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Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 434


What "classified" information did the former Secretary of State send from her portable device while walking in fresh air, or cooking up a mess of gumbo for Bill? While it is reasonable every Former President and their First Lady has continuing contacts with heads of other states, these retired public servants are still responsible to positively advocate for America's interests.

Sometimes a thought out if the blue BECOMES classified after the fact.

I doubt Hillary took classified information out of a SCIF in her socks like Admiral Poindexter!

Comment Re: 9 whole billion? OUTRAGEOUS! (Score 1) 133

... and it would look like the underfunded and slap-dash POC that would require Orion to make repair flights, if you don't skip town first. It takes people at all stages of the production phase to deliver a valuable scientific instrument, and you are the only one who wants to send up an Apple I.

Comment Re: Just damn (Score 2) 411

Go outside. Play a game with friends. Argue civilly with your family, and show graciousness by capitulating when you're wrong. Honor your life and those around you will best honor Leonard Nimoy.

This isn't goodbye, just a short hiatus.

Comment Re: Backpedalled? (Score 1) 740

I was getting lost in the number of cowards responding to this thread. Thank you for giving a non-Jeckyl/Hyde face to this discussion. Perhaps it is time to infect 1000s of lab monkeys with measles to prove the argument by dissection. The anti-vaccine people would have their proof, and the science would be demonstrated.

Comment Re: A precision deflation (Score 1) 239

Yuck - your math was correct, but let's simplify your answer a bit.

You started with a pressure of 27.2 PSI at room temperature, and arrived at nearly 26 PSI as the field pressure, with a realized loss of 1.2 PSI. That's an impressive loss, but the other team's footballs would have suffered a similar effect.

You have my admiration, sir or madam. Well done!

Comment Re: Classic science fair project & shrinky din (Score 1) 239

I was going to savor the victory, but its not fair to you...

If its not coefficient of thermal expansion, then what? Nerf might be comparable to "shrinky-dinks", but not League sanctioned footballs - there's not enough hard rubber to make an appreciable difference. Remember holding a fully deflated ball? Really not much substance to them.

Comment Re: It's more than Ideal Gas laws (Score 1) 239

Coefficients of expansion
Aluminum    ÂÂ12.3
Acrylic        Â42
Rubber, hard    Â42.8    (10-6 in/(in degF))
Steel        Â6.7

Rubber expands almost 7 times faster than steel and nearly 4 times greater than aluminum. Are you sure Columbia isn't just a liberal arts college?

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