoming systemic (Score 2) 783

by Kaitiff (#45471565) Attached to: Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood

I ride motorcycles. Over the past few years, it's become 'normal' for the police to stop a motorcyclist for no other reason than the fact that he's on 2 wheels. I'm not talking about random here and there stops, this is an organized troop of LEO's that wave every single motorcycle coming down an interstate into a rest area and taking the opportunity to 'educate' the detainees. In the process of having the luxury of this captive audience, they look for and prosecute every violation they can see. The impetus for this is largely enforcing a totally ridiculous helmet law. Regardless of your thoughts on helmet use the practice of singling out a subset of all motor vehicles for 'education' is or SHOULD be illegal. This would be no different than the cops saying ' studies show that cars painted red speed .0025% more than other colored cars' and proceed to pull over and do a 'safety check' on all red vehicles. This is the very definition of the slippery slope.

Right now this blood, saliva and breath test is supposedly voluntary. I would imagine having gone through the 'education' experience on motorcycles the experience is anything but when you're sitting there talking to the officers. I'm sure that there will be a 'positive' result from this test as well. Why not do it more often? More places.. look at all the 'bad guys' we can catch this way! You as a private citizen cannot avoid breaking the law. A prominent law professor and a retired 30 year detective did a very interesting lecutre I watched on youtube.. there are simply too many laws to be aware of all of them, so the opportunity to have cause to LOOK for a reason to cite someone at one of these random stops is egregious. Anyone that doesn't see the bad precedent this sets deserves the police state we are heading for.

Comment: Well I liked it... (Score 1) 233

by Kaitiff (#45399465) Attached to: <em>Thor: The Dark World</em> &mdash; What Did You Think?

But I grew up a comic geek. Thor was never my favorite, but he was always 'on the list' of comics I bought. I grew up daydreaming that some day they could take the pages of the comix I loved and turned them 'real'... and they have. For the most part I've enjoyed every single one of the Marvel movies. Some of them I had to grin through a rictus of pain at how bad they were, but I would gladly sit and watch all of them all over again (and have). I enjoyed the little tidbits they gave about the Asgardians in general. I could never get past that in the comix really, what made them special, or better than human? They showed off the tech a bit, and fleshed out the rest a tad. Not a full explanation mind you, but sort of like letting you peek behind the curtain enough to know something was going back there that made it make sense.

I thought they did justice to Malekith and the Dark Elf saga. I liked what they did with Loki, and Frigga and Jane. I REALLY liked Frigga in this, and in the comic she's almost and afterthought from my recollection. They definitely did the 'I am woman hear me roar' thing in this and I didn't mind. They didn't steal the show, they had an equal part in it.

I would give it an 8/10 myself. The plot could have been a bit better, the dialog was a bit forced every now and then. I enjoyed it. I will see it again. I would not say that about the WORST Marvel movie to date, Iron Man 3, or the Tony Stark cry-for-me waste of money they called IM3. Gah.

Comment: This is why... (Score 1) 548

Censorship is WRONG. There isn't any way to satisfy everyone on what is and is not acceptable. Put a warning, make it difficult to get to, make it safe for the children.. but you CANNOT censor content 'correctly'. This is one of the greatest dangers of electronic cloud based media; everything is up for possible sanitzation at any time.

Comment: Better hope you don't get a life flight .... (Score 1) 637

by Kaitiff (#44562941) Attached to: Medical Costs Bankrupt Patients; It's the Computer's Fault

My wife was in a very serious motorcycle accident on June 14th of this year. It took 30 min for ambulance to get to her to transport her to a local hospital where she never even left the parking lot but was loaded onto a helicopter and flown to a level 1 trauma center. I've avoided the avalanche of bills that have come in until she as finally home this past weekend, but out of all of them the bill for the helicopter ride was the most outrageous. The MINIMUM fee for life flight to take off from the pad is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I sat in my wifes' hospital room for almost 3 weeks overlooking the helipad and it was as busy as a municipal airport. The cost per mile was 75 dollars btw. Our bill was $13,000. As grateful as I was for it's existence in no way is it possible that the cost to keep this service running 10,000/flight, especially not when there had to be a dozen flights a day on average. I am aware that the flight crew are specialists, not only pilots but nurses, but even if they were flying the surgeons to the accident it couldn't possibly cost this much. I am thinking very seriously about pressing the issue in some way to try and limit this egregious and larcenous practice. I read recently where some municipalities were going to try and force all ambulance rides to be my helicopter. I can't imagine why....

Comment: Guess it depends on how hungry you get... (Score 1) 184

by Kaitiff (#43974935) Attached to: The Lepsis Is a Terrarium For Growing Edible Insects At Home

When McBurgers are readily and cheaply available I doubt you'll see a huge increase in insects in our diet. The parts of the world where bugs are common in the diet are also places that can't afford to raise cattle and pigs etc. As contrary and diverse as our Western culture has become it might be possible to introduce this as a 'cool' alternative, at least in part. Personally I've eaten grasshopper and ants. Both were presented as delicacies, the ants as chocolates and I don't even recall how I ate the grasshopper, but I didn't just catch it flying by and pop it in my mouth. I did watch a special on I believe African food and they showed them peeling open a very large beetle to eat, which almost caused me to lose my lunch. It's all in the presentation I suppose.

Comment: Kinda teary-eyed... (Score 1) 212

by Kaitiff (#43708561) Attached to: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Performs Space Oddity On the ISS

I'm not a sappy emotional kind of guy, usually far from it, but that had me tearing up. He may not have the raw vocal talent that Bowie has, but he nailed it in every other respect. That's always been one of my favorite songs anyways, now even more so. I'm gonna have to see if I can get a copy somewhere.

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