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Comment: Mostly concerned with procedure... (Score 1) 1972

by halfcuban (#20472417) Attached to: Man Arrested for Refusing to Show Drivers License
I'm amused mostly by the fact that people assume police officers are read up on the law. They aren't, and are mostly concerned with the procedure of their particular agency of Sheriff's Office, which may or may not be in anyway in accordance with the law. This is why, usually when an incident like this comes up, it tends to turn up in a lot of other cases, because hey hey, someone told the troops that it was okay to do x, y, z. The fact that it isn't often comes as a shock to the beat cops on the ground, and leads to a subsequent new wave of moaning, forced re-training, and the inevitable looking over ones shoulder to make sure you're not violating the new rules.

Stellar rays prove fibbing never pays. Embezzlement is another matter.