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Comment: Re:This is an old tactic (Score 1) 223

by Joshua Fan (#49581183) Attached to: Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps
Slashdot is old school and will not convert links for you, so you need HTML tags to make links clickable.

<a href="">example title</a>

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 3, Insightful) 86

Wheeler, 69, does not need to seek another job when he departs the FCC, and that freedom enables him to make the decisions he thinks is right, according to people close to the chairman.

Judging simply from his age, it's very implausible that his actions were part of a ploy to seek secure employment after the FCC.

Comment: Re:Humanity is lost (Score 1) 290

Even for the purpose of saving you that second, the Verge review says it's kinda slow for that. So instead of pulling your phone out to check something, flip your wrist, wait for the watch to wake up, swipe to notifications, and wait for that to load. Kinda pointless.

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